Mar 22

In February 2019, GN Solids Control began the manufacturing of its first automatic mud tank cleaning system for a customer in America, a significant moment for China manufacturer of solids control equipment in oil and gas drilling.

Mud tanks cleaning has been a tedious and labor intensive work. Whenever a drilling rig changes to a new kind of mud, or there is too much deposition of expensive barite on the bottom of mud tank, cleaning work has to be performed. Workers with heavy equipment need to come into the refined space of a mud tank to clean mud residuals with high pressure chemical solution spray, exposing themselves to the dangerous environment.

GN Solids Control’s automatic tank cleaning system can bring this high risky high cost work to an end.

Using its mature sub systems, GN Solids Control’s automatic tank cleaning system can automatically finish mud tank cleaning work.

Chemical solution is prepared in the dosing tank with dosing pump. An automatic mixer will add chemical solution automatically to the buffer tank.

Buffer tank provides chemical solutions to booster pump, which pressurizes the solution and send it to automatic tank cleaner.

Automatic tank cleaner scans the inside of mud tank at preset scanning patter, hitting each and every spot of mud tank inner shell to kick out mud contaminant. It takes about 15 minutes to finish a complete scanning cycle.

A powerful suction pump will collect dirty solution, including deposited barite, from the bottom of mud tank, and transfer it to clarifier.

Specially designed clarifier set the solids in the liquid very quickly. While solids accumulated at the special shaped bottom of clarifier being pumped out by a membrane pump, clear solution on top of the clarifier will overflow to the buffer tank, being ready for the next cleaning cycle.

Automatic tank cleaning system by GN Solids Control features:

  • High efficiency. A mud tank can be cleaned in a matte of hours
  • Fully automatic: no operator interference is necessary
  • Much less risky: human entrance into dangerous environment is minimized;
  • Much less costly: only one operator is needed and human cost is cut tremendously.


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Jan 25

In the oil and gas drilling, mud tanks need regular cleaning for many reasons. Some of them are:

  1. Using the mud tank for mud of different properties
  2. Making the mud tank ready for new drilling tasks
  3. Getting rid of the deposit on tank bottom
  4. Maintaining the effective volume of mud tanks
  5. Increasing tank efficiency

Most of the tank cleaning job is done manually. Workers needs to get into the restricted space to clean the mud tank using high pressure spray. This is a tedious and dangerous process as the workers have very limited movement in a limited space, where temperature is usually extreme, no air circulation, existence of dangerous gas (inflammable, explosive, corrosive, etc.), exposing the worker to a very dangerous and labor demanding environment, a big challenge to HSE regulation practioners.

Automatic tank cleaning systems will effectively eliminate the problems for such job.

In general such system will have a cleaning machine positions in the mud tank, which connects with high pressure chemical solutions dosed for the particular cleaning job (usually surfactant). The cleaning machine will spray high pressure solution in a special cleaning pattern, so that the mud tanks can be cleaned properly.

Centrifugal pumps will send pressurized chemical solution to the cleaning machine located in the mud tank. The cleaning machine will apply high pressurized solution to the tank surface to “rush” mud residual out. Vacuum pump transfers the sludge to the post processing equipment such as desilter, and inclined plate clarifier, to separate the solids. The solutions will be transferred back to buffer tank and be reused, forming a closed loop cleaning system.

The advantages of such system are:

  1. Greatly increase cleaning efficiency, usually four hour is required to clean one tank around 6,000m3
  2. Usually a 30-40% reduction of confined entry to mud tank;
  3. And 1/3 less of waste solids generated

GN Solids Control manufactures GNTC-30B closed loop automatic cleaning system. In addition to the above features, this system also carries the following advantages:

  • The whole system is integrated into a compact package, with everything included in it;
  • Mature: major sub-systems such as inclined plate clarifier, centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps are from GN Solids Control, demonstrating reliable outstanding performance;
  • Flexible: this system can be configured with many other features. It can be customized with the addition of agitator for the addition of chemical to accommodate needs for the cleaning of different muds (water based, oil based, etc.), heating systems for the extreme weather conditions, and so on;
  • The complete package can be loaded on a truck (temporary or permanently) to perform mud cleaning jobs in different locations, which can greatly improve the profitability of the service provider using such system;
  • Automation options available. Automation packages can be added to the system to achieve advanced cleaning capabilities including closed loop pressure control, customized recipes for different tank sizes and shapes, and a more precisely defined scanning & cleaning pattern.


