Jun 13

Days and nights ago, GN Solids Control cooperated with an outdoor workforce and held an activity with suburb Beijing for a at some point journey. GN sales team gone to this journey and the quest was fruitful and substantial.
Marketing department is a very essential department of GN firm, this department is put together by more than twenty childhood who have a same objective and dream. This division includes three teams, the actual domestic sales team, the oversea market sales team and the marketing and advertising team, their duty isn’t only to get orders for the corporation, but also to collect information on the industry, receive feedbacks along with tips from clients and in addition takes some responsibility for that after sale service to the clients. Most of their period is spent on work.
Yet work shouldn’t be the just content of their life, and also work is also fun. GN Solids Control’s products are released to more than 60 nations and regions in the world, as well as for every time zone, there are GN’s clients. GN solids control has department offices and companies with USA and Russia and also GN agents are in a lot of countries. So GN income are working per different timezones and always on business holiday out of the country or from the city. It is not easy to get a re-union for everyone. GN can provide mud mixing system , mud cleaner, shale shaker , decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud tank ,shear pump, shaker screens ,etc.
This time, when we acquired this journey, there are still seven members are absent. GN team sent greetings photos to them to share the joy.

With this journey, there are several activities assemble, it is not only test and contend for everyone’s IQ and also EQ, but also, a challenge with regard to everyone’s courage and staff work attitude. All challenges required a good team perform and cooperation. When we are only, we can not finish some of them, even without thinking of it. Nevertheless we work together, we confront the same problem and we provide for the solution, we accomplished all of them.
It’s just like the daily do the job, when we get together and discuss our ideas and experience, it would be easier for us for the most powerful solution and make the full using our resources. Only this way, could our team be more robust and tougher.
Well done, and we’ll do better.

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Mar 23

Hebei GN Solids control company LLC is actually China leading manufacturer with regard to drilling mud solids control equipment and drilling waste management gear. Its brand name is GN Solids Control.
GN Solids control offers one quit solution for drilling device fluids, from mud solids control until the drilling waste management treatment system.
Since the first API certified solids control manufacturer from China, GN Solids Control aims upon China top market and also the international market. 70% associated with GN Solids Sales is actually from international market. GN Solids Control keep enhancing to cater for the higher as well as higher request of the worldwide market clients. With its quick development, GN Solids Control is among the leading solids control mafanucturers from all over the world as well as establish a famous brand: GN Solids Control.

new website
In order to offer a much more efficiency services to customers, GN Solids Control upgraded the company website, to offer a much better visual effect website. It can match for the mobile reading gear.
The new website of GN Solids Control is much more legible. And the new menus may hopes the visitors to discover the suitable equipment and information much more fast.
Further more, GN Solids Control upgrade its logo. All equipment documents as well as new equipment will start to make use of the new logos from now on.
Beneath is some of the advantages of GN Solids Control
1) GN is the First API licensed solids control equipment producer coming from China.
2) GN Solids America LLC is the first UNITED STATES based solids control organization from China.
3) No . one in China for immediate exporting of mud solids control and drilling waste materials management equipment. GN Services happen to be exported to over 60 nations and regions, with spouses and branches in UNITED STATES, Australia, Latin America, Center East, Africa etc .
4) GN Owns over ten patents for solids control and drilling waste management equipment.
GN offers one-stop and turn-key solution with regard to solids control and going waste management.
GN maintains research and develop the very best technology to manufacture high quality Shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser , mud mixing system ,mud tank system, mud agitator, bottom mud gun, shear pump , decanter centrifuge, vertical G cuttings dryer for our clients.

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Mar 07

It is well known that nowadays the technology is the first productivity. It is meaning that, with the developments of technology and the changing requests of human beings, only keeping the innovation would makes a corporation living longer. Just like currently recession in oil business, to live longer, so many corporations have to announce the bankrupt, or mergerred by other company. No one in this industry dare to say their business is still flourishing as ever before. More or less they will feel depressed to the gloomy prospect.

During the nearly 10 year’s development, GN never gave up the innovation process, and much was invested into this job. Keeping the eyes on the updating of new technology, and doing as much efforts as on independent innovation make GN gradually stepped into the leader ranks of the drilling waste management equipments manufacturers.

