GN Solids Control Will Attend 2015 OTC Show

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          GN Solids Control Will Attend 2015 OTC Show

As the first API certified solids control manufacturer in China, GN solids control has been developing for about ten years with a brand GN Solids control achieved. Each year, GN solids control produce about 250 sets of shale shaker; 200 sets of decanter centrifuges, and 30 sets of vertical cutting dryer; almost 70% of them are exported to foreign countries. Until now, GN product has been serving in over 60 countries all over the world, in Asia, in the Australia, in Europe, and in America. With these achievements, GN solids control has build up a complete marketing internet. , attending shows related to oil and gas field plays an important role in the marketing internet.


2015 Beijing CIPPE show ended at the end of March, certainly GN solids control attend this show every years with its new deigned and updated products. This year GN solids control displayed a full set of solid control equipment such as shale shaker for the first stage treatment by which coarse solids will be removed out, mud cleaners with the combination of desander and desilter as 2nd and third treatment by which solids over 20 microns will be separated out, decanter centrifuges for fine solids removal. This time, GN display almost all models of decanter centrifuge-small bowl with high speed for diamond drilling; GN standard and premium high speed decanter centrifuge, GN medium and economic decanter centrifuges; and GN big bowl decanter centrifuges. Also a complete set of drilling waste management system.

After the CIPPE show, GN will attended 2015 OTC show in May with GN solid America built up last year. Also big bowl decanter centrifuges and drilling waste management system will be showed. Welcome to GN booth on OTC show, any interest and need for more details, contact GN freely.


GN Decanter Centrifuge Working for America Transocean Offshore Rig

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GN solids control is the 1st API certified solids control equipment and system company in China, in the next few years, GN solids control is also certified by CE which is always required when exported to Europe. With these certificates, GN product has been exported to more than 60 countries all over the world, especially GN decanter centrifuge. Each year, about one hundred sets of GN decanter centrifuge, both fixed speed and varied speed are exported, and 70% of them to Africa and the Middle East, also to Europe and America. Recently one of GN sales after team came back after finishing service for American Transocean Offshore Rig, bring GN solids control valuable drilling site data. This customer uses GN varied speed decanter centrifuge to separated fine solids, and reduce the mud weight. In this work site, two sets of decanter centrifuge are used, one from Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids Environmental Service, the other from the customer purchasing GN decanter centrifuge to do this service. Sometimes, only one decanter centrifuge is used, while sometimes both of the two are used when the treating capacity is required larger.

When doing service, our sales team really encountered some problem and challenges. The first one is that the feeding pump is installed lower from the decanter centrifuge because of the small space on the offshore drilling platform. And then the feeding pipe from the pump to decanter centrifuge are very tortuous with steel pipe and rubber pipe. GN professional engineers proposed solutions after carefully check and analyze the layout in working site. And then the feeding pump works well, delivering mud to the decanter centrifuge to process stably. GN solids control is really an expert on solids control equipment, especially on GN decanter centrifuge.


GN Has Delivered Poor Boy Degasser to Its Foreign Customer

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GN Has Delivered Poor Boy Degasser to Its Foreign Customer


Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is an expert in manufacturing solids control equipment and system. Usually in a solids control system,

for safety objectives, a mud and gas separator usually used to remove the dangerous gas out from the mud, because these dangerous

gas will cause explosion if not separated but directly led to the shale shaker for processing. As we know that shale shaker is the first stage

equipment. Before mud arrives to the shale shaker, the dangerous gas will be separated out.

Poor Boy Degasser

Usually we used a mud gas separator to separates dangerous gas out of the mud, and a mud gas separator is also known as poor boy degasser.

Recently, GN Solids Control has delivered poor boy degasser to its customer. This year GN has delivered 4 sets of mud gas degasser to Canada,

2 to Indonesia, and 2 to France. Except poor boy degasser, GN product has been exported to more than 60 countries in the world and has achieved

a well known brand :GN Brand.

Delivery of Mud Gas Separator

Actually, mud gas separator(poor boy degasser)’s structure is not complicated. I wil discuss its structure next. GN poor boy degasser is simple structured

with a separation vessel of diameter 1000mm. Inside of the vessel; there are several pieces of steel buffer plate on which the high pressure drilling mud would impact.

