Apr 12

In March 2019 GN Solids Control releases its new generation of inclined plate clarifier(IPC).

Liquid/solid separator is an indispensable equipment in all situation where segregation of solids from liquid is required.

The working principle of inclined plate separator is simple.  It is the same as setting solids containing liquid in a container. However, the speed of such setting process is quite slow. We need to find some way to expedite this process. Also there needs to be some mechanism to remove the deposited solids from the container without human interface as it is pretty difficult to remove solids from such container.

GN Solids Control has been making continuous effort to improve its inclined plate clarifier, in terms of efficiency and ease of operation. The inclined plate clarifier is the 5th generation of this equipment and it is much better than previous versions.

  1. High separation efficiency. When sludge comes into the IPC, its speed is reduced very rapidly by a mechanism and flow gently to inclined plate array, where the flow speed is reduced further, with solids quickly depositing on the inclined plates. Optimized angle and location of the inclined plate effectively increase the separation speed;
  2. Quick removal of deposit solids. With the building up on the inclined plate, the solids will move toward hopper at the bottom of the IPC, where an auger will move the solids to the suction point. The suction pump will send the solids to the skip outside. This eliminate any manual removal of solids;
  3. Special designed hopper acting as an accumulator is part of the IPC and collects the solids and make efficient solids removal possible.
  4. The inclined plate array can be easily removed and cleaned and put back. This greatly help IPC cleaning;
  5. The shape of the IPC is gradually evaluated to the current shape, which minimized the volume of the IPC to further assist liquid/water separation and can be used in conjunction with a buffer tank of complementary shape to make a compact tank cleaning system, where the volume of buffer tanks is expected to be maximized.

For more information please visit http://www.gnsolidscontrol.com/.

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written by Decanter Centrifuge