Nov 20

Not long ago, GN solids control finished the manufacture for several units de-sanding product used for bored piling job. These de-sanding units usually are separately for the customer received from Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Myanmar and a China domestic client. Besides the bored piling assignments, this small footprint along with cost effective machine can also be traditionally used in TBM and HARD DISK DRIVE projects.

GN’s de-sanding device is a composition unit such as the primary shale shaker and cyclone unit with 2 development solids separation function. The significant principle of GN De-sanding unit is as follow:
1 ) A Pit pump will certainly suck the drilling body fluids from the mud pit and also transfer to the de-sanding product shale shaker for coarse hues separation. Please note that the opening pump is an extra system which the customer can choose to have from GN solids conrol or obtain locally.
2 . The liquefied goes through the mesh display screen of 20/40 mesh will probably temporally stored in the below located mud catching fish tank waiting to be transferred to often the cyclone unit for further separating.
3. The self-contained centrifugal pump transfers the water mud to the de-sander/de-silter cyclone for finer solids parting. After separated by the cyclone units, the clean liquefied would overflow to any where customer prefer.
bored pile desander
GN’s de-sanding unit is classified because 200GPM, 500GPM and 1000GPM with different model as GNMS-200D, GNMS-500D and GNMS-1000D.

About consideration of cost conserving and flexibility, this de-sanding system is not equipped with mud storage space tank. The operator might get the mud tank in your area and connect with GN’s de-sanding unit easily with pipe. The operator even can obtain a separate skid mounted airliner mud mixer to connect having mud tank to amalgamated a complete mud recycling program. Thus the user could get a new self-contained mud system which may be used for horizontal directional going which will request for both soil recycling and mud mixing.
Considerably better solution for your piling job mud recycling, for more information, make sure you no hesitate to contact along with GN Solids Control.

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Nov 02

The mud guns that place in the mud system’s function is to move drilling mud from tank space to another.  GN Solids America LLC’s mud gun can be either fixed or rotate setup for drilling operators to optimize the performance for the mud gun.

The mud gun can be use in high pressure and low pressure spray action by using different feeding pump.  The high pressure kind of mud gun is smaller design whole low pressure kind  is larger compare with high pressure kind .  The mud gun equip with movable nozzles and mounted on the mud tank with joint and connected with the pump.  It separate the drilling mud in jet form and mixing the drilling fluid in the pool of mud to keep the drilling mud consist mixed.

Mud Gun

The mud gun’s nozzle  is equip either fixed direction or rotated direction. The fixed nozzle is with hydraulic mixing line, the difference is that the drilling mud gun installed the two diagonal, nozzle direction parallel to the vertical tank wall tank. So as to form a can of drilling fluid layer rotation. But in the height direction, the jet effect can be ensured to ensure the convection of the drilling fluid.   The rotary nozzle drilling mud gun is by the input pipe, barrel, crosshead, two curved pipe with threaded joints, can change the nozzle and two coat nut composition, the gun body through the ball bearing and the input pipe is connected with. The drilling fluid through the inlet pipe, a nozzle, crosshead and start at a certain speed to the opposite direction. Speed depends on the drilling fluid pressure, density and viscosity.

GNNJQ Series manufacture by GN Solids America LLC are meant to provide supplemental or primary mixing in mud tanks depending on the number being used and the pit size. GN Solids Americal normally keep stock for GN main product and shale shaker , mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge always keep stock there to service local client . More information please Click this link



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Oct 23

The cyclone is widely used in the drilling fluids recycling system for solids and liquid separation. Different brand supplier of solids control equipment may provide the cyclone unit with different size. The most provided size of the cyclone includes 2”, 4”, 6”, 10” and 12”. GN now always provides 2 size of cyclone of 4 inch and 10 inch which are separately used for de-silter and de-sander unit.

By assembling with manifold, the cyclone unit could be used to separate the solids in the drilling mud. GN’s cyclone unit has 2 types, one is without under shale shaker, the other is composited with a under shaker as a mud cleaner unit.