After collision, the gas invaded in the drilling mud would get out and guided out from the 8” vent pipeline on the top of the separation vessel, while the mud would go down

and accumulated at the bottom of the vessel, then flow to the into the solids control system through the 10” outlet. Though its structure is simple, but it plays an important role for safe drilling.


GN Mini Centrifuge With Compact Design to Save Space And Cost

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GN Mini Decanter Centrifuge With Compact Design to Save Space And Cost

You may take it for granted that a machine is huge monster with a large footprint and heavy weight. It always make people feel gloomy when standing before a huge machine.

But look at the following picture, how cute it is. It is a mini decanter centrifuge from GN decanter centrifuge product line. With small footprint, it is easy to remove and transport, 

it also saves a lot space for users. As to its parameter, the mainly two is treating capacity and speed. GN mini decanter centrifuge’s treating capacity or processing volume is 

6 cubic meter per hour. And its speed can reach to a maximum round per minute. And for its main feature which I will talk in next paragraph, it is always used in core drilling.

                                          Mini Decanter Centrigufe

GN mini decanter centrifuge with the model number GNLW223 mainly occupied the following features.

1.small footprint for easy moving and narrow working space

2. One motor driven mode for both the bowl and inside screw propeller. The motor drive the bowl via a belt pulley with belts, the bowl has same rotation speed as the motor. 

Meanwhile, the design of gear unit makes the input speed of the screw propeller is much lower than the bowlthe screw propeller is also driven by the motor with a belt pulley. 

Thus the existence of the differential speed leads to the centrifuge working availability.

3. High typical speed up to 4500 produce the sufficient G force to separate the very fine solids with size of 2~5 microns.

4. Material of SS304 on bowl, screw propeller and main body and protection of tungsten carbide spraying welding is for reduce the cost, but can meet the working demand well.

5. Both fixed speed and variable speed model is available

                                              Decanter Centrifuge's Material

GN Solids Control has contacted with many customers from Canada in the business of core drilling and other mining drilling. To consider the high requirement on the motor and 

control panel explosion proof standard, GN would provide the Mini centrifuge only mechanical part and the customer could find the motor and control panel locally. 

And GN has already done like this before.


GN’s High Speed Decanter Centrifuge On Shanghai CIPPE Show Has Come Back

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GN’s High Speed Decanter Centrifuge On Shanghai CIPPE Show Has Come Back

       Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd , a top manufacture of solids control equipment for Oil & Gas drilling in China, is a frequenter for Beijing and Shang hai CIPPE. Shanghai CIPPE

 was held in last month with a three day period from Aug.26th to Aug28th. Certainly, GN dispatched a team to attend this show on which GN displayed it high speed decanter centrifuge. 

GN’s high speed decanter centrifuge on Shanghai CIPPE show has the following technical details.


GN's High Speed Decanter Centrifuge On Show

1.High speed decanter centrifuge’s model:GNLW363BG-VFD.

2.This high speed centrifuge ‘s maximum speed is 3900 RPM, generally, the speed can varies from 0 to 3200 RPM.

3.The length and diameter of this high speed decanter centrifuge are respectively are 1271mm and 360mm

4.The centrifuge is driven by motor with belt transmission.

5.This equipment is controlled by a VFD control cabinet with PLC touch screen. And the control cabinet can adjust the bowl speed, differential speed, and the pump feeding speed.

6.GN’s carefully selects top brand materials for this high speed decanter centrifuge such as ABB transducer & Schneider components used for control panel, genuine SKF bearing, 

   and duplex stainless steel for bowl.

7.GN’s decanter centrifuge is applied not only in solids control system but also in drilling waste management. And it has been exported to more sixty countries.

      At Shanghai CIPPE show, visitors show great interest in our decanter centrifuge, and GN get connected with many big oil service companies both at home and abroad. 

With its unique design and excellent performance, GN’s high speed decanter centrifuge is popular in both domestic and overseas market. With great success, GN’s high 

speed decanter centrifuge has came back. For mare details about centrifuge, you can visit my former blog:GN’s decanter centrifuge. 

And GN website is also available to visit.