Drilling Fluid Purification System For ZJ50 Drilling Rig

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GN Drilling Fluid Systems are widely used for Oil Gas drilling fluid circulation,Horizontal directional drilling fluid recycling, geothermal drilling,mining,coal exploration drilling,water well drilling etc.

The structure of GN ZJ50 drilling fluid processing system is shown in figure 1.
It's mainly consisted of the mud purification tank,the mud storage can, SB8x6-14 sand pump, GNPS70-3S BEM vibrating screen and ZQJ250x3/100x16 three-in-one mud cleaner, 2 agitators with the power of 7.5kW and 5.5 kW,SHL150-50 jet mud mixer,electric controlling part and leader, walkway, guardrail, connecting tube lines etc.   It is structural compressed, rational layout, convenient for installation and demolition .

figure 1


            1.Electronic control system   2.Floodlight   3.Shale shaker
    4.Inlet tube group        5.Combined Mud cleaner    6.Centrifuge for pulp pumps
          7.centrifuge pump       8.Jet mud funnel      9.guardrail    10.leader
          11.Aggravating pump  12.Infusion pump     13.Mixing slurry pump
          14.Processing tank      15.Aisle     16.desilting pump
                             17.Desand pump         18.Agitator

Function of the ZJ50 drilling fluid purification system

Recovering and purifying the drilling mud overflows from the well opening with high concentration
particles during the process of well drilling. The mud would be conveyed through the mud user self-provided pump to mud inlet tube group, the slurry more than 7 Microns would be cleared after processing. Thus to provide the required drilling fluid.

GN Solids Control have rich experience for drilling fluid purification solutions in all kinds of drilling. GN drilling fluid system is turnkey solution with first time commissioning service,training up of users engineer for operating the fluid system.