Desander Plant

GN’s 4 inch de-silter cyclone with separation point of 15-20 microns, which means under the feeding pressure at 0.25-0.4 MPa, this type cyclone could remove out the solids at this size from the drilling fluids.

GN’s 4 inch cyclone parts are consisting with shell, cone tube, drop in apex and orifice nut. Always the drilling fluid was transferred into the cyclone through a centrifugal pump under a proper pressure. The drilling fluids get into the cyclone alone a tangent line and make a vortex inside the cyclone body. Then the liquid goes up, and the solid goes down alone the inner wall of the cone under the centrifugal force. As the vortex makes the vacuum inside the cone, the air gets into the cone from the bottom opening on the orifice nut, which leads the liquid overflow and the solids discharged out from the nut as an umbrella shape. The correct angle of the ‘umbrella’ is 20 to 30 degree, over larger or smaller indicates that an improper diameter of the drop in apex, the operator need adjust the orifice nut to ensure the discharged slurry has a proper liquid and solid content percentage.

GN’s 4 inch cyclone is interchangeable with the original Derrick parts. However, the complete unit including the elbow is not available for Derrick mud cleaner manifold. Thus GN Solids Control always only proposes cone body parts. GN could provide the apex with different diameters according customer’s requirements. For more information, please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.


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Aug 02

Mud cleaner plays a critical part in the drilling liquid solid control system. Mud cleaner integrate swirl 10 inch de sander, 4 inch de silter and bottom shale shaker, which effectively process the drilling fluids after shale shaker. In some ways, mud cleaner  process large treating capacity, fast speed and occupies small space Mud Cleaner 1

Mud Cleaner Configuration

Technically,  mud cleaner is recommended for heavier and small particles contained drilling fluid. Small fine particle will be extracted by the hydrocyclone but not clog in the cone. Shaker screen will process the fluids from the Apex of hydrocyclone. liquid inlet pressure must be maintained to the extent 0.25~0.4MPa. GN centrifugal pump is the small as the US Mission pump which successfully feeding the drilling fluid to the de sander cone and de sitler cone.

Our mud cleaner is widely used for the oil & gas drilling site, dredge slurry site, horizontal direction drilling, bored plant, tunnel boring, mining industry even the concrete separation.  GN also is widely recognized as leading the way in the solids control industry. Not only single unit shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer, but also sophisticated complete system for your project

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Jul 19

GN centrifugal pump is the reliable pump for transferring the fluids to variable units. Under the CE, ISO and API certification, High configuration and stable working condition is our centrifugal extraordinary advantage. GNCentrifugal Pump Centrifugal pump spare parts are able to replace with NOV mission pump from casing to small part nut or stud.

GN centrifugal pump is able to provide the flow from 1408GPM(320mm³/H) to 198GPM(45mm³/H). The motor is from 100HP to 15 HP with 50Hz and 60Hz. The explosion proof standard is including IECEX, A-TEX and EXdIIBt4 etc.


1.IEC Ex Certificate:  This is electrical products explosion-proof technology standard approved by International organization. This is the basic standard on oil drilling mud system products

2.ATEX Certificate:  This is electrical explosion-proof standard to follow in European Union countries (EU Countries);

3. EXdIIBt4 is normal explosion-proof which is used for the non-hazardous gas working site such as dredge site and bored plant etc.

GN complete system use the centrifugal pump for feeding the mud to de sander, de silter or use as mixing pump for jet mud mixer. For more information, you could contact with

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Jun 19

Desilter could be the third step within the complete drilling fluids purification flow line, which may be inside a position to have rid of particles involving 20-40μm within the drilling mud, creating the fluid purer and ready for the next stage gear and decreasing its workload.


Desilter is made up of polyurethane hydroclones and fine mesh vibrating screen. It largely made use of to clean out damaging solids whose diameter are amongst 15-44μm inside the drilling fluids. It can be shown that the equipment has cost-effective style, trustworthy operate and well desilting effect, and is definitely the finest drilling fluids solids handle equipment.

