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May 21

GN50 USA shale shaker is the use of ceramic plunger plunger, reciprocating motion, the temperature must remain below 70 ° c, using outside cooling. In actual use, regular piston burst incidents occurring, seriously affecting the normal production drilling. Due to replacing the ceramic plunger is too much trouble at the airport, according to the specific conditions of our field workshops, scrap aluminium alloy piston of diesel engine replaced on a f self casting hollow plunger. Without my team 18-GN50 mud cleaner to actually use, and has the following characteristics: 1. aluminum piston wear and can be recycled, re-casting process. 2. the hollow-core aluminum alloy piston large heat capacity, heat, difficult to produce high temperatures, sealing ring not to burn. 3. aluminum alloy piston was hollow, lighter than iron and ceramic plunger plunger is much more light, so wear of seals will not be unilateral.

shale shaker

GN50 type mud clean players of into drainage valve cover, not only sealed into drainage, and it of gland Center, also up with into drainage valve of oriented role, but into drainage valve is stainless steel produced, into drainage valve cover is cast iron made, mud pump after a time of using, cast iron gland stand stainless steel valve thanks to guide rod of friction, will hole wear Hou, makes valve thanks to cannot correctly to returned to valve block, caused close not yen, serious effects Shang water and the pump of pressure, must replaced.

GN created a brand new shale shaker model GNZS594. Couple of days back GN sent 3 models GNZS594 Mud cleaners as well as two models GNLW363VFD decanter centrifuges to some Center Eastern client. The client is actually nearby essential oil company along with several years business encounter.

GNZS594 Mud cleaner is really a brand new style shale shaker with regard to GN Solids Manage. The actual display is actually amalgamated materials along with longevity make use of. GNZS594 Mud cleaner utilizes four solar panel shaker displays. The actual dealing with capability may achieve 615GPM.

GNLW363VFD Mud cleaner is actually brand new style optimized. It’s along with PLC manage solar panel. Until right now GN Solids Manage may be the just producer within The far east that retains this particular technologies. The primary entire body from the centrifuge utilizes SS316L stainless. There are lots of much more enhancements to create GN Centrifuge much more easy to use. For example hydraulic assistance about the selection container as well as vibrating sensor. material is a popular Steel for many of these equipment.




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