Jul 26

GN Dewatering System Sold to Canada, customer use for slurry waste solutions. Slurry Categories as follow 1. Directly drilling soil from non- contaminated job sites 2. Hydro slurry from non-contaminated Hydro excavation requires less labor than conventional digging methods. After vacuum and roll off truck finished, GN the Dewatering system will be perfect solution for it.

The Dewatering System included

  1. Feeding hopper with High G shale Shaker model number GNZKR-1230 capacity 10-150t/h Storage tank size 3800 x 2200 x 1512 mm with 2 agitators both 5.5kWand 2 Slurry pump one is 22kW another is 5.5kW both pump control by the VFD system.
  2. HDD CBM Shaker tank

GN Double Deck Finder Shaker model number GNZS706 E with 140 m3/h (616GPM) capacity 6 pcs screen with adjust angle -1~ +5 degree. And GN desilter model number GNZJ594E-12N 120m3/h (528GPM) capacity 3 pcs screen with adjust angle -1~ +5 degree. One Slurry pump with a 22kW motor with Shaker and desilter tank size 10369 x 2100 x 2312 mm. 2 agitators with 11kW.

  1. Decanter Centrifuge

GN GNLW553C-VFD 22 inches (550mm) decanter centrifuge, capacity with 90 m3/h (400 GPM) support   with screw pump GNG60A-150 15kW capacity 60m3/h. Centrifuge skid not only supports the centrifuge but also can adjust the height. Under the centrifuge come with storage tank and transfer pump model number GNSB3X2B -7.5J flow rate at 30m3/h (132 GPM) motor power with 7.5kW, the speed with 1450 rpm

  1. Dose Machine

This comes with 3 compartments with 3 set agitator can automatic powder chemical dosing. Capacity 2000L/Hour, Tank Volume 2000L, Hopper Volume 45L

For more information please contact GN sales representative at Web: www.gnsolidsamerica.com/ www.gnsolidscontrol.com

Add: 6710 Windfern Rd, Houston, TX 77040


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