Also, Mud Desilter, desander and screen might be combined to turn out to be a mud cleaner. A mud is fed for the inlet in the hydrocyclone ( desander and/or desilter ) to separate particles along with the underflow passes for the fine screen mesh exactly where particles larger than barite are discarded and thrown away. In most drilling operations, a Mud Desilter is installed in its mud systems. It is actually normally positioned within a mud tank in the comparable place as making use of the desilters.

GN Solids America is famous at desilter and shaker screen field,they are located at HeBei Langfang,China.more infomation as below:

HQ Address: No.3 Industry Road,Dachang Chaobai River Development Area,Langfang,China 065300·

6710 Windfern Road,Houston,TX 77040,USA

Location: 40KM to Beijing International Airport

Tel: +86-316-5276989     +86-316-5276989  / 5276988 / 5276990

7 Days : +86-186-32518256 (China· Time)

+1-713-8780880     +1-713-8780880 (USA Time)

Fax: +86-316-5276997 / 5276990


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May 03

GN Solids Manage concentrate on strong fluid splitting up, GN Desilter Display provide displays for all your testing splitting up device, regardless of it’s connect remove or even pretensioned, or even the actual coase displays for that desanding grow. This particular display obtained only one coating, however really heavy & powerful wireline.

GN Desilter are utilized to get rid of dirt particles within drilling muds as well as assistance slurries utilized in basis architectural. They may be possibly water-bentonite, water-polymer, or even water-cement as well as bentonite suspensions. Desanding vegetation possess additional programs within tiny rocks pits, within the exploration business as well as within microtunneling tasks. GN Solids Manage generally provide 3 choices, 60m3, 130m3, 230m3.

The actual Desilter along with large contaminants have to be pumped or even moved through atmosphere compressor, towards the GN Desilter very first, after that towards the desander or desilter cones, separated fingertips through cone goes the actual good displays beneath. Right here the initial step is actually coase display mentioned above previously, as well as good display is generally the actual pretensioned displays along with good nylon uppers. About us, if you would like more information resources, welcome to our web service platform. Our network service platform providing the highest quality consulting services and the most authoritative data, look forward to your visit:

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Apr 01

Low-speed desander desilter: it is also called “barite recovery” centrifuge. Its separating factor is 500~700. To low-density solids, its separating point is 6~10μm. To high-density solids, its separating point is 4~7μm. This kind of centrifuge can be used for recovering barite.
Medium-speed Desander: its separating factor is 800 or so, solids of 5~7μm can be separated, so harmful solids can be separated from the mud, so that gravity and viscosity of the mud can be controlled. Most drill team will choose this kind of centrifuge at present.
High-speed Desander: its separating factor is 1200~2100 or so, separating point is 2~5μm, it can remove harmful solids, control mud viscosity, it is usually connected with low speed centrifuge to make up a dual centrifuge system(See figure 3). In the system, low-speed centrifuge is installed at the first grade, barite separated from it is discharged into mud tank to be recovered, liquid is drained into a surge drum first, and then be sent by a pump to high-speed centrifuge; the solid separated from high-speed centrifuge will be discharged out of the tank and the liquid is back to recirculation system. “Dual Desander system” can remove harmful solids efficiently, at the same time, avoid wasting barite.
List of LW series horizontal scroll discharge Desander produced by our company is in the following table:
LW450~842N LW600~945N LW355~1250N
“Barite recovery” Desander,Mid-speed Desander,High-speed centrifuge,Frequency converting and speed regulating,means that this kind of function can be achieved.
we recommend to use 2.2 Dreg’s being removed principle of the centrifuge.It is done by propeller. A speed differential will form between propeller and drum under the function of differential, then the solids which has deposited on drum’s surface will be scraped off and be pushed to the small end of the drum by spiral fan gradually and be dewatered during propelling, at last, be thrown out of the drum when reaching sand-discharging gate.Operation principle of the differential See Figure 4 for the structure of the ifferential, in fact, it is a two-stage planetary reducing gear, there is internal gear on the shell. Shell rotate with the drum, and then left pulley drive 1-stage sun gear on the input shaft to rotate, at this time, 1-stage sun gear gear into inner gear through 1-stage planet gear, thus 1-stage revolving arm rotational speed is formed by rotational speed of shell and input axle, and this rotational speed was outputted to 2-stage through 2-stage sun gear. The transmission principle of the two stages are the same, at last, propeller begin to rotate driven by output shaft. Differential is the most complex and most important part of the Desander, so you must replace the oil according to the manual say, no other oil is recommended, otherwise it may affect differential’s working condition and its serving life, is the author of the article,pls click here to visit us

