• Tunnel Shield Project 500gpm Mud System to Thailand
  • Solids Control Equipment Exported to Indonesia
 Tunnel Shield Project 500gpm Mud System to Thailand

Tunnel Shield Project 500gpm Mud System to Thailand

Shield Method is one fully mechanized underground construction Method. The shield ...
Solids Control Equipment Exported to Indonesia

Solids Control Equipment Exported to Indonesia

Indonesia once is the unique OPEC nations from Asia. The prove...

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Advantages of shale shaker screens by GN Solids Control

Solids control is very important in oil and gas drilling. In the complete solid control workflow, shale shaker is crucial as it is the work horse in the process. It is low cost and high efficiency. GN Solids Control manufactures a complete line of solids control equipment, which are high quality and low in application cost. Among these products, shale shaker screen is a good illustration of the quality of equipment by GN Solids Control.

Shake screens are consumables, their quality has big impact on the smooth operation and the quality of solids control work in oil and gas drilling.

Years of field application shows that the quality of shaker screen by GN Solids Control is better, if not as good as, than those by famous manufacturer.

In short, GN Solids Control made tremendous effort to enhance the quality of its shake screens.

  1. GN Solids Control (GN) uses multi-layer mesh to increase the strength of its shaker screens from low API numbers. This will inevitably increase cost;
  2. The high quality meshes for GN shaker screens are from the top of the line manufacturer. This adds cost as well;
  3. GN uses smart welding technique to secure the consistency of welding, which greatly reduces human interference;
  4. GN uses all side tensive technique to maintain proper elasticity of the meshes for high performance and long service lfe.

As the result, all GN shaker screens pass API certification easily. All GN shaker screens are API RP13C certified.

Because of the above effort, GN shaker screens are widely accepted by drilling rigs and customer in separation, drilling waste management, oil sludge treatment, etc. Once a customer has the good experience on GN shaker screens, they becomes clients of GN shaker screens for many year to come.

We believe shaker screen by GN Solids Control will become famous as the famous brands.

GN Solids Control is never rest till we have the best product and Tech in the Market.

GN Solids Control. is a manufacturer mainly engaged in the production of oil drilling supporting equipment, namely drilling mud solid control equipment and waste mud recycling equipment. The company is headquartered in Chaobaihe Industry, 40 kilometers away from Beijing Capital Airport. District, convenient transportation, geographical location and superiority, can facilitate the majority of customers to visit and guide the factory.
In recent years, GN Solid Control has vigorously developed the international market. At this stage, it has set up a branch in the US oil city-Houston and established a warehouse to ensure the inventory of its own equipment and consumables in the US and other nearby markets. Occupation rate and enhanced after-sales service guarantee, the company's products can compete with the international top solid-control equipment manufacturers, and strive to improve the quality and reputation of "made in China". In addition, the company has established branches or offices in the Russian capital Moscow and the Middle East. Up to now, Guanneng products have been exported to more than 60 countries around the world, and the product quality is widely recognized by domestic and international customers.
In the past three years, the oil market has gone from bad to worse, but Guanneng Petroleum has not stopped the development of new products. In order to meet the market demand, GN Solid Control has recently developed a drill cutting vacuum pump for conveying high solid content and high viscosity materials. . The research and development of the oil desorption system for oily sludge has not stopped. The oil content of the sludge treated by this system can be controlled to less than 0.3%, which can meet the strict environmental protection requirements of China and the internationally accepted processing requirements.
Welcome to www.gnsolidsamerica.com and send your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GN Solids America LLC's desilter

The desilter is the third step control equipment of the whole solid control system. Desilter function is to deal with the solid debris with diameter of 15-44um, and to ensure a proper treatment of the processed drilling mud in the next step.

Initial preparation of the desilter

Put the desilter base horizontally and use four pressing plates to fix the base on a suitable place of the tank. Take a note that the outlet of screen box should be 20-30mm out of the tank.
Connect the inlet and outlet holes by hose or steel tube. The inlet pipe needs to be fit with outlet pipe.

Loose four vibration bolts. When transport, the bolt need to be secure.
Check there is any bolts that are loose. Check the vibration rotating axis is moving smooth. If there is any fault noise, the problem should be solved at that time. After all the initial check that all things are function properly, the equipment can be starting to work. 
Connect the belt with motor and turn on the power, check whether the rotating direction of motor is correct.

The operation of desilter

Start with the shale shaker first, then turn on the desilter. Check whether the exhaust pressure can match the requirements and check the results of separating, check whether there is any possible of leaking.
Check the rotating direction of motor is consistent toward to the arrowhead on the shield.
Check the pressure gage works properly in an allowed pressure range.
Adjust the bottom flow nuts to make the bottom flow jets shoot the mud out smoothly.
When stop the operation, the drilling fluid should be cleaned out to avoid solidification. Clean the shaker screen with water and check each part.

The maintenance of desilter

Check and confirm the connection and sealed parts.
Check the cyclone cylinder to see the jet situation and pressure.
Repair or change the damaged, leaking or abraded cyclone cylinder.
Check whether the jet nozzle is broken. Check the inside of the cyclone cylinder and if need, change the damaged parts.
Clean the feed head.
When stop using for period of the long time, every part that contains drilling fluid should be cleaned through, avoid stockpile of sand inside the equipment.
The lubricating grease should be injected into the vibration motor every 1500-2500 hours. The volume to be injected each time is 5-10ml.
When stop using, the shaker screen should be cleaned with water to avoid solidification to ensure max useful screen life.


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