Jun 07

GN Solids Control is a world famous manufacturer for solid control equipment and mud recycling system. It was established in 2007 at a small town named Tangshan in central northern China, after 10 years development, it has become a industry leading company in the solid control equipment and our product range covers from shale sh1000 gpm mud recycling systemaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, mud gas separator, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, centrifugal pump, agitator, vacuum degasser, shear pump, submersible pump, etc. GN can be your one stop shop and solution provider for the solid control business. This year GN increased its manufacturing capability dramatically, its second manufacturing facility can make composite framed screens up to 5000 pieces per month. The new facility adopts the latest technology that can manufacture the screen with high quality at competitive prices

The new composite framed shale shaker screens have the follow features: the steel frame part is welded automatically by robot with higher strength and better quality conformity. The injection molded plastic is mixed with imported fiberglass and it can resists high temperature up to 140 degree, and it’s tougher, more endurable and can work under higher vibration G force. . The heat press of the screens adopts the process of four side tensioning which can minimize the gap between the top and support screens and extend the life of the screens. GN’s shaker screens will be 3 layers with the API number above 60, while other screens manufacturer only use 3 layers until API number above 100. And GN’s mesh supplier is the same as DERRICK and MI SWACO’s. GN’s screen adopts the rectangular wire configuration and the wire is 50% more thicker than the square wire configuration, and it could be used up to 300-700 hours. GN’s composite screens cover GN’S OEM screen, MI SWACO MONGOOSE, BRANDT VENOM, BRANDT KING COBRA, FSI, etc. GN can also customize the screens according to customer’s requirement. All the composite screens are repairable. Comparing to steel framed screens, the non blank area of composite framed screen is 10-20% more. And the composite frame is not easily to get rusted and can be stored up to 5 years.

Welcome to visit our website www.gnsolidsamerica.com and get more information, please send your inquiries to sales@gnsolidscontrol.com

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Jan 26

The negative affect from the oil crash has spread to many industries related including the HDD projects. But as the leading and well known HDD mud system manufacturer, GN Solids Control still have orders and repeated orders from the old clients.
By end of last year, GN Solids Control has just delivered a high configuration of mud systems for a HDD project. Now the end user is laying a repeated order for the same mud system, and it is scheduled to be ready early after Chinese New Year.
Not only for the oversea market, but in domestic China, 500GPM mud recycling system is still the most popular option for HDD projects. CPP, the largest HDD contract in China, purchase around 10 sets of mud recycling systems from GN Solids Control each year, and most of those are of 500GPM capacity.

500GPM Mud System

Main Equipments for Standard Configuration GNMS 500 Mud System:
Shale shaker: GNZS703E-DZ, 1 set
Mud Cleaner: GNZJ703E-D1S8N, 1 set
Mud Cleaner Feeding Pump: GNSB6*5A-37KW, 2 sets, used respectively for desander cones and desilter cones
Mixing Hopper: GNSLS35A, 1 set
Mixing Pump: GNSB6*5A-37KW, 1 set, same specification as mud cleaner feeding pump.
Mud Agitator: GNJBQ 075D, single layer impeller with 7.5KW motor, 1 set
Mud Gun: GNNJQ50A, 2 inch mud gun, 1 set

Besides this standard configuration of mud recycling system, GN also has GNMS-500GL mud recycling system, the main equipment for treating are exactly same, but the storage capacity of GNMS-500GL is larger.
And for HDD mud recycling systems, GN has other treating capacity solutions for option, like 200GPM and 1000 GPM.
In case of piling or so called TBM projects, there are simpler solutions for option. Because for piling projects, the drilling media is mostly water, there is no need to add more chemicals into it, and the treating result is not so strict.
If you have more questions, contact us freely.

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Jan 21

2015 is a hard year for oil and gas industry. The crude oil price keep getting down and down. More and more rigs shut up especially in US and Europe. So many small companies cannot survive in this hard condition. But it is good that GN Solids Control is still there and keeps growing. The main reason is that, GN Solids Control only focus on high quality products and offered with reasonable and competitive price. GN does never make low quality products to damage its reputation.

Look around year 2015, GN makes great jobs in the year. Below we list part of the issues.