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Dec 21

GN desilter is the third class solids control equipment to treat the drilling fluids. According to the size of the cone diameter, they are divided into Desander and Desilter. Usually the cone diameter is less than 6″is called Desilter, and used as the third-control equipment in drilling operation. Desilter is a simple and inexpensive device to separate solids from drilling mud. below I will tell how to do the troubleshooting for desilters.




1) Repeated plugging of Apex in all cones.

2) One or more cones plugging while others are Ok

3)Cones are loosing whole mud in stream

4)Solids content in cone overflow continues to incease over time

5)The underflow discharge is very dry

6)Hydrocyclone leaking between the cone nut and body but no fluid is coming out of the bottom

Possible Cause

1)Too small of underflow opening

2) Plugged at feed inlet or outlet

3) Backflow from overflow manifold, or Centrifugal pump impeller worn out or too small,

4)drilling through hydratable clays will cause increased viscosity

5) Strong vacuum in manifold discharge line

6)The apex cone nut is tightened too much which does not allow fluid or solids to exit the hydrocyclones.

1)Increase apex opening size if possible. If this does not help try a finer mesh screen on the shaker to remove more of the solids before they enter in to the hydrocyclone

2)Remove apex nut and clean out blockage.If this does not help. remove the entire cone to check for blockage at the inlet

3)Caused bya plugged cone inlet,Clean out the inlet. Check the pressure at the inlet manifold. Low pressure indicate decreased head from the pump. remove cone and clean

4)Cone separation efficiency decreases as viscosity increases .dilute the mud to decrease viscosity if possible

5)usually occurs due to discharge line drop into pit. Enlarge the discharge line or install antisiphon tank

6)Hydrocyclone apex nuts should be only hand tightened. Cones should be checked frequently to ensure apex nut is not worn out cauing rope discharge.

If you have any further questions about desilter,desander, Please feel free to consult with GN Solids Control. as a specialist in Solids Control. We’d happy to give you professional advices.

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Dec 15

The GNZS594 Shale Shaker is a GN new developed Linear motion Shaker. Featuring high performance vibrator motors capable of achieving between 2 to 7.5 G’s of force. The angles of the GNZS594 shaker deck are easily adjusted while drilling.The deck angle can be raise or lower from -1° to +5°.The angle of the screen deck can be adjusted to achieve the proper solids conveyance and fluid end point.GNZS594 Shale Shaker provide high-quality, improved drilling fluid recovery, longer screen life and reduced operating costs. It can be configured for use as a main shaker,high performance mud cleaner,or as a secondary drilled cuttings dryer.The GNZS594 shaker allow the user to configure the shaker and its interchangeable components to fit specific needs for application,Size, and capacity.

The GNZS594 Shaker can be used as :

Shale Shaker

Shale Shaker

1) As a Main Shaker

2) As a Mud Cleaner to dry the underflow from desanders and desilters

3)As a Cuttings Dryer to recoever drilling mud from drilled cuttings

Specification :
1) treating Capacity:615GPM(140m3/h)
2) Deck No: Single Deck
3) Vibrating Mode: Linear Motion
4) Motor Power: 2×1.72 Kw Explosion-Proof
5) Vibrating Force: ≤7.5G(Adjustable)
6) Double Amplitude: 6.0~7.2mm
7) Deck Angle Adjustment: -1°~5°
8) Weir Height: Buffer box back type: 895mm
9) Decibels: ≤85db
10) Dimesnion(L×W×H): 2937x2012x1413mm
11) Weight: 1800Kg

For more information about GNZS594 Shale Shaker, Please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.

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