Aug 21

Hi-G dryer shaker screen may be the 1st gear for drilling cuttings management. The operator normally use 1 or two set Hi-G dryer shaker with higher mesh screen to separate the significant particles and use following equipment decanter centrifuge to separate the fine solids, finally get clean drilling mud which can flow back to mud technique or be taken back to liquid mud plant for storage.

GN Solids America with technology mature equipment have occupy huge waste management marketplace. Some buyer obtain GN gear straight for small quantity waste management project; we also have agent like Scomi Oiltools in Iran or EMEC in Egypt, which get big qty of waste management gear for their substantial projects.

GN Solids waste management equipment have been exported over 60 countries and places. The big customer for waste management spread in Argentina, brazil, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya. The majority of them are from middle east or North Africa or South Amerca. But recently, we acquire PO from Romania, Europe countries. The customer right after much less than one month discussion, they get 4 sets Hi-G dryer and five sets of screw conveyor. They may be professional waste management that have Swaco 518 centrifuge and also other associated gear in their yard.

The Hi-G dryer is prepared for delivery now. We’ll ship it to Iraq, branch office on the Romania corporation. GN Solids America have awarded CE certificate from DNV society. This could also help GN to offer additional gear to European solids control & waste management service compies.


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