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Centrifugal Pump in mud system

In the mud recycling system , centrifugal pump is  one of the important part . There will be charging pump , feeding pump for desander , feeding pump for desilter , weight pump ,etc

Centrifugal Pump fuction

Centrifugal pump is ideal supplier to provide desander, desilter and jet mud cmixer power . It can be assistant pump of mud pump to be well head feeding pump. The specifications designation  take matched equipments in consideration, to make sure all equipments can work best , almost parts can be replaced, the pump is easy to be maintained , little bearing coupling leakage, reliable working operation , long use life, etc.

Types of centrifugal pump

For centrifugal pump , some will choose horizontal type and some may choose vertical type based on different requirements . In GN Solids Control , we mostly choose horizontal centrifugal pump because of it’s convenience of installation and maintenance .


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