Apr 10

The conveyor is a main component of Decanter Centrifuge, its structure, materials and parameters are directly related to the separation effect, production capacity and service life of the decanter centrifuge. The screw conveyor is mainly composed of a spiral blade, a spiral cylinder and a feed chamber.

    ①Spiral blade: The spiral blade of the recovery device is a continuous integral spiral blade, the spiral winding direction is right-handed, the blade is perpendicular to the generatrix of the drum, and arranged at equal pitch. Since the spiral blade directly contacts the solid-phase sediment, the solid-phase sediment and the blade move relatively. The blades will wear out in daily use, and the ability to transport sediment after the wear is reduced, so that the moisture content of the sediment increases. In daily inspection work, attention should be paid to the inspection of spiral blades. Maintenance personnel sometimes only pay attention to the inspection of rotating parts and ignore spiral blades. If the spiral of the decanter centrifuge has open welding, cracks or severe wear, it should be repaired in time. The repaired welding place on the screw pushing surface should be polished and smooth, and the spiral should be corrected. The stress relief heat treatment is more difficult to operate, so it is more important to focus on strengthening the protection of the spiral during daily use.

    ②Spiral cylinder body: The spiral cylinder body is also a cone-pillar combination type. The inner cavity of the cylinder is the feed cavity, and there are four feed distribution holes in the feed cavity.

     ③Feeding position: In production, the closer the feeding point is to the liquid phase outlet, the smaller the particles have no chance to deposit and will be discharged together with the centrifugal liquid. The manufacturer takes this into consideration when producing the centrifuge. The precision of the feeding point set at the small end of the spiral is set at the middle and rear of the spiral cylinder, which is equivalent to extending the drying zone and solid phase material. The time for centrifugal separation of the liquid is correspondingly extended to ensure the dryness of the solid phase discharge.

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