May 15

The principle of the decanter centrifuge is to use the centrifugal force brought by the high-speed mechanical rotation to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation, and some noise and vibration will be generated during the operation of the equipment. It will affect the surrounding environment of the device, so when using the device, some techniques can reduce noise and vibration. The following are some common technical solutions:

When the whole set of equipment runs empty and the inlet and outlet are closed, the average noise at 1 meter around the equipment will not exceed 85dB when tested in the manufacturing plant.

When the centrifuge is idling, without water, and tested in the manufacturer, the vibration is not higher than 5mm / S. If the vibration is too large during the operation of the machine, in order to ensure safety, it can be stopped by the vibration switch.

1. There is no need to disassemble the machine when there is a material blocking failure, only need to start the automatic slag discharge of the screw pusher to clear the accumulated material.

2. After the decanter centrifuge is shut down, backwash must be performed. Backwash only needs to open the flushing water valve and flushing water pump to complete.

3. The centrifuge is equipped with emergency shutdown, motor overheating / overload, screw feeder overload, bearing temperature, vibration and other protection functions.

GN can not only provide users with Dewatering Decanter Centrifuges, rely on GN rich production line of separation and conveying equipment. GN can also provide users with turnkey solutions for the material dewatering process, including solutions for material transportation, classification and dewatering. 

With complete machine monitoring and alarm system. When overload, short circuit and lack of phase occur in the course of operation, the centrifuge will be automatically protected; the speed of centrifuge, bearing temperature, vibration of the whole machine, lubrication system oil pressure, main and back motors’ current, push torque and other operating parameters are monitored in real time, and alarm is started when the parameters are abnormal. In case of blocking materials, the device will automatically switch to the plugging procedures; if plugging procedures cannot be dredged, it will then automatically switch to the shutdown procedures to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

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Mar 12

News: GN Decanter Centrifuge for Oil Sludge Treatment to Brunei

This GN Decanter Centrifuge is specially designed for Oil Sludge Treatment and exported to Brunei.

2020.03.12 Decanter Centrifuge for Oil Sludge Treatment

Oil sludge is a mixture of oil, water and solids. Treatment with oil sludge would recover a lot of oil and water for reuse.
It is also an ideal solids disposal solution. The more oil and water are extracted, the more energy and resources could be
saved. GN oil sludge treatment products mainly include decanter centrifuge, oil-water separator and thermal desorption

GN P-series decanter centrifuge is mainly designed for the dewatering purpose. The beach angle of this series is 11
degrees. It is widely used for maximum dewatering requirements of municipal and industrial wastewater sludge. The
dewatering decanter centrifuge is designed for easy separation material include large particle size, high density
difference of solid and liquid, low viscosity, high concentration, high treatment capacity and higher dryness than clarity.
The materials like sludge or wastewater containing fine particles usually need to be added with flocculants to gather the
fine particles condensed into large ones, and then dewatered with P series decanter centrifuge.


Drilling mud, environmental protection sewage, oily sludge, cutting fluid, sand washing water, mineral washing water, soda
white mud, salt mud dewatering, magnesium aluminum emulsion, steel-making wastewater, precision casting wastewater,
construction mud, tunnel mud, mine wastewater, industrial wastewater, organic wastewater, aquaculture wastewater, chemical
industrial wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, municipal sewage, river sludge, water plant sludge, lake sludge,
kaolin grading, calcium carbonate, bentonite, Silica, titanium dioxide, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, conductive film
glass polishing solution, aluminum hydroxide, cryolite, silicate, oil sand separation, landing oil, oil sludge, coal tar,
inorganic fertilizer, Chinese medicine extraction such as taxus chinensis, honeysuckle and liquorice, clarification,
concentration and dehydration of salt crystals, etc.

2020.03.12 Oil Sludge Treatment Equimpent

GN can not only provide users with Dewatering Decanter Centrifuges, but also provide users with turnkey solutions for
dewatering process, including solutions for material transportation, classification and dewatering. Rely on GN’s rich
production line of separation and conveying equipment, more and more reliable and advanced equipment will be manufactured
for users all over the world.

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Feb 28

The selection of the Decanter Centrifuge is essentially to find a specific machine that can meet the process requirements according to the physical properties of the materials and the process requirements.


The physical parameters related to the selection mainly include:

1.The parameters of Solid-liquid separation: the solid phase concentration of the suspension, the range of the particle size of the solid particles, the weight difference between the solid and the liquid, and the liquid viscosity.
2.The parameters of Solid-liquid-liquid separation: the solid-liquid-liquid 3-phase concentration, specific gravity difference, and viscosity.
3.Moreover, it is also important to consider the machine materials and structures such as pH, flammable and explosive, and abrasion resistance.