1) The Second GN Beijing factory is fabricated well and finished decoration. It is with the similar size with the main factory. The new production line have bought in. GN Solids can offer a bigger manufacturing capacity from the coming new year.

2) GN upgraded the main equipment line: drying shaker, vertical cuttings dryer, decanter centrifuge, screw conveyer, shale shaker, mud agitator, mud gun. The updated design can suit more complex condition. GN get very good feedback from jobsite for the new models. They likes the new feature and feedback the new features make the equipment more user friendly and improve the performance much.

GN solids control china

3) GN finished standard drilling mud system design. The standard design can suits most conditions, the clients like the standard design. GN Solids Control always keeps stock for the standard design mud systems,  So N company can dispatch the complete mud system to clients immediately after they make order. The mud recycling system GN can offer in stock:

Economic standard desanding plant for HDD, CBM, piling…: GNMS-200D FOR 200gpm, GNMS-500D for 500gpm.

Advanced standard mud system system for HDD, CBM and water well drilling: GNMS-200G for 200GPM with mixing system, GNMS-500G for 500GPM with mixing system, GNMS-500GL for 500GPM with mixing system and with a larger storage capacity.

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Dec 30

End of the year, CPP always need to plan for next year, then always have to purchase a lot of equipment for projetcts in next year. GN Compact Mud System can be used for HDD project, Water Well Drilling project, Geothermal Drilling project, workover oil drilling rig etc. Recently, we have one set 500gpm mud system ready for delivery to Middle East client, it is used for water well drilling project. The client buy one set 200gpm trailer mounted mud system in 2014 and repeat order in end of 2015.

500GPM Mud System

CPP as always, prefer the GNMS500GL mud sytem, which contains:

1) One set 500gpm treating capacity shale shaker: GNZS703E-DZ. The shaker is with box feeder, convenient for water well drilling rigs, 3 Panel shaker screen locked by wedges, easier for shaker screen replacement. GN have upgraded several times to this edition, and still keep updating details.

2) One set 500gpm treating capacity mud cleaner: GNZJ703E-1S8N. The mud cleaner is with same deck shaker as GNZS703E-DZ. 3 Panel shaker screen locked by wedges, easier for shaker screen replacement; Shaker deck made from stainless steel for longer lifetime. This mud cleaner when design also consindering transportation limitations, to keep the system overall transportation height to be a certain limit.

3) Then the mixing unit, mud agitator, jet mud mixer and all the accessories.

After showing this similar design in 2013 CIPPE exhition, GN have updated some small details to make it better and better. Also trying to keep it  a 3phase separation, shaker, desander, and desilter.

More and more people are intrested in GN modular mud systems, and 500GL is going to be the most popular one. Kindly contact our sales when you have inquires.

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Dec 24

GN Solids America LLC is one branch company of GN Solids Control it’s located in Houston Texas. Now GN Solids America LLC has many shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers in the storage of Houston warehouse.
GN Solids Control also provides turnkey solutions to worldwide clients and providing various mud recycling systems to meet the solids control demands in oil and gas area, HDD area, Tunneling area, Dredging area etc. With these years fast development, GN Solids Control mud systems are largely used in over 60 countries.
GN has provided some mud recycling systems to no-dig drilling area since the beginning of this year. Recently, GN Solids Control provided 2 sets GN 1500 GPM tunneling mud systems for domestic clients.

2015.12.24 1000gpm mud system for HDD project

GN 1000gpm mud system for no-dig project

Each GN 1500 GPM mud system is compose by the following equipments:
1. 3 Sets Shale Shaker
GN has two mainly shakers which are GNZS703 and GNZS594. Generally speaking, GNZS703 shaker is mainly used on no-dig drilling area because it has more smart structure. There are 3 sets Shakers working parallel on the mud tank, the total treating capacity of these 3 shakers is 1500 GPM.
2. 1 Set Mud Cleaner
GNZJ703E-1S16N is used for the second and third stage separation after treated by GN shaker. Most of the solids larger than 25 microns can be separated out by GN mud cleaner. It will need two centrifugal pumps to pump mud from the shaker tank.
3. 1 Set Treating Tank
Those three sets shakers and one mud cleaner is located on the top of one treating tank.
4. 1 Set Mixing Tank
One mixing tank with GN Mud Agitator is also used to prepare and stock active drilling fluids to the tunneling equipment.
GN Solids Control is a mud system turnkey provider. Based on customers’ various demands, GN professional experts provide the most cost effective solution to them. Welcome to connect with us if you are looking for the best solution for your mud control or slurry control.

