Dec 17

GN Solids Control is the leading non-public solids control manufacturer supply by china manufacturer. We accumulate lots of development experience and rich client’s resources in the past years. Motive we can have market progress even under low industry demanding circumstances. With essential oil lower price ongoing, many drilling rig company close decrease, many small solids control company show depression; yet our company, GN Solids Control always present a booming production life, because all of us always have big orders and small orders each month.
1) GN 32 sets centrifuge order for Africa
At the start of this year, January, we got major order from Africa. Your client buy 32 sets centrifuge to support 16 drilling rigs solids control centrifuge program. Our company deliver all the centrifuge within 2-3 months. This kind of order help GN require a big step to develop production capacity in short period. Now per feedback, the particular centrifuge is working extremely fine at rigsite.

gn-shale-shaker-0413 2) GN 5 sets straight cuttings dryer for international project, bought by Greatwall Drilling Company (GWDC)
GWDC have lots of contracts throughout overseas. Their business protect all the service field associated with oil drilling.
In Next month, GWDC test our straight cuttings dryer in one home-based rigsite and after that, they will buy another 5 models for overseas market.
3) GN 3 sets connected with chemical enhancement system along with centrifuge for COSL
COSL is China largest just offshore drilling contractor. They made the purchase set of chemical enhancement system with centrifuge last year to cope with the oily sludge. As soon as they test the working performance immediately after one year, COSL buy yet another 2 sets in middle of the year.
The chemical advancement system with centrifuge primarily including:
a- flocculent model, the client add chemicals throughout from the hopper in this aspect and adjust the slimy sludge chemical property.
b- after that, the oily sludge will be pumped into centrifuge for further treatment.
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