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Micron Tunneling, Tunneling and Shield Method are important kinds of drilling to install different type of tunneling from subway to swage. Tunneling Boring machines (TBM) work similar as the Horizontal Drill. Drill Cuttings need to be transported from the head of TBM to the back of equipment. Tunneling Machines produce large amounts of drilling cuttings due to the size of hole.

The tunnel fluid has to be free of drill cuttings before it can be pumped back through the small nozzles on the front of the tunneling head face. Tunneling is very expensive so you must do the project right from the beginning or you risk delays and more expenditure. Solids laden fluid will plug the bit face and eat up all of the job profit. The best way to remove drill cuttings is through the use of a solids control system. The GN Solids Controls system is designed to remove massive amounts of drill cuttings.

500GPM System

500GPM Mud System

Recently, GN 500GPM solids control system is applied for the Tunneling.

 Working Configuration:

1 Model GNZS706 double deck shale shaker with total 6 panel screens. There are 3 panels shaker screen on the top deck, with opening of 2mm which isolate big particle or stone.  At the bottom deck 3 panel screens of 40 mesh normal shaker screen for separating small solids. The double deck shaker not only take a small place on the tank, but also completely sieve all big solids prior to drilling fluids flow to the next equipment

2 Second step is unit GNZJ703-8N.,with 8 sets of 4inch hydrocyclones cones, the desilter with shaker could cut down the solids particles between 25 and 40 microns.

3 GN SB series centrifugal pump assume to feed the mud to desilter cones. Truthfully, GN centrifugal pump is interchangeable with NOV mission pump. GN can also offer complete range of spare parts for NOV mission pump.

4  There are two mud agitators and two mud gun to prevent the solids sediment on the bottom tank

GN Solids Control can help you to build the right size unit to apply on any size tunneling project.


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