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As we all know after composite material comes to the world, now GN Solids Control also supplying various composite material shaker screens. it consist of a glass finer filled, polypropylene frame in addition to a high strength steel internal reinforcing structure. Using a patented process, on to three layers of stainless steel wire cloth are melted directly into the surface of the polymeric frame. Except manufacturing complete replacement shale shakers with Swaco Mongoose, now GN also supplying other replacement screens for other brands. Including pretensioned type, hook strip type, metal back changed to composite material.

The main features is:

Comparing traditional screens, the usable area increased, the average weight 40% less. operation life have increased, and most importantly, the rugged design make sure that the cost even the replacement cost have lowered down. The composite frame design encompasses the window pane effect of incorporating an increased number of smaller panels, thereby evenly distributing mechanical stresses and containing mesh damage to small localised areas.

As we all know for Mongoose screens, there are many types of screen composition, like MG, market grade; HC mesh type features fine wires with rectangular openings. Ultra Fine XL screens, XR mesh. API RP13C is a most recognised way of judging screen efficiency, though now it is not a certificate, but a recommended way. Standardized conductance testing under API RP 13C is determined by measuring the flow rate of oil through a section of screen. The test is used to determine the ability of a fluid to flow through a screen at a pre-determined pressure drop, which is measured in kilodarcy per millimeter (kD/mm). A higher conductance value means fluid will pass through the screen more easily than a screen having a lower conductance value.

shake shaker

While API standard labelling is quite popular, and easily accepted by all the screen manufactures.

Shale Shaker Screens are one of the major business for GN Solids Control. We understand, the cost-effective shale shaker screens are very important for the drilling operations solids control equipment.

So GN keeps research and develop the best technology to manufacture top quality shaker screens for our clients. GN is able to make around 8000 PCs of shaker screens every month.

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