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GN Solids Control Equipments with Explosion Proof Standard
GN Solids Control is a leading brand for solids control and drilling waste management. As we all know, all the solids control equipments that used in the drilling worksite need to conform the explosion proof standard due to the dangerous air.
Today we would like to give you a brief introduction on explosion standard of GN solids control systems and waste management systems.
There are several popular explosion proof standard which is IECEX, ATEX and CSA, some other standard are also exist such as US NEC. The area classification is based on the occurrence of flammable material, ranging from present continuously, present intermittently and present abnormally.
Now all of the GN solids control equipments or drilling waste management systems are using anti explosion motors and control cabinet, so they can be used in different regions which have various explosion proof standard. In the domestic market, there is EXdIIBt4 standard GN equipments as well as IECEX.


All of the explosion standards are divided based on the distance from the drilling rig center. The center area is named Zone 1 area while some distance far away from the center is called Zone 2 area. It’s without doubt that the higher the standard, the more safe for workers. However, the GN solids control equipments are considering the safety and economical at the same time.
Let’s take US explosion proof standard as an example. Explosion proof for Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D T5 means:
1. ‘Explosion proof’ means type of protection;
2. ‘Class 1’ means permitted class;
3. ‘Division 1’ means permitted division; division 2 is optional for lower explosion proof standard;
4. ‘Groups’ means permitted group from A to D;
5. ‘T5’ means temperature class, T6 is optional.
Now Us standard is beginning to transfer its explosion proof standard from Class 1, Division 2 to Class 1, Division 1 as Canada is improving its CSA standard. Shale shakers, mud cleaners and decanter centrifuges etc should conform to a higher demand in the further, whereas they are conform to the Class 1, Division 2 standard.
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