  1. Mud tank
  2. Tank cleaning head
  3. Strainer
  4. Vacuum pump
  5. Desilter
  6. Clarifier
  7. Air pump
  8. Buffer tank
  9. Skip
  10. Centrifugal pump

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Jul 26

Established in 2007, GN Solids Control has grown from a local Chinese company to a big international company specialized in manufacturing solid control equipment and system. In 2014, it consecutively established subsidiaries in US and Russia to better serve the local customer and guarantee the quick delivery. Now GN solids control’s products covers from flow line control to waste management, such as the shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, centrifugal pump, screw pump, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator, submersible pump, shear pump and so on. And GN just finished the construction of the NO.2 factory in China which specialize in manufacturing the solid control consumables- shaker screens. Now it can manufacture the screens for 5000 pieces per month with high quality and competitive prices. This will help the oil and gas industry customers a lot especially in the low oil price environment.


Recently more and more customers get to know GN’s products and start inquiring the info about GN’s products. To better help the customers knowing GN’s product, here are some naming rules needed to understand. Now we will explain it for you gradually.

Let’s start with the shale shaker. GNZS703ED-HD, GN mean the company name, Z means the machine’s motion is linear, S means shale shaker, 703 means the shaker screen width is 700mm and the shale shaker is working with 3 screens, E means the 5th generation of the shale shaker. Since establishment, GN is always striving to improve its products and keep innovative to make all of the products line at the cutting edge of the oil and gas technology. D means the weir is lower than the regular product. This could be customized according to the customer’s requirements. HD means the position type of the possum belly, it is may be installed at back or on the top.

That’s the basic knowledge of the shale shaker’s naming rule. Hopefully it will be useful to you.We will try our best to assist your business to be successful. Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to

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Jul 05

Replacement screen is a big and continue cost for the drilling rig operations. As a China leading manufacturer and a worldwide famous brand for mud solids control, drilling waste management, as well as replacement shaker screen, GN Solids Control knowswell that clients need very good quality replacementscreens with competitive price.GN men keep improving its screen quality and the processing technology in order to offer clients with higher quality screen with better price.

GN Solids Control opened his first new facility in Beijing in year 2012. And this year, GN Solids Control set up his second new facility in Beijing. Once the new facility is ready, GN Solids Control can make composite material replacement screen there, in including but not limited to below:

  • Composite material Replacement screen for the whole line of GN linear motion shale shaker: GNZS752 2-panel shale shaker, shaker, GNZS703 3-panel shale shaker, GNZS594 4-panel shale shaker,GNZS753 double deck shale shaker and GNZS706 double deck shale.
  • Swaco Mongoose composite replacement screen
  • VSM 300 composite replacementscreen
  • NOV Brandt King Cobra Composite Screen(Thickness:26mm without rubber, not big thickness)
  • Fluids System (FSI) Composite replacement screen
  • Furthermore, as GN hot sale products, GN Solids improved the manufacturing technology of the hook type replacement screen for Derrick 500 shaker and for Derrick 2000 shaker.

GN shale shaker screen

And GN Solids Control can customize any mold for frame screens if there is a market for that.

In order to support clients more, GN Solids Control can offer customized packages for the screens. They can make screen with clients color, company name and logo,

For clients with reliable requirement for shaker screen, GN Solids Control welcomethey pay visits to GN Solids Control head quarter in Beijing to have a visit of GN 2 facilities. They will know GN quality and products such as shear pump, mud cleaner , decanter centrifuge, mud mixing  system .etc. well. And they can talked with GN engineering team for a better and customized service to them.

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Jun 28

GN Solids Control is really a world famous solids control maker and drilling waste management turnkey provider.
This year GN Solids Control will sign up for many top oil and gas display. GN Solids Russia may attend the MIOGE 2016, which is one of the largest vitality shows in Russia along with Europe. Another branch firm GN Solids America may also attend the great OTC demonstrate.
This year the MIOGE is actually hold at EXPOCENTER within Moscow, Russia from Rate of interest. 18th to 21st. GN Solids Russia booth number is Pavilion-2, Hall-5, T 40.
Welcome to connect with GN Solids Russia for more info, GN Solids will give hot here you are at all GN old along with new friends in this demonstrate. GN Solids Russia is found at Г. Москва, Радонежского Сергия Ул. д. a couple of, please feel free to call +7-8(925)304 25 70 +7- 8(968)950 31 49 and make the reservation.
GN Solids Russian federation will exhibit the following tools:
1 . GN Mud Cleaner
GNJZ594E-3S16N will be exhibited with this show. This one compact solids control equipment with a few sets desanders and fourth there’s 16 sets desilters on the top of a single GN shaker. This GN shaker is using the same dimensions of Mongoose screens. GN also manufactures various shaker screens, such as replacement projection screens for Derrick, NOV, FSI etc .

