Nov 11

GN Automatic Tank Cleaning System is used closed-loop method to continue to clean the mud tank, oil tanks or slurry tank. This GNTC-30B system five key advantages as 1. Compact Design 2. One-touch cleaning 3. High cleaning efficiency 4. Much less personnel exposure to dangers environment 5. Field application proofed subsystem. Specifications as 1. Slop Processing Capability: 30m3/h 2. Water Volume: 7.5m3 3. Total Power Consumption: 40KW 4. Dimension: 8164 X 2416 X 3065mm 5. Empty weight: about 7000 Kg. The GNTC-30C Tank Cleaning system supply fresh water to the high-pressure tank cleaning machine mounted inside the tank. And the integrated pumps will bring the dirty wash water back to the system for cleaning and return clean water back to the tank cleaning machine to reuse. This process will minimize the consumption of water and manpower involved. What equipment included GN Automatic Tank Cleaning System? 1.The Vacuum Pump 2.Filter 3.Solids Liquid Separators 4.Solids discharge Auger 5. Air Pump 6.The Chemical Dosing Unit 7.The Water recycling tank 8. The High-Pressure Water Pump 9.The Tank cleaning machine 10.The Electrical Control System.  The GNTC-30C Automatic tank cleaning system closed loop is a continuous process with waste water cleaning capacity up to 30 m³/h.As an API certified manufacturer, GN Solids Control is a well-known brand for solids control and waste management equipment. The Automatic tank cleaning system is a combination of pumps and GN separation equipment for the tank cleaning business. You are welcome to contact GN Solids America LLC for more details of the GNTC-3 automatic tank cleaning system technology.

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