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In the past few years, drilling waste disposal has received increasing attention from the waste management industry. But most of the customers in this field are basically related to the oil and gas industry. The cuttings removed from the primary screening of vibrating screens and other solid-control equipment need to be recycled to the utmost extent. The crude oil tank bottom sediments of petroleum refining and chemical enterprises and the oily sludge in refinery wastewater also need to be collected and transported.

So far, GN Solid Control has been able to provide a complete treatment solution for solid control equipment and almost all waste management equipment. However, these are not enough. The entire treatment plan also requires a transfer device to be connected between the two devices or an oily sludge transfer from the sludge pit to the waste management equipment. GN  sludge vacuum pump is undoubtedly the ideal choice for this work.

GN’s vacuum pump is used for conveying environment with high solid content, high viscosity and high load, and has the characteristics of high conveying capacity, easy operation and easy maintenance. The maximum solid content of the transport medium is as high as 80%. This pump is an all air operated pump. Connected to an air compressor to achieve a 25 foot mercury vacuum. It has long-distance water absorption and drainage capacity of 50 meters and 1000 meters respectively. The air works to ensure that it is suitable for use in hazardous areas to the first zone. It is a truly high security grading device.

In addition to drilling cuttings and sludge transport, the vacuum pump can also be used for sludge cleaning, barge storage and bottom cleaning, and even dry and coarse material handling.

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