500gpm mud system for water well drilling

GN 500gpm mud system for water well drilling

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Nov 09

GNLW553C-VFD decanter centrifuge is a big bowl big treating capacity decanter centrifuge which is designed and produced by GN solids control. It has been applied for various industries, for example drilling waste management system, dredging slurry separation system, dewatering unit for TBM waste water treatment, industry waste water treatment, mining tails treatment, oil sludge waste treatment, even solids control system. It is the biggest model we have right now, drived by VFD control panel, the bowl size is 22inch bowl diameter by 71 inch bowl length.

GNLW453C-VFD decanter centrifuge is also big bowl centrifuge with 18inch bowl diameter and 60 inch bowl length.

2015.11.05 2Big Bowl Big Volume decanter centrifuge shipping to Australia

GNLW553C-VFD decanter centrifuge for dredging slurry separation:

With dewatering unit, GNLW553C-VFD decanter centrifuge can be used to separate the dredging slurry and get relatively clear water, which could be drain off to the river/lake. Firstly we use mechanical way to separate big solids, big cuttings, solid trash, and have the clean fluids storage into the mud tank. After treatment by 4 inch desilter cone, over 80% of the particles bigger than 25 microns has been separated out. The discharge solids/trash will be shipped out by truck. The clean fluids will be added polymer and separated by decanter centrifuge, then you will get relatively dry solids with water content 50% and clear water will be storage by another tank and drain off to the river.

One of the disadvantaged by this design is the treating capacity of the dewatering unit with centrifuge is not big enough, so you need to stop the first mechanical separation part( shale shaker, desander, desilter) for a while to let the centrifuge treat the remained water sufficiently. Then start the shale shaker again. But compared with the traditional belt press, the treating capacity is much bigger, and it is with less power consumption.

To know more case study of our decanter centrifuge used for these industries, pls contact GN solids America sales.

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Oct 23

The cyclone is widely used in the drilling fluids recycling system for solids and liquid separation. Different brand supplier of solids control equipment may provide the cyclone unit with different size. The most provided size of the cyclone includes 2”, 4”, 6”, 10” and 12”. GN now always provides 2 size of cyclone of 4 inch and 10 inch which are separately used for de-silter and de-sander unit.

By assembling with manifold, the cyclone unit could be used to separate the solids in the drilling mud. GN’s cyclone unit has 2 types, one is without under shale shaker, the other is composited with a under shaker as a mud cleaner unit.

Desander Plant

GN’s 4 inch de-silter cyclone with separation point of 15-20 microns, which means under the feeding pressure at 0.25-0.4 MPa, this type cyclone could remove out the solids at this size from the drilling fluids.

GN’s 4 inch cyclone parts are consisting with shell, cone tube, drop in apex and orifice nut. Always the drilling fluid was transferred into the cyclone through a centrifugal pump under a proper pressure. The drilling fluids get into the cyclone alone a tangent line and make a vortex inside the cyclone body. Then the liquid goes up, and the solid goes down alone the inner wall of the cone under the centrifugal force. As the vortex makes the vacuum inside the cone, the air gets into the cone from the bottom opening on the orifice nut, which leads the liquid overflow and the solids discharged out from the nut as an umbrella shape. The correct angle of the ‘umbrella’ is 20 to 30 degree, over larger or smaller indicates that an improper diameter of the drop in apex, the operator need adjust the orifice nut to ensure the discharged slurry has a proper liquid and solid content percentage.

GN’s 4 inch cyclone is interchangeable with the original Derrick parts. However, the complete unit including the elbow is not available for Derrick mud cleaner manifold. Thus GN Solids Control always only proposes cone body parts. GN could provide the apex with different diameters according customer’s requirements. For more information, please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.


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Oct 17

Because of the special characters of HDD drilling projects, many end users, the HDD drilling operators prefer a portable mud recycling system to be movable from one jobsite to another easily. In order to better serve the need of clients, GN Solids Control has designed and put into practice some solutions per different jobsites condition.

What mud units does GN Solids Control have available?

