Apr 12

Last week, GN Solids Control was back from CIPPE 2016, Beijing and won big success. This year’s CIPPE accepted many visitors from many countries in the world, not only the domestic oil and gas companies. A great many engineers from CNPC, SINOPEC, and COSL and other oil companies and Oil drilling companies attended and visited the Oil Show.
GN Solids Control had a booth of 400 square meters, which was located in E2 Hall, on opposite of SINOPEC’s booth. As the leading solids control manufacturer in China, GN brought all main equipments for the oil and gas solids control, including the shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge of middle speed, and also the main equipments for the drilling cuttings waste management system, including the high-G drying shaker, the high speed decanter centrifuge, the vertical cuttings dryer and screw conveyors.

Among all above mentioned equipments, many are newly updated models, like the shale shaker, GN changed the feeding type and discharge chute. For the decanter centrifuge, with same function and material not changed, the structure is more compact than before. The vertical cuttings dryer was applied with new material for better performance for high viscosity treating media.
Also, as the core products of GN Solids Control, the whole GN Centrifuge family attended CIPPE, and made a perfect show. The centrifuges are ranging from 9 inch diameter bowl to 22 inch diameter bowl. They stand in a row and attracted many eyeballs not only of GN clients, but also GN’s peers. Some world well known centrifuge manufacturer sent engineers to GN’s booth to learn from each other and congratulated on GN’s success.
If you missed the CIPPE Oil Show but also need to see GN’s products, welcome to contact us for visiting on our headquarter which is only 40 minutes drive from Beijing Airport. Or you can see our products and staff at Moscow Oil Show in April, OTC oil show in Houston in May, Iran Oil Show in Tehran in May and Malaysia Oil Show in May.

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Dec 26

Russia owns and operates large amount of land drilling rig in the world. Since we have built up a branch in the Russia and paid much attention on Russia market, we have received a few big orders. In the second quarter, we have sold 4 packages of drilling cutting waste management system including decanter centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer. Recently, we have sold another four sets of decanter centrifuges and augers to Russia area. Obviously, Russia will be a potential market to develop. I briefly introduce centrifuge and auger in this essay.

14” bowl centrifuge1220 High Speed Centrifuge

Centrifuge model GNLW363 is widely utilized for separating drilling cuttings from drilling mud and maximum remove fine and harmful solids in the mud fluid.. GNLW363 centrifuge provides two operation pattern: rated frequency drive and variable frequency drive(VFD control). There are many advantages about our VFD control centrifuge such as adjustable bowl speed between 0~3200 RPM, G force is from 0~2062 and different speed is able to achieve 0~40 RPM. Ceramic protect material and stainless steel assure the unit long term running

Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor is typically utilized to convey powder, granular and lumpy materials. However, it is also applied to transport the drilling cuttings in the oil & gas drilling industry. Generally, screw conveyor (auger) is capable of delivering the cuttings which are from vertical cutting dryer, decanter centrifuge and shale shaker. At this system, screw conveyor transferring the cutting from decanter centrifuge to disposal area. In coordination to customer’s requirement, we have designed different screw length including 24 ft,36ft and 48ft and screw diameter such as12 inch,14inch and 16inch. Also, the auger is designed with 12 feet per section which makes it easily transport and installation. Simple assembling indication contributes operators quickly install the device in jobsite.

Relying on the top quality and fast service, GN continuously expands the global market and service drilling industry.

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