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GN Solids Control Replacement Spare Parts
Nov 30

In addition to manufacture top quality solids control equipment. GN also offers spare parts and service for a host of solids control equipment. For the spare parts, typically GN solids control offers different brand shaker screens, 4” desilter cones replaceable for derrick desilter cones and centrifugal pump 100% replace with Mission pump

GN Shaker Screen

Manufactured using the latest device and proven technology in the production of Shaker Screens .GN has developed the unique processes utilizing advanced manufacturing technologies and robust materials. Our shaker screens are widely applied for different drilling project. GN own brand shaker screens are replaceable with SWACO shaker screens. Also, we produce a variety model of shaker screen replacement for Derrick series, Brandt, Kemtron and Fluids system shaker screens.

GN 4” Hydrocyclones

GN 4” hydrocyclones are capable of changing with Derrick cones including cone body, ball valve, apex and clamps. GN desilter cones is with 100% Polyurethane(PU) Material ensue the superior working time and performance. Clamp type assemble is easy for maintenance and replacement. The unique design makes separations between 40 and 20 microns.

GN Centrifugal PumpCentrifugal-Pump-1

GN centrifugal pump generally has two applications. First of all, GN applies centrifugal pump to feed the mud cleaner including desander cones and desitler cones as a feeding pump. On the other hand, it is matching with venturi hopper to mix the drilling fluids in the solids control mixing system and storage system. GN centrifugal pump are largely required in the drilling fluids industry. GN centrifugal pumps are 100% replaceable for Mission pump with the competitive price. Stable working performance, low maintenance and reasonable price obtain a good reputation in the solids control industry.

GN goal is to maximize our customer value through the constant development of equipment to meet with our customer needs, outstanding service and remarkable quality. We strive to become a leader in solids control industry through well trained people and superior equipment.

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