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GNZS series shale shaker maintenances
Nov 16

In solids control process stage, shale shaker at as the first stage machinery process. It will filter  large solids cutting in the mud come through the over flow line. Partials larger than 175 microns will be separated. GN Solids America’s shale shaker GNZS594E-HB is alternative choice compare with popular M I Swaco Mongoose Pro Shaker.  GNZS594E-HB as large treating capacity of 616 GPM. The buffer box adopts back set makes the height as low as possible to meet the different overflow lines height. This shaker is a 4 panel single deck shale shaker similar with M I Swaco Pro Shaker with friction of purchasing cost. When maintain tasks that need to perform on GNZS594E-HB shale shaker, there are steps that will serve the purpose.

shale shaker

Check the cover and the entrance box for the leakage.  Make sure the connection and/or silicone sealant if leakage is detected. Use the hose to wash-off the accumulated mud and/or materials from the framed-screens.  Wash-off also on exterior and interior of the shaker after removal of the shaker screens.  For enhance the service life of pre-stretching screen, it must ensure the rubber-support of screen is intact without damage. Check up the operating environment of vibration isolation component and the support part of screen in regular time frame to avoid fatigue usage.  Check for and remove any accumulation of mud and/or material or obstruction in interior of the feeder. The blockage of the feeder may cause excessive splashing and uneven distribution of slurry onto the screen bed. According to the user manual that supplied by manufacturer, performing lubricating and maintaining moving parts of shale shaker.

If the drilling fluid flows from the hole or broken place, then drilling cuttings will not be filtered.  The change of screens will be need when sign of fatigue is showing.

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