Another issue related to the selection is the purpose of separation. Different models have different purposes. Is it to obtain a solid phase with low water content, a liquid phase with high clarity, or both solid and liquid phase content are required, or a higher requirement for one phase and a lower for the other phase appropriately?

During the selection process, we may encounter two situations. One is an industrial problem, such as DDGS project of corn distiller’s grains, kaolin classification, lubricant purification, sludge dewatering, etc. The separation process and equipment have basically matured in the industry. When buying machines, you only need to access the existing Users for reference. The other is about the new problem encountered in the development of new products, which requires the necessary physical property test and separation experiment.

363 Decanter Centrifuge 2

Supporting facilities for Decanter centrifuge
A complete separation system, in addition to the decanter centrifuge, we also need a variety of other equipment and instruments to support it in order to put into normal operation. Normal supporting facilities include:
① Pretreatment device: crusher, shaker, desander, thickener, etc.
② Feeding device: feeding pump, draining pump, screw conveyor, flow meter, agitator.
⑧ Instrument control device: starting device, monitoring device, display and safety device.
④ Lighing, safety protection and cleaning equipment.

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Jul 12

Decanter centrifuge is widely used in industry to separation solids from liquid at fast speed. Without decanter centrifuge industrial process will be way slowed down.

There are many factors affecting the operation of decanter centrifuge, many people think it mysterious while others think decanter centrifuge a common equipment and there is nothing weird.

First is the centrifugal force, which is usually defined as times the centrifugal force than regular gravity. The parameter depends on the diameter of rotating bowl of decanter centrifuge, and the rotating speed. Centrifugal force is more sensitive to bow diameter than rotation speed as G force is proportional to the square of bow diameter.

With higher G force, settlement time for solids is reduced to seconds instead of a few hours with gravity settlement.

Another consideration is the separation speed. This is proportional to the gravity difference between solids and liquid. The smaller the difference, the slower the settlement. If gravity difference between solids and liquid is trivial, separation will take extended long time.

Particle size also affect separation speed. For bigger particles, it is easy for them to deposit because buoyancy can be neglected for bigger particles. However as particle sizes become smaller, buoyance becomes important, and in the extreme condition, buoyance can balance out gravity force and small particle will float in the liquid and never come to bow wall.

Differential speed between scroll and rotating bowl is another important consideration for separation. This differential speed must be optimized to minimize case thickness as it will affect discharge quality. Higher differential speed results in good throughput speed but less clear liquid. Solids settlement becomes even more complex when there is both big particles and small particles, with different gravity.

Above is a few factors contributing to the clarity of liquid. There are other factors impacting performance of decanter centrifuge. Designers need to prioritize these factors to make the equipment tailored to specific application.decanter-centrifuge

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Jun 21

“GE, an industrial company, but also a digital company”. Some people may have watched this commercial on American’s main media, like CNN or NBC and we may wonder what does that mean? The answer is it represents the future trend-digital and automation.

As we all know, GE is the conglomerate in many industries, such as energy, electric appliances, aerospace and so on. So its action and strategy will represent the future of the industry. Recently GE just opened its new main office nearly San Jose and recruited a lot of engineers from Google, Apple, Microsoft with background of electrical engineer to develop its own system  called “Predix”, which is the world’s first and only cloud-based operating system for industry. GE plans to make “Preix” as the industry standard similar to the position of Microsoft Windows system in the PC industry. It will realize the digitalization and automation of the industry, including the oil and gas industry. One example for this trend is on June 14,2016, GE and Technip signed memorandum of understanding to explore digital solutions for new LNG projects. LNG will have great potential for growth as the world’s demand rises. So this prosperous area will be co-developed by the combination of strength of GE and Technip. GE will provide it reliable equipment solutions for the global LNG facilities, through sensors, advanced analytics and diagnostic expertise. Technip will provide unique expertise in EPC for LNG projects.


The future of the oil and gas industry will be more efficient and powerful, which will be realized by digital and automation and will optimize the equipment and operation to improve the productivity and cost-efficiencies.

