Jul 24

GN 150GPM mud agitator is a small mud agitator system for the small drilling project such as mining drilling and HDD drilling. Mini size and excellent working condition are ultimate advantages


Major Equipment

1 .Shale shaker will handle with 150 gallon per minute

2. There are two decks in the shale shaker.

3. GN high performance centrifugal pump transport the fluid to the 4 inch cones

4. 4 inch de silter hydrocyclone cones are second step to process the drilling fluid or mud agitator.

Mixing hopper for mud mixing and add chemical into the fluid.

5. Compact tank design is for mud recycle and storage.


Working Function


Firstly, drilling fluids will be pump into the bottom deck of shale shaker by the submersible pump and subsequently the solids are separated by shaker screen. Fluid goes into the tank, and centrifugal pump transfer the fluids to the hydrocyclones and have the further process. Consequently, the cleaning fluids will be stored in the tank and disposal will be separated by the top shaker screen.


Our mini mud agitator system is widely used for the HDD and mining industry.

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