Dec 23

Tunnel Project introduction

Shield machine is a kind of machine  in the soft rock and soil in the tunnel project . Tunnel project has been built 160 years of history .China started  in the fifties for tunnel project  wiht 40 years of history . Shield tunnel project is fast speed , more safe , a high degree of mechanization and automation method , it acrross river, lake, sea and all around operation for constraction .

Mud Cleaning System for tunnel project

While tunel project going , they need the clean the used and deaty mud by mud cleaning system . Tanks , Shale shaker , mud cleaner or desander & desilter , jet mud mixer for mixing mud are all required . Totally speacking , it’s capacity for tunnel project nomally larger .

GN Solids Control for Tunnel Project Mud System

GN Solids Control is a ISO & API certified company for solids control equipments . For tunnel project mud cleaning system , we have started to build it since we have more and more clients for tunel project .


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