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GN Solids Control is strong brand for the manufacturing of decanter centrifuge in China.

Decanter centrifuge decants solids continuously from liquid by a auger inside the rotating bowl to flow out from solids discharge holes. It is widely used in different industry sectors for separation purposes.

Decenter centrifuge comprises of rotating bowl, auger rotating at differential speed and gear box. Some model use variable frequency controllers to control the speed of both the bowl and the auger, to control their absolute rotation speed, and to control the differential speed between the bowl and the auger.

Its working principle. Once slurry comes into the rotation bowl, it will be facing the intense centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the bowl. Usually solids are heavier than liquid and stronger centrifugal force is applied to solids, and thus pushing them toward the wall of the bowl, and the lighter phase (liquid) is under less centrifugal force and thus it “floats” on top of the settled solids, forming a liquid layer. As there is a differential speed between the rotating bowl, and the rotating auger, deposited solids will be pushed towards slowly towards cone side of rotating bowl, continuously flow out from discharging port.

GN Solids control has long history to manufacture decanter centrifuge and its decanter centrifuge is used in ten of countries playing an important role in solids control of oil and gas drilling process.

In the oil and gas drilling process, there is a big challenge for decanter centrifuge as the concentration of solids changes tremendously. And the existence of hard particles generates serious wear on equipment. Also drilling mud go through different solids control equipment. These equipment perform in very different ways, making the situation very complex. It is extremely difficult to maintain decanter centrifuge in overall optimized performance.

In order to handle these challenges, GN Solids Control performed sound research and development work, and invested a good sum of money into it. The result is a series of decanter centrifuge with outstanding performance.

  1. GN uses duplex stainless steel, which is much stronger than regular 316 stainless steel. This allows GN Solids Control to manufacturing decanter centrifuge with much higher rotation speed and thus much higher separation coefficient. The other advantage of duplex stainless steel is strong resistance to wear, making decanter centrifuge by GN Solids Control last much longer than those made of regular 316 stainless steel;
  2. Technique employed to manufacture the bowl. GN Solids Control uses centrifugal casting technique to make the bowl of decanter centrifuge. This technique generate a much uniform distribution of stainless steel mass and a much reduced challenges in balance the bowl, and the balancing of whole system;
  3. GN Solids Control extends speed range of bowl balancing to both the bowl & auger themselves. GN performs low speed balancing, medium speed balancing and high speed balance for both of them to ensure these two critical rotating parts are well balanced throughout the speed spectrum. And this whole speed balancing is also performed on the rotating assembly. This allows smooth and quiet operation of decanter centrifuge by GN Solids Control;
  4. GN Solids Control also use tungsten carbide to enhance the life of all parts prone to wear, including solids discharge port, auger blades, end of auger, and any parts that are exposed to strong solids flow. All these significantly extend the life of GN decanter centriguge;
  5. GN solids control also performed in-depth R&D work and developed a control system which control the operation of decanter centrifuge. It uses advance algorithm to predict the performance of decanter centrifuge and adjust system operation parameters in a timely manner, this greatly enhance equipment performance and reduced down time.


Field application shows that with the support of all the above mentioned technology, decanter centrifuge by GN Solids Control outperforms decanter centrifuge  by famous manufacturer, which is a few times more expensive than GN decanter centrifuge.

GN is the right name for you to choose in solids/liquid separation challenges.22-inch-decanter-centrifuge


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