At the beginning of GN’s foundation, 2 workshops and several workers manufactured the first unit shale shaker. That time, centrifuge is just a dream to GN. No orders, unstable performance, and other problems were in the way of GN development. Luckily, GN overcome all the difficulties and couples years later, GN Solids Control moved to a new facility with larger workshops and brand new caging rooms as offices. It is here, in the new facility, GN gained much and came across a flourishing in the oil markets, and not so many competitors. With the perfection of GN’s production quality and increasing of manufacturing efficiency, many orders come to GN. It is during this period, GN got the reputation in world market and we could make all the equipment relative to drilling fluids recycling. Here born the first unit GN self-design and manufactured decanter centrifuge, and it was the best seller that time. GN gradually becomes someone in China solids control industry.

drilling mud system

After moving to Beijing new factory, GN got 5-floor office building and new large workshops. CNC lathe was brought into our manufacturing processing. Working efficiency was greatly increased and the working pieces are much more accurate. The following recession finalized many small businesses. It is GN’s keeping innovation that saved GN in the winter, with the downhill request on normal solids control equipment, GN’S dewatering system, drilling waste cuttings management system, and even the cuttings solidification unit guaranteed the orders to GN. Nowadays, GN is able to provide both normal drilling fluids mud mixing system and cuttings final disposal solutions to meet customers’ request.

Future is not predictable at this time, however, we believe so long as we could keeping the way on independent innovation and look optimistically forward, we will get we are looking for.

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Feb 23

Solids control machinery manufacture GN Solids America LLC currently have sales and warehouse in Houston, Texas USA to provide the demand of reasonable priced machinery and fully staffed service personals and replacement parts.  We often keep decanter centrifuge, shale shaker and mud cleaner in stock at Houston to serve the demand in movement’s notice. For demand of compact size and with full scale of treating capacity of desanders and desilters, GN Solids America LLC proudly offer the combo machinery called mud cleaner.

Mud Cleaner manufacture by GN Solids America LLC is put it together in following parts:



Adjustable angle mechanism

Explosion-proof vibration motor

Explosion-proof control panel

Desander cones

Desilter cones

As we mentioned before, mud cleaner exist due to demand of compact structure and cost-effective for company that demand it. It is swirling in sand, cyclone in addition to a combination of mud and vibration sieve, the mud cleaner integrated performance of the above three kinds of equipment, with large processing capacity, processing speed, the screen long service life, convenient maintenance, compact structure, large processing capacity, processing speed, the screen long service life, convenient maintenance, less functional loss, the advantages of small space occupation.

mud cleaner.

The filtering screens that used depend on condition of the mud, the various mesh measure by API stand offer from API 20 to API 325 and above if needed to be.  The surface of screen made the drilling mud distributed evenly for filtering the solids cutting.

The chassis and the main box is angle adjustable by turning mechanism, which is linked on both side and it can operation by simple cranking the mechanism.

The mud cleaner will be purposely removing the drill cutting through desander and desilter. The box that contains shaker screens as one whole unit that offers convenience of oil drilling operation.

If you need mud handling equipments and dirlling mud system ,pls contact with GN solids control in Beijing, China or GN solids America in Houston, USA, we have the main mud handling equipments including: Shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, chemical mixing unit, jet shearing unit, mud agitator, bottom mud gun, transfer pump, decanter centrifuge, vertical G cuttings dryer in stock for immediate shipment.


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Sep 20

Mud agitator is an inevitable unit in the mud mixing system for the drilling process. The main function is mixing/blending the drilling fluids in order to keep drilling fluids viscosity and density. On the other hand, it will prevent the solids sediment on the bottom of tank. Therefore, effective mud agitator plays an important role in the mixing process.Mud Agitator 2

GN Mud Agitator Features

1. GN supply both single impeller and double impeller which is specific for the deep tank mixing application and complete suspension the drilling fluids

2. GN start to offer from 5 HP to 30 HP different model mud agitator matching for a variety of capacity of mixing tank

3. Impeller diameter starts from the smallest 25 inch to the biggest 44 inch mixing large area of mud tank

4. Upgraded model — Coupling Rubber Liner connection 1. Coupling type connection is easy for maintenance of the gear box and not necessary to disassemble the motor. Rubber coupling connection could eliminate the misalignment hard force, and when turn on, the coupling connection functions as a buffer in order to reduce the damage to the motor.