As the crucial part of the mud cleaning system of the oil and gas industry, solid control system will also inevitably follow the trend of automation and digital, including its shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, cuttings dryer  and some other equipment and parts. GN solids control can manufacture the most advanced solid control equipment in the industry, such as the VFD controlled equipment which can realize the automation and digital. Welcome to log in to our website www.gnsolidsamerica.comto check more about the product info and send your inquiries to


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Jun 17

Comparing with other solids control equipment like the shale shaker, desander, desilter and other equipment, the decanter centrifuge clearly need more attention and more care during operation in order to make sure a good performance, especially on the 24*7 running jobsites.
As the leading manufacturer of solids control and waste management manufacturer in China, GN has been producing hundreds of decanter centrifuges and GN centrifuges are working all over the world, GN has following tips to share with the decanter centrifuge owners or operators.

a good choice of centrifuge

GN decanter centrifuge

1. Before confirming the model, collect as much as information including the those points: the jobsite condition, like the temperature, the end users’ special request like the EX standard (ExdIIBT4? IEC EX? ATEX or Gost?), the allowable max electric current, and electric specification of the jobsite(380V, 50HZ? 460V, 60HZ? 415V, 50HZ or others?). And try to collect as much information of the material to be treated, the largest particle size, the solids contents before treatment, and the allowable largest particle size and solids content after treatment. A right choice of decanter centrifuge is the precondition of its good performance. Those are GN Centrifuge Models for your reference.
2. Before installing and commissioning of the decanter centrifuge, read the user’s manual carefully and get a general idea of the specific model of decanter centrifuge and the control panel. Normally, the VFD controlled decanter centrifuge is more complicated to operate, the operator need to have both mechanical and electric knowledge to handle it, at least for operate it.
3. Assign a specific professional engineer or operator for each decanter centrifuge. His work is to observe the condition of the decanter centrifuge and discover any problem at the first time and solve it. Because the centrifuge is high speed running machine, and when the mud condition changed a bit, it affect the performance and the centrifuge service life.
4. Lubricate the centrifuge on time, especially the bearings. Like GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge, the bearings are original SKF bearing. Good bearings ensure a longer service life on basic that you maintenance them carefully. Per manual’s instruction, some points of decanter centrifuge need to be lubricated every shaft and some need to be lubricated after running some hours.
5. A standard equipment is designed for common conditions, but not for all. In some cases, the end user need to make the jobsite condition to suit the equipment, like to make some isolation for keeping the equipment warm or cool, sometimes, the end users even put the decanter centrifuge in a air conditioned room or container to get an ideal performance.
May you have more questions or need more information, welcome to contact GN freely.

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Jun 02

Days ago, GN Solids Control cooperated with an outdoor team and held an activity in suburb Beijing for a one day journey. GN sales team attended this journey and the journey was fruitful and meaningful.

Marketing department is a very important department of GN company, this department is combined by more than twenty youngsters who have a same goal and dream. This department includes three teams, the domestic sales team, the oversea market sales team and the marketing team, their duty is not only to get orders for the company, but also to collect information of the industry, receive feedbacks and tips from clients and also takes some responsibility for the after sale service for the clients. Most of their time is spent on work.

See GN's activities after work

See GN’s activities after work

But work shouldn’t be the only content of their life, and work is also fun. GN Solids Control’s products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world, and for every time zone, there are GN’s clients. GN has branch offices and companies in USA and Russia and GN agents are in many countries. So GN sales are working per different time zones and always on business trip out of the country or out of the city. It is not easy to get a reunion for everyone.

This time, when we had this journey, there are still 7 members are absent. GN team sent greetings and pictures to them to share the joy.

For this journey, there are several activities arranged, it is not only test and compete for everyone’s IQ and EQ, but also, a challenge for everyone’s courage and team work attitude. All  assignments required a good team work and cooperation. When we are alone, we can not finish any of them, even without thinking of it. But when we work together, we face the same problem and we focus on the solution, we accomplished them all.

It’s just like the daily work, when we get together and share our ideas and experiences, it would be easier for us to get the best solution and make the full use of our resources. Only in this way, could our team be stronger and tougher.

Well done, and we will do better.

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Apr 12

In the past CIPPE 2016, GN Solids Control brought its centrifuge family to the show, all the centrifuges from the 9 inch baby centrifuge to the 22 inch big brother centrifuge, standing in a row and visited by many visitors and end users.

Especially the GNLW363 Decanter centrifuge, both the old look one and the new design were shown in CIPPE 2016, and the new one was positioned on a skid. What’s the differences between each generations GNLW363’s?

1, first generation GNLW363, the original design for 14 inch decanter centrifuge, with the two motors on each side of the centrifuge. although the material used is better than others, the centrifuge is still an old looking one.


