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Concept: The drilling mud cleaning cycle is to remove the harmful solid debris, reserve the clean drilling mud to meet the demand of drilling mud spec under the drilling process. Drilling waste management system is a general term of all drilling fluid solids control equipments used in the drilling process.


Function: To prevent the oil-gas well from clogging, breaking, and decrease the drilling torque and friction resistance, reduce the pressure fluctuations of the hollow suction, increase the drilling speed, extend the drilling head life, and reduce wear and tear of the equipments. Methods: The common methods are mixture-thin methods, swap methods, machine methods and additive-chemical methods. Machine method is by using screening, centrifugal separation and gravity separation to separate the solid phase according to the different size and density, therefore, to control the solid phase in the drilling mud.


1 The technical process of the mud cleaning system and the combination of the mud cleaning equipment.

The technical process of complete group of mud cleaning system should meet the specification of five level solid phase control (shale shaker screening, degassing, desanding, desilting, centrifuge) and the provoke of mud. The merger of each solid control equipment is very important, the through out  of one to five level of mud cleaning equipment should each corresponding, and the spacing of the proper distance were is appropriate.  To have certain overlap during the cleaning process, make the smaller particles of the processing incomplete in the up one had been disposed in the next solid control equipment.


2 Drilling mud cleaning cycle

The mud back from the opening of well through the pipeline and conveyed the drilling mud to the  shale shaker. The first phase of cleaning completed by shale shaker, then entered the mud tank, the mud flowed from the mud tank through the tank slot into the desander and desilter (if detect the exits of gas , vacuum degasser will process the gas) the mud after processing of the centrifugal steps and through the tank slot enters the inhalation cabin.  The cleaned mud then will reuse for lubricate and cooling the drill bit.

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