GN Mud Mixing System

Typically, GN Solids America offer the complete mud mixing system including mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump, hopper and mud tank. GN usually supply 250bbl, 350bbl, 400bbl and 450bbl mud mixing system for the oil & gas drilling project. Mud agitator and mud gun suspension the drilling fluids prevent the sediment. Centrifugal pump and venture hopper are mixing different chemical such as polymer, bentonite or barite with water through the mud tank system. GN Mud mixing system incorporates sufficient equipment for efficient and flexible mixing of drilling fluid for standard drilling operations within a restricted area. Each machine in the system has been selected to be the most appropriate, lightweight and efficient component for the intended operation.

Require mud agitator or mud mixing system, plz contact with GN

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Jul 24

GN 150GPM mud agitator is a small mud agitator system for the small drilling project such as mining drilling and HDD drilling. Mini size and excellent working condition are ultimate advantages


Major Equipment

1 .Shale shaker will handle with 150 gallon per minute

2. There are two decks in the shale shaker.

3. GN high performance centrifugal pump transport the fluid to the 4 inch cones

4. 4 inch de silter hydrocyclone cones are second step to process the drilling fluid or mud agitator.

Mixing hopper for mud mixing and add chemical into the fluid.

5. Compact tank design is for mud recycle and storage.


Working Function


Firstly, drilling fluids will be pump into the bottom deck of shale shaker by the submersible pump and subsequently the solids are separated by shaker screen. Fluid goes into the tank, and centrifugal pump transfer the fluids to the hydrocyclones and have the further process. Consequently, the cleaning fluids will be stored in the tank and disposal will be separated by the top shaker screen.


Our mini mud agitator system is widely used for the HDD and mining industry.

If you want to know more,pls click the links as below:

How to match mud agitator in mud tank

The structure and working principle of the mud agitator

The mud agitator knowledge



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Jun 14

One of the largest Chinese Oilfield Service company is purchasing a big quantity of mud system from GN. After strictly inspection, GN mud system successfully meets the clients’ requirement. GN head engineer have been working in the drilling mud system and solids control field for 20 years. There is no doubt that we have accumulate a variety of experience and methods to reach the customers’ goals.

COSL Large Project is Including:


1. 17 COSL standard oilfield skid mud tanks,  the size is as the same as the 40ft container size (12192X2438X2380mm)


2. Each tank is mounted with 3 mud agitators and 3 mud guns protect the mud from sediment

3. One of the tanks is with mud mixing installations including decanter centrifuge, mud hopper, shear pump and mixing pump. GN effective decanter centrifuge plays a vital role in the whole system. GN decanter centrifuge is with our patent design and the best material for long and reliable service. COSL is satisfied with our decanter centrifuge performance.

GN Solids Control is able to customize mud tank volume, mud tank with wheel and mud tank with hydraulic system. More options offer you the best solution.

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May 24

gn company oil-base drilling fluid systems are designed for demanding applications, including those requiring the best quality degree of inhibition and thermal stability. Our USA mud agitator involves oil-base drilling fluids engineered specially for technically challenging, yet cost-conscious applications, along the lines of the onshore and shelf markets.

Dependent around the application, our oil-base drilling fluids is often formulated which has a assortment of base oils, including low-toxicity mineral oil. Our custom-made oil-base drilling fluids supply the utmost in effectiveness in typical and unconventional drilling applications by Retaining wellbore integrity

Tolerating contaminants

gnsolidamerica was the 1st to produce a synthetic-base drilling fluid procedure exhibiting the highest level of drilling and environmental effectiveness. Our introduction of your pioneering Novara synthetic-base drilling fluid procedure cemented our distinction since the leader in deepwater exploration.

Our suite of synthetic-base drilling fluid programs generates the greatest balance concerning environmental acceptability and high effectiveness in demanding applications. Formulated with many blends of synthetic fluids, our premium synthetic-base drilling fluids deliver an exceptionally stable bodily and chemical medium. Ideally designed for deepwater, our synthetic-base drilling fluids also provide superior environmental effectiveness in contrast to traditional fluid applications.

