Nov 16

GN 200GPM Mud mixing & cleaning system has a compact design and small footprint. The system consisted of the GNZJ752D linear motion double deck shale shaker. 6 X 4 inch desilter cones,2 centrifugal pumps, a high shear mixing hopper and a mud tank. Total capacity =5 m3. total system can handle a throughput of 150 USgpm to 200 USgpm by using the bottom deck of the linear motion shaker as a primary scalping screen and the top deck as a mud cleaner to handle the underflow from the desilter cones.


Mud Cleaning & Mixing Unit

Mud Cleaning & Mixing Unit

1) 5000 liters two-compartment holding tank
2) Hi-G linear motion double deck shaker operating with high conductance pre-tension screens. The bottom deck of the shaker acts as a primary screen and top deck as mud cleaner drying the underflow from desilter cones.
4) Six 4inch hydrocyclones for secondary sand and silt removal
5)Mud hopper with venturi nozzle to provide shear energy in preparing bentonite mud.
6) two 11Kw centrifugal pump with mechanical seal for feeding desiler cones and mud mixing.
7) weatherproof control panel

For more information about GN mud mixing & Cleaning system, Please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.


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