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The selection of the Decanter Centrifuge is essentially to find a specific machine that can meet the process requirements according to the physical properties of the materials and the process requirements.


The physical parameters related to the selection mainly include:

1.The parameters of Solid-liquid separation: the solid phase concentration of the suspension, the range of the particle size of the solid particles, the weight difference between the solid and the liquid, and the liquid viscosity.
2.The parameters of Solid-liquid-liquid separation: the solid-liquid-liquid 3-phase concentration, specific gravity difference, and viscosity.
3.Moreover, it is also important to consider the machine materials and structures such as pH, flammable and explosive, and abrasion resistance.

Another issue related to the selection is the purpose of separation. Different models have different purposes. Is it to obtain a solid phase with low water content, a liquid phase with high clarity, or both solid and liquid phase content are required, or a higher requirement for one phase and a lower for the other phase appropriately?

During the selection process, we may encounter two situations. One is an industrial problem, such as DDGS project of corn distiller’s grains, kaolin classification, lubricant purification, sludge dewatering, etc. The separation process and equipment have basically matured in the industry. When buying machines, you only need to access the existing Users for reference. The other is about the new problem encountered in the development of new products, which requires the necessary physical property test and separation experiment.

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Supporting facilities for Decanter centrifuge
A complete separation system, in addition to the decanter centrifuge, we also need a variety of other equipment and instruments to support it in order to put into normal operation. Normal supporting facilities include:
① Pretreatment device: crusher, shaker, desander, thickener, etc.
② Feeding device: feeding pump, draining pump, screw conveyor, flow meter, agitator.
⑧ Instrument control device: starting device, monitoring device, display and safety device.
④ Lighing, safety protection and cleaning equipment.

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