As drilling applications be converted into a lot more complex and environmental laws tighten,gn solids america continues to focus on mud agitator. The latest result of that effort is the new-generation flat-rheology synthetic-base drilling fluid. the model was one in the to start and synthetic-base drilling fluids using a constant rheological profile generally independent of changing deepwater temperature and pressures. The flat rheology makes it easier to manage equivalent circulating densities in the narrow drilling windows with the deepwater.

A key advantage of our drilling fluids for deepwater is their capacity to meet appropriate laws for discharge where permissible. GN designed the first-class equipment, definitely makes you brighten, believe us, click this link to enter a new display platform.






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May 14

With minimal replacement parts, USA mud agitator provide years of dependable, economical service. Performance is exceptional: detrimental drilled solids are removed with efficient linear motion. Fluid loss is minimized and cuttings dryness is enhanced with Brandt’s patented drying deck and our new flow direction tray. The drying deck also saves space by reducing the overall footprint. GN mud agitator share the same back tank, reducing installation time and money, while ensuring a balanced flow to each shaker. The drive system is simple, reliable, low-maintenance and field proven. Mud agitator; economical design, rugged performance. mud agitator design makes screen changes fast and simple Brandt’s exclusive BHX screen is field Brandt’s exclusive BHX screen is field–repairable. The screen plug forms a tight, leak leak- –proof seal. proof seal. Contour Plus basket designs mount the feed end panel at 0° and the other panels uphill at +5°.

This minimizes liquid pools and reduces undue weight on screens. With features like Contour Plus and Brandt’s patented drying deck, mud agitator save valuable fluids, remove detrimental drilled solids, extend screen life and optimize screen coverage. GN has the solution to your  waste management problems. Typically, when customers want to buy cheap equipment, then you should immediately think GN, because you can enjoy great discounts.

Stirring device has a long history and wide scope of application. In the chemical industry, petroleum industry, construction industry, etc are widely used in traditional industry. Mixing operation looks simple, but in fact, it involves factors is complicated. Stirring can make two or more different materials scattered among each other each other, so as to achieve uniform mixture; Can also accelerate the heat transfer and mass transfer process. On many occasions as the reactor mixing equipment. Quick access to our site is to simply click here.

Mud Agitator

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Apr 26

GN Solids Manage produce total type of drilling dirt cleansing gear. Mud Agitator may be the 3rd stage associated with entire solids manage program. Generally interact along with desander. GN Solids Manage produce with/without below circulation Mud Agitator.

GN Mud Agitator generally make use of 4″ hydrocyclones. As well as 10″ cones tend to be well-liked utilized in desander. The actual dealing with convenience of 4″ cones is actually 50-75GPM. The actual cones quantity could be personalized because of client’s various capability needs. GN’s dirt solution make use of 4″ cones thoroughly clean right down to 15-20 microns.

GN Mud Agitator is actually revolutionary items with regard to drilling liquids cleansing. The standard Mud Agitator without having Shale Shaker is just readily available for unweighted drilling dirt. The standard Mud Agitator is actually extra-large for many programs, and also the Mud Agitator is actually fairly more costly. The actual revolutionary GN Small solution is definitely an perfect choice with regard to each weighted as well as unweighted drilling dirt along with the most affordable answer with regard to drilling. Additionally, the actual GN Mud Agitator is the greatest selections for little dirt program with regard to HARD DISK DRIVE, CBM, drinking water nicely drilling, exploration pursuit business and so on.

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Using the Principle” high quality very first, cost second” GN Solids Manage created extremely fast. The items tend to be warmly made welcome through each international as well as household clients. GN Solids offers exported items to a lot more than sixty nations. About Us, GN is a global multinational listed company, which is engaged in a professional service platform drilling mud. Our customers all over the world in every corner, got good reviews.

There are buyers who wish to shop for their favorite products without spending huge amount of money. With the rising inflation, it is crucial to keep a track on the spending. This is the prime reason for shopping online is a practicable option. One can get the top brand products at cheap price. If you are scheduled to be part of the equipment night event, there is a need to look decent at the biggest event for all of the factory, this can help to flaunt the safety to catch the attention of the attendees. Virtual shop can offer discount Mud Agitator to cater the needs of the customers. With the various deals or special offers, it is possible to save money on the purchase. In addition, the person can make the choice of equipment, the choice is in the hands of the consumer and they can take their time. Making the right choice will help to get value for the money. If you are interested in our products, please click here immediately: http://www.gnsolidsamerica.com/company-profile.html

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