Dec 27

Recently, the containerized oily sludge treatment system sold by Guanneng to European customers has been installed and commissioned and ready for shipment to Europe. The containerized oily sludge treatment system is in response to European customer requirements. The company can be combined with oil sludge treatment. The system has many years of experience in custom-made containerized system. In the manufacture of oily sludge treatment system equipment, Guanneng’s production department adopts the industry-leading pickling, passivation, hot-dip galvanizing process and high-pressure airless spraying. The construction of the equipment has greatly improved the wear-resisting and anti-corrosion effect of the surface of the product itself, and has been highly recognized by European customers.
The containerized oily sludge treatment system produced by GN Solids Control is customized according to customer needs. This system is mainly composed of oily sludge vacuum pump, premixed tank, vibrating screening system, centrifuge separation system, dosing flocculation system, oil-water separation. System, oil tank, water