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GN new designed dewatering unit for the client is personalized design based on client’s particular project. We have ever offered decanter centrifuges to numerous clients for their dewatering system, but we didn’t supply the complete system design.

The entire product is divided into 3 parts: The beginning solids control which is known as solids removal, part two is dewatering unit, and part three is storage system.

Part 1: Solids removal:

Double deck shale shaker GNZS706E-HB and mud cleaner GNZJ703E-3S

This part is going to separate the large solids in the drilling liquids and fewer the solids content, therefore the fine solids will stay within the drilling liquids and will be pumped towards the dewatering unit.

Part 2: dewatering unit

This part is going to add chemical powder in to the drilling liquids for flocculation, then make use of the cutting machine to chop the large solids into small pieces, and then make use of the screw pump to transfer to GN big bowl decanter centrifuge GNLW553VFD to split up the solids from water. Because water conservation is a public concerned problem on the planet, this dewatering unit has got the functions below:

1) Keep your drilling liquids balance by weight for much better performance throughout drilling

2) Less tank bottom for simple cleaning

3) Minus the cost for dealing with water based drilling liquids

4) Have more water that is clean for reuse or conservation

Part 3: storage of fresh drilling liquids

These drilling liquids could be used again for drilling by mixing some chemicals.

Benefit of GN designed dewatering Unit:

1 Easy transportation: The tools are fixed right into a 20ft container size frame, so that you can use it the conventional truck.

2 Appropriate for cold temperature and warm weather: All of the models are outfitted in to the 40ft container that is rain proof, there’s conditioner or fan on the container to help keep it awesome. Should you operate it in cold temperature like Russia, you are able to close the doorway from the container.

For more information with this dewatering system, please contact GN sales.

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