Aug 30

When you mentioned removing solids from your drilling fluid, GN advanced linear motion shale shakers are the perfect choice. Featuring high performance vibrator motors, inclined negative 1 to positive 5 screen decks, heated treatment weld frame construction, and IECEX explosion-proof control panels. Combined with GN original manufactured pretensioned Shaker Screens these units provide high-quality, premium drilling fluid recovery, longer screen life and cut off operating costs.Shale Shaker 1

GN Series of Shale Shaker

GNZS752E-DM two panels shale shaker can deal with 200GPM boxer feeder and 1.35㎡ screen area. This is two panel shale shaker dramatically is applied in the water well drilling and HDD system. Small dimension and small treating capacity is obviously its advantage.

GNZS703E three panels shale shaker can deal with 528GPM with weir feeder or box feeder with 2.63㎡screen area. Three panel shale shaker suits for most oil & gas drilling industry and CBM( Coal Bed Methane). A rugged and uncomplicated shale shaker is perfect for the oilfield application. The simple design makes the maintenance easy and long time service.

GNZS594E four panels shale shaker is able to handle with 616GPM with two options of weir feeder or box feeder with 2.73㎡screen area. GN Solids America regularly stocked this four panel shale shakers which majority used for the oilfield application, dredge slurry project or large treating capacity requirement. Check with GN Solids America
Not only shale shaker is our main equipment, but also GN Solids America also offers the whole solids control system incorporates shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner,decanter centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer. Mixing tank system is including: mud gun, mud agitator and jet mud mixer. Safe equipment is poor boy degasser(mud gas separator) and vacuum degasser. Plz contact with GN Solids Control or GN Solids America if you need any solid control units

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