2, second generation GNLW363B, it is more international looking, as GN Solids Control has been selling its products to many countries and regions in the world, and GN’s products design became more and more international, GNLW363B decanter centrifuge’s motors are located on same side of the centrifuge, it allowed the operators to have more space for operation.

  1. third generation GNLW363C decanter centrifuge, for outlook, it is similar to GNLW363B, with two motors on one side. But there are more small but useful changes on GNLW363C, because the centrifuge was used for many applications since then, like the oily sludge separation, the dewatering unit and etc, with feedback from jobsites, GN re-designed it and better it a lot.

4, forth generation GNLW363D, the inside design is similar with GNLW363C, but the outlook is quite different, as the structure is more compact and total weight is less, easy for air shipment in case of urgent use.

For the same model of GNLW363D/C decanter centrifuges, GN has optional control panels like fixed speed control panel, VFD control panel of normal one, and the positive pressurized control panel with PLC smart touching screen.


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Apr 12

Last week, GN Solids Control was back from CIPPE 2016, Beijing and won big success. This year’s CIPPE accepted many visitors from many countries in the world, not only the domestic oil and gas companies. A great many engineers from CNPC, SINOPEC, and COSL and other oil companies and Oil drilling companies attended and visited the Oil Show.
GN Solids Control had a booth of 400 square meters, which was located in E2 Hall, on opposite of SINOPEC’s booth. As the leading solids control manufacturer in China, GN brought all main equipments for the oil and gas solids control, including the shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge of middle speed, and also the main equipments for the drilling cuttings waste management system, including the high-G drying shaker, the high speed decanter centrifuge, the vertical cuttings dryer and screw conveyors.

Among all above mentioned equipments, many are newly updated models, like the shale shaker, GN changed the feeding type and discharge chute. For the decanter centrifuge, with same function and material not changed, the structure is more compact than before. The vertical cuttings dryer was applied with new material for better performance for high viscosity treating media.
Also, as the core products of GN Solids Control, the whole GN Centrifuge family attended CIPPE, and made a perfect show. The centrifuges are ranging from 9 inch diameter bowl to 22 inch diameter bowl. They stand in a row and attracted many eyeballs not only of GN clients, but also GN’s peers. Some world well known centrifuge manufacturer sent engineers to GN’s booth to learn from each other and congratulated on GN’s success.
If you missed the CIPPE Oil Show but also need to see GN’s products, welcome to contact us for visiting on our headquarter which is only 40 minutes drive from Beijing Airport. Or you can see our products and staff at Moscow Oil Show in April, OTC oil show in Houston in May, Iran Oil Show in Tehran in May and Malaysia Oil Show in May.

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Mar 23

Recently, the crude oil price is slightly picking up, and along with that, the oil service projects are recovering slightly. There are many urgent inquiries coming to GN for the equipments and spare parts. Since a lot of projects start urgently, the requests for equipments are urgent too. Most of clients need short delivery time, they turn to GN for assistance and GN, luckily for both of the manufacturer and the clients, currently has some stock for their use.

This time, the middle east client requested several sets of centrifuge units, with a short delivery time within 10 days. What he requested are GNLW363CG-VFD Decanter Centrifuges, feeding pumps mono pump and the centrifuge telescopic skids. The clients are using those centrifuge units for waste management projects.


The urgent order includes following equipments:

  1. GNLW363CG-VFD high speed decanter centrifuge.

GNLW363C series decanter centrifuges are most popular size used in oil and gas industry, like the solids control centrifuge and the waste management centrifuge. the 14 inch diameter bowl and max rotating speed up to 3900 RPM helps it to achieve good performance for extra fine particles separating, from 2 microns to 5 microns. And GNLW363CG is high standard configuration of GNLW363 series, of the best material for this kind of centrifuges, like the bowl material, SS2205 stainless steel, and the SKF bearings, and etc. If you need more information, welcome to see our website, to the centrifuge page.

  1. VFD control panel with PLC smart touching screen. This is not simple VFD control panel, it is the positive pressurized control panel with self cooling system. Unless the flame proof control panels which are used to block out the outside atmosphere, the positive pressurized control panel adopts an air compressor to input the compress air and not let in the flammable air.
  2. mono pump for feeding the centrifuge. Mono pump is also called the positive position pump, the rotor and stator in the pump evenly and steadily feed the material into the centrifuge. it is the best solution as a centrifuge feeding pump.

Now the equipments are ready to deliver.

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