Sep 29

GN Solids Control will be exhibiting the WEFTEC 2018 show at the Global Oil Show in New Orleans from October 1st to 4th. WEFTEC 2018 Show is one of the major waste management equipment and technology exhibitions in the United States. It will be held annually in New Orleans, welcoming customers from different countries to New Orleans and trying to find the next step in creating a business and industry direction for the market. Although the industry is still in a state of flux, GN is still demonstrating its strength and demonstrating its latest technology and products in the US waste management services market.

So far, we have created more and more sales opportunities in North America through top-tier equipment and customer-focused customer service teams. We have won a lot of good words for the GN brand. Even though most Chinese companies have failed in the US and Canadian sales markets, GN remains one of the top companies in the solids control and waste management equipment market.
GN will showcase our new centrifugal pumps and our vacuum pumps as well as our shakers at the show. There are many highlights about the equipment: our centrifugal pumps are 100% interchangeable with NOV Magnum pumps. We have kept a lot of inventory in the Houston warehouse. The 40A vacuum pump is one of the new members of our product line. It is the perfect solution for sludge handling transport from tanks or mud pits into the treatment system. Has a strong suction and no electrical components. It can be used in many difficult locations and situations. This is a brief introduction to the mini-dewatering centrifuge. I hope it will be useful to you. GN has more rugged control devices that can be used in different operating environments to help you achieve your goals easily and economically. Welcome to, please send your questions to



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