GN standard designs of mud system could be divided into 2 catalogues:

  1. premium configuration of mud systems, which is suitable for applications including trenchless HDD drillings, CBM drilling or geothermal well drilling, TBM drilling and Bored piling and also water well drilling works. In the higher configuration systems, there are normally 3 steps for separation, including the shale shaker, desander of 10 inch hydrocyclones, and desilter of 4 inch hydrocyclones and a mud mixing system for adding new material into the drilling mud. Because of the function and efficiency of such mud systems, these systems are also called self contained mud recycling system.
  2. economic configuration systems for mud recycling are always used for bored pile drilling, micron TBM, some HDD drilling or small capacity or lower standard, water well drilling and some mining drillings. These mud recycling systems are also called desander plant, because they have 2 steps of separations, the shale shaker and desander cones. In GN’s design, they always us a double deck shaker, the lower deck shaker plays as shale shaker, the upper deck shaker is the drying shaker of desander cones.

1500 GPM Drilling Mud Recycling System

We can see clearly, the two kinds of mud systems serve similar applications, in fact, in practices, the end users are different when choosing their solutions. Some systems are more likely somehow customized. For both configurations of mud recycling units, GN has 200 GPM, 350 GPM, 500 GPM and 1000GPM available.

In order to serve the portable requests of end users, GN also designed for hydraulic hoisting systems used for Australia market, the containerized corner of mud recycling systems used in Singapore, and trailer mounted systems used for middle east and Africa.


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Apr 09

GN HDD Mud Recycling System Working Process
GN Solids Control Co. has been working in the mud recycling system for many years. The chief engineer in GN has nearly 30 years working experience in solids control area. GN also has some experienced designers and engineers who keep providing better and better mud recycling systems to worldwide clients.
As more and more companies pay attention to the mud control in no-dig area, such as HDD, Trenching, Boring, Tunneling etc. Today we would like to give you an introduction on GN Economy Mud Recycling System.
Let’s take GNMS-500D as an example, it consists of one mud cleaner with one 10 inch cyclones and one centrifugal pump as well as the mud tank, stand, light.
The working process of GNMS-500D mud recycling system is as follows:
1. The mud is sucked by one pump from the mud pit, it will be sent into the bottom shaker screen for the primary separation. Most of the solids with larger size will be separated out.
2. The fluids that fell into the tank will be sucked by one centrifugal pump to the 10 inch cyclones. GN cyclones are made of PU which is anti-abrasive and can be used for a long time. Finer solids and fluids will come out from the top end of the cyclones, and part the large solids will fall into the upper shaker screen.
3. Then the solids can be further separated by the upper screen. GN mud recycling system is using a compact shaker with double layer which is quite cost-effective with less room and less expensive. The topper shaker screen separate the solids in advance, for the solids that pass through the bottom shaker screen will fall into the bottom tank.
4. The separation process keeps going, and we will get clean fluids at last.

There’s also one fluids height detect switch, it will control the fluids level in the bottom tank with a reasonable amount. For any further questions, welcome to contact us via thomas@gnsolidcontrol.com

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Jul 12

500GPM Mud SystemTechnically, 500 GPM mud cleaning system is sufficient for CBM drilling system., the solids control equipment will handle with sands and silts in drilling mud, which are bigger than 20 microns.

 500GPM capacity Solids Control Unit for CBM Drilling Working Flow:

 The mud will firstly goes through GN GNZS703E shale shaker, with shale shaker screens to remove particles larger than 230 Microns. And a centrifugal pump suck the fluids from tank first compartment to feed the 4 inch de silters to remove solids larger than 20 microns.And solids discharge from the desilter Apex will drop down the shaker deck for drying before discharge. If the drillers still want to reduce the density of the drilling mud, GNLW 223 decanter centrifuge can be turned on to remove solids bigger than 5 microns. The jet mud mixing is available for preparing and mixing chemicals in the drilling mud.

About CBM Drilling
CBM is an unconventional source of natural gas produced from gas residing in coal seams. CBM wells are typically shallow (less than 1000 meters total depth) and have a single string of surface casing cemented in place. So the 500 GPM mud solids control unit is very popular for the CBM Drilling.

 GN specialize in the CBM drilling project for many years and provide the reliable and professional solids control unit

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