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Our equipment main role is to separate solid and liquid in oil and gas field. But it also could be used in some other field, like HDD, CBM, micron-tunneling and dredging slurry separation. Dredging slurry separation is an excavation activity or operation usually carried out at least partly underwater, in shallow seas or fresh water areas with the purpose of gathering up bottom sediments and disposing of them at a different location.

Dredging slurry separation

1. Slurry Separation by 3 phase solid control equipment

(1) The dredging slurry enter the slurry separation from the dredge boat or intermediate pool.

(2) In the first phase, the slurry passes scalping shale shakers to remove the debris and larger particles. The debris include: grass, roots, leaves, cans, plastic, rags and bottles. Solids size above 400 micron will be removed from the fluid.

(3) The slurry with solid size below 400 micron will then drop into an isolated section of the tank where it will be picked up by a centrifugal pump.

(4) This pump move the slurry to the second phase, the De-sanding phase. Here the slurry is pumped through the desander hydrocyclones, which remove the solids above 70 micron.

(5) The overflow from these hydro-cyclone drop into a second isolated tank section, while the underflow is deposited onto a vibrating screen to dry the solids.

(6) The slurry, which now has solids removed above 70 micron, is picked up from this tank section by a second centrifugal pump and pumped through a bank of de-silting hydro-cyclones to remove the solids passed by the desanding hydroclone. This phase removes solids down to 15-20 micron. Again, the overflow from the desilter cyclone drop into the third tank section, while the underflow is deposited onto vibrating screen for further drying.

2. Further treatment by Flocculants dosing & mixing tower

The slurry then go into mixing tower where contain some chemicals for flocculate. And then the slurry will be separated into two parts. One is clean water and the other one is mud.

3. Concentration tower and Belt filtration.

This equipment regarding concentration tower and belt filtration is much higher cost. The user shall contact professional manufacturers for different products. Professional manufacturers means high quality, good service and good price.

4. To get clean water by Sedimentation

The primary sedimentation shall have a capacity with 30m3, need time at least 6 minutes; For the secondary sedimentation shall have a capacity 60m3, need time at least 10 minutes. After the water processing, then you can discharge the clean water back to the rive.

GN Solids Control Co. have designed 1000gpm dredging slurry separation system and 2000gpm dredging slurry separation system used in different countries. They don’t provide flocculation unit and belt fitration. So, if you have some requirement for your dredging slurry treatment, you may contact them and they can offer you some valuable solutions.


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