Russia Oil Show
2 . GN Decanter Centrifuge
GNLW363 centrifuge is really a proven successful equipment that may be used to separate mud and also recovery barite. With Tungsten carbide tiles along the attach propellers and ceramics plug-ins, GN decanter centrifuge is far more resistance and can be used for a longer period.
3. GN Cuttings Dryer
GNCD930 cuttings dryer is especially used for OBM, SBM or even WBM separation. With these many years feedback from worksites, GN cuttings dryer has been replacing to separate all the cuttings via shale shaker, desilter.
GN Solids America LLC also has a couple booths in this year from the OTC show, one is from the NRG Center (booth number 1652-A) for GN Solids Control and another with the area for GN Solids America (booth no . 9732).

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Mar 31

Recycle the drilling mud that lubricate the drilling bits.

The drilling mud solids control system is for filter away danger solids phase that contain in the drilling mud and reuse the needed solid phase.  The task is to keep drilling fluids in stable performance status.  There are several machinery that will need to perform the tasks.

The result of consist performance of drilling mud is avoid the blocking and damage of the oil and gas channel. It reduce the well drilling torque and friction drag and reduce the pressure oscillation of the annular air suction.  It also increase the velocity of the well drilling, extend life of the drill bit, reduce wear of the equipment.

drilling mud system

There are  five steps of filtering process that require five solids control machinery that will do  filter screening, degassing the mud, desanding the mud, desilting the mud, centrifuge force separation and demand of weighting up mud. The consist work flow between every solids control equipment use in the whole system is very important.   Level one to five level of output of the mud should be matched each other and the interval of separation size should be appropriate and have a certain overlap.  The result of the smaller solids which are not filter by the upper can be filter in the next controlled level.

With the development of well drilling technology, mud mixing system plays an important role in drilling operation. The various kinds of solids control systems function at the same time. Regardless the different kind of the solids control system, it’s basic function will not changed. It is depend on organic combination of mechanical removal equipments, drilling fluid mud tanks and other auxiliary equipments to accomplish the basic function:  Recycle the drilling mud that lubricate the drilling bits

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Jan 25

GN mud plant system can be separated as per the application field. Name sounds similar, but the system maybe very different.

For piling, mining, diamond drilling, etc. smaller mud plant system is fit. Eg. We have one client from South Africa who need one set 500gpm mud plant system for diamond drilling, and we offer one set GNMS-500D system. It including:

One set mud tank platform with one shaker and one pump. Finish.

The client has its own mud hopper mixing system and other auxiliary equipment.

We also have GNMS-200D, GNMS-500D, and GNMS-1000 D for option. This is economic equipment for buyers.


For oil gas drilling, mud plant system generally refers to big mud tank system for drilling mud preparation. Eg. We have one liquid mud plant system for Africa drilling client, the equipment including:

7 sets 40ft container sized mud tank for mud storage/ mixing

1 sets mud mixing skid with 2 sets 75kw centrifugal pumps & 1 set 55kw shear pump to give power for the mud tank system.

Each mud tank is designed with mud agitator and mud guns.

2 sets diesel tank to prepare oil based mud. Size same as 40ft container

GN Solids Control also sold one set 4 mud tank mud plant system for South America client. The end user is Halliburton locally.

WBM waste management total solution

GN Solids Control mud solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment is widely used in different field.

1) oil and gas drilling field. Mud tank system, mud solids control equipment, drilling waste management equipment etc.

2) HDD & CBM & Water well drilling.  Compact mud system like 500gpm mud system is mostly used in this field.

3) Shale gas/ shale oil drilling. The configuration of mud system and drilling rigs for shale gas drilling, is similar to oil drilling.

4) Mining, diamond drilling — economic small and simple mud system is used for the field.

5) River dredging— Some client need to use solids control 4th system to treat the dredging project waste water.


If you have some requirement, pls contact GN Solids Control freely.

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Dec 07

Not long ago we shipped a complete range of customized mud mixing tank system to South America, as a small part of a new liquid mud plant.
The primary configuration of the mud mixing tank system is as down below:
1 4 sets regarding 40 feet container dimensions mud tanks with important handrails, stairs, walkways, interconnection pipelines, valves, flexible internet connections, flanges, man hole, clear gate, etc . 3 are mud mixing tanks, a single of them is mud running tank.
2 Each tank with 2 units involving GNJBQ15DD ( double blades) mud agitators, 2 products of 2 inch mud firearms, 1 fluids level ingerir
3 Each tank having 6×5 with 75HP centrifugal pump as transfer pump, 75HP shear pump intended for cutting the mixed chemical substances, 60HP mixing pump dealing with venture hopper. All of the pushes are designed to multi functions, such as:
The transfer pump can function as feeding pump connected with shale shaker and OBM processing tank; the mixing tank can work as exchange pump when stop mixing. The shear pump perform as transfer pump around july available or when the exchange pump is under routine maintenance. The transfer pump can certainly transfer the clean liquids from the liquid mud vegetable to mud mixing tank system, also it can transfer typically the mixed fluids into mud storage tanks.

4 One of many tank is as oil based mud processing tank, with the solids control equipments as: 2-panel shale shaker GNZS852-HB, two units of high speed decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG, mud agitators, mud guns, centrifuge giving pumps.
5 Operation family table for each mud mixing aquariums, the chemicals will be put on the particular operation table by forklift for convenient operation.
a few Customized painting color, custom made mud tank storage capacity, personalized treating capacity
If you need a new proposal for liquid mud plant or mud mixing tank system, pls experience of GN solids control with Beijing or GN solids America in Houston, TEXAS.

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Nov 26

GN Solids Control is a Chinese leading manufacturer providing various pumps including shear pump, centrifugal pumps, submersible pump or displacement pumps. All of these pumps are equipped on GN mud recycling systems with different working functions.
1. GN Shear Pump
Shear pump is especially designed for mixing bentonite and polymer to former the active drilling fluid. In order to decrease the mixing time, more and more oil and gas companies are paying great attention to the mixing process. As we all know, the drilling fluids need to be strictly and carefully mixed and sheared in order to have an effective drilling fluids property.
By using GN shear pump, the bentonite and polyer can be dispersed thoroughly in the water. It can help to increase the hydration degree largely. GN shear pump also helps to reduce the use of water by over 15% and reduce the usage of more than 30% bentonite. On the other side, GN shear pump dilutes the high molecular weight polymer largely. GN shear pump provides highly efficient shearing drilling fluids pretty fast.

shear pump
2. GN Centrifugal Pump
Centrifugal pump is mainly used to provide drilling fluids and transfer drilling fluids to different equipments as trip pumps. GN centrifugal pumps are can be used to replace Mission Pumps.
GN centrifugal pump is using mechanical seal which is made of tungsten carbide. All the bearings are using world famous bearings. GN centrifugal pumps can also be used for feeding desander, desilter or some other equipments.

centrifugal pump
3. GN Submersible Pump
GN submersible pump is used to pump the drilling fluid with large density in a deep mud tank. The pump is made of wear proof alloy for long time usage.
GN Solids Control also has positive displacement pumps also called screw pumps are also very popular in transfer drilling fluids without agitating or shearing. Welcome to connect with GN Solids America LLC if you need more info.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

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Nov 20

Not long ago, GN solids control finished the manufacture for several units de-sanding product used for bored piling job. These de-sanding units usually are separately for the customer received from Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Myanmar and a China domestic client. Besides the bored piling assignments, this small footprint along with cost effective machine can also be traditionally used in TBM and HARD DISK DRIVE projects.

GN’s de-sanding device is a composition unit such as the primary shale shaker and cyclone unit with 2 development solids separation function. The significant principle of GN De-sanding unit is as follow:
1 ) A Pit pump will certainly suck the drilling body fluids from the mud pit and also transfer to the de-sanding product shale shaker for coarse hues separation. Please note that the opening pump is an extra system which the customer can choose to have from GN solids conrol or obtain locally.
2 . The liquefied goes through the mesh display screen of 20/40 mesh will probably temporally stored in the below located mud catching fish tank waiting to be transferred to often the cyclone unit for further separating.
3. The self-contained centrifugal pump transfers the water mud to the de-sander/de-silter cyclone for finer solids parting. After separated by the cyclone units, the clean liquefied would overflow to any where customer prefer.
bored pile desander
GN’s de-sanding unit is classified because 200GPM, 500GPM and 1000GPM with different model as GNMS-200D, GNMS-500D and GNMS-1000D.

About consideration of cost conserving and flexibility, this de-sanding system is not equipped with mud storage space tank. The operator might get the mud tank in your area and connect with GN’s de-sanding unit easily with pipe. The operator even can obtain a separate skid mounted airliner mud mixer to connect having mud tank to amalgamated a complete mud recycling program. Thus the user could get a new self-contained mud system which may be used for horizontal directional going which will request for both soil recycling and mud mixing.
Considerably better solution for your piling job mud recycling, for more information, make sure you no hesitate to contact along with GN Solids Control.

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