Oct 14

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) uses a drilling rig on the surface to install a drill pipe in a shallow underground arc. The drilling rig bores a pilot hole that’s filled with fluid and then uses a swiveling reamer to enlarge the hole to the final sewer pipe size. Sewer pipe is then pulled through the hole. Directional drilling often needs a large staging area so the pipe can be lined up before it’s pulled into the hole.

Procedure of HDD

    200 GPM mud cleaning system

Mud cleaning system always contains shale shaker , mud cleaner , centrifugal pumps , mud agitator , mud tank , jet mud mixer , submersible slurry pump ,  electric control system ,  lighting system ,  ladder , slide walk , handrail valve , pipe line , clean gate , etc  .

The below picture is 200GPM mud cleaning system manufacture by GN Solids Control .


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