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High G shaker shaker for drilling waste management(DWM)
Aug 06

A client inquired GN for a sump tank, with a high G shale shaker installed on a tank.They tend to adapt the shale shaker as high G dryer. They required the length and width of the tank is exactly the same with shaker length and width basket, meanwhile and they want the height of the tank to be at range of 1 m.

They also need two flanges by 2″ and 3″ size to be installed on width side close to the bottom the tank to be able to connect a Welden pump (air supply type) and suck collected oil for the tank that has been installed below the H-G Dryer into the active mud system.

For the shale shaker, they tend to choose API 40 & API140 shaker screen based on their detail condition.

GN suggest them with the latest design 4-panel high G shale shaker, whose shake screen is interchangeable with Brandt Cobra shaker.GN design the tank dimension of 2775mm×1652mm×900mm.Total height of the shale shaker is within 2.5m, shake shaker do not need to removed for transportation.40feet high cube container is ok for ocean shipment.



Clients are very satisfied with the system.They have ordered 2 of this shaker unit.GN are now working for them.

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