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Cause analysis of slow dehydration of decanter centrifuge
Sep 19

Decanter centrifuge is abbreviated of Horizontal screw centrifuge, which is a kind of efficient centrifuge equipment. Decanter centrifuges can generally be divided into two types: horizontal spiral filter centrifuge and horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge. According to some users, in the process of using the decanter centrifuge, they encountered the problem of the slow dehydration power of the centrifuge. The specific phenomenon is: as the fixed image material in the drum increases, the centrifuge dehydration time is prolonged, and the dehydration is not dry. The emergence of, now I will deal with this phenomenon for you one by one and attribute it to a common phenomenon.

   To understand this problem, users should first understand the concept of filtration rate and the factors that affect filtration rate of decanter centrifuge.

   Therefore, in response to this problem, the following three points are available for reference:

   1. The rotating drum of the horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge moves forward. (Within the scope of safety promise, and the material is non-corrosive or less corrosive)

  2. The filtering area in the drum of the forward decanter centrifuge (horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge). The method is:

   (1) Add a lining net to keep a tiny gap between the filter bag and the centrifuge drum to advance the water permeability.

   (2) Add cross-sectional area, such as adding a V-shaped filter baffle.

  3, a small amount of multiple dehydration method, to reduce the amount of dewatering and filtering material each time the centrifuge, more, less discharge method.

   4. Assuming that the material is viscous, wash it within the scope of the process.

  5. The size of the solid phase material particles in the decanter centrifuge (horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge). Under the condition of the same process, if you want to increase the speed, you can consider adding, such as flocculant.

   The above is the method that affects the dehydration power processing of the decanter centrifuge.

written by Decanter Centrifuge

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