Dec 06

Liquid gas separator is the professional equipment to process the gas cut drilling mud . The proportion and viscosity of the gas cut mud will emerge large deviation , it can not meet the requirement of drilling . More seriously, it will result in kick, even blowout accident occurred . Liquid gas separator combined with ignition device can be used to process the gas-cut drilling mud effectively and timely . GN liquid gas separator is divided into manual-control and auto-control.

Liquid Gas Separator sizing design should know liquid gas separator technology and recommends separator configuration, components, design considerations, and a sizing procedure. A simple method of evaluating liquid gas separation within the separator vessel has been developed as a basis for the sizing procedure. A liquid gas separator sizing worksheet will assist drilling personnel with the sizing calculations. The worksheet provides a quick and easy evaluation of most liquid gas separators for a specific well application. A brief discussion of other liquid gas separator considerations is provided, including separator components, testing, materials, and oil-based-mud considerations.

GN Solids Control is few manufacturer only focus on international and top clients in China . Liquid gas separator is important part in oil drilling, surely will be one of our competitive equipments in mud circulation system .

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