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2 sets Big Bowl Centrifuge intended for Australia Customer
Nov 18

In olive oil industry, decanter centrifuge is actually widely used equipment for drilling mud recycling and waste slurry separation. The centrifuge with bowl diameter bigger than 16 inch is always named as big bowl. Evaluating with the small bowl centrifuge involving 14 inch, the big dish has larger capacity. With regards to GN solids control, the bowl is with 22 ” bowl diameter, model GNLW553C-VFD.

Features of GN Big Bowl decanter Centrifuge
GN’s big dish material is using duplex stainless-steel of 2205, processed simply by centrifugal casting to ensure the considerably better bowl balance. Also this fabric has a better performance on corrosion-resistance.
The protection of the attach propeller is tungsten carbide tiles to enhance the anti-wear features. Long lifetime will save the cost for repairing repairs and maintanance.
GN’s big bowl has VFD control panel to achieve stepless speed change for different performing requirements.
GN’s centrifuge, irrespective of big bowl or normal size bowl, is driven by 3 motors. This 22 ” big bowl is powered by a 120 HP principal motor and a 50HP again motor. Via the planetary gearbox, the back motor might drive the screw propeller to rotate same path as the bowl but diverse speed, so that the solids may be pushed out from the inside the pan.

2015.11.05 Big Bowl Big Volume decanter centrifuge shipping to Australia
Application of GN Big Dish Centrifuge
GN’s big bowl centrifuge could be used in most important solids control system regarding barite recovery. When it do that job, it always extends at a low speed, hence slurry would be fed within the big bowl at more substantial flow rate. Running from high speed of 2500 rpm, it could produce G pressure nearly 2000. It could be employed as find solids spliting up equipment.
Besides, GN solids control has already successfully introduced this big bowl directly into dewatering system which is used to clear out the accumulated ultra locate solids in the drilling off-road after several times recycling. In a of GN’s dewatering technique to a Southeast Asia consumer, this big bowl is usually adopted as a separator to get fine solids and normal water. Including the flocculation agent combining system, this dewatering technique are designed to be packed within a container for easy travelling and indoor operation.

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