Aug 16

Decanter centrifuge is a very important processing tool in a wide scope of liquid/solid separation situations. The solid-bowl scroll-discharge centrifuge (which is usually called decanter centrifuge) is the workhorse of a wide range of liquid/solid separation activities in different industry sectors including mining, oil & gas, vinery, wine, chemical industry, etc.. In environmental protection decanter centrifuge can effectively perform dewatering of waste sludge, an important application of decanter centrifuge. Because of this application decanter centrifuge is recognized well and is considered an indispensable piece of equipment in the industry. GN Solids Control manufactures full series of decanter centrifuges, from 9” to 30”, to meet the needs of different application of many industrial applications.

In theory decanter centrifuge is a relatively simple machine. However in the manufacturing process it is far more complex than it is thought. Usually the rotating assembly contains a bowl rotating at very high speed (sometimes as high as 10K RPM) with an auger (or also called screw conveyor). Slurry is pumped into the rotating assembly by a pump through a feeding tube, clarified liquid decants out from one end of the rotating bowl and the separated solids is moved to the other end of the rotating bowl and discharged out from exiting opening. The biggest advantage of decanter centrifuge is its ability to separate high concentration of solids from liquid at pretty high throughput speed, with small liquid left in the separated solids. Decanter centrifuge can handle very high solids concentration, sometimes as high as 80% of liquid volume. Decanter centrifuges made by GN Solids Control work effective well. Solids discharged from GN Decenter centrifuge contains very small amount of water that the solids can be stacked without much seepage from the solids. However there is a lot of consideration to be made for the decanter centrifuge to perform properly and there are a lot of variables to consider when designing one system.18-inch-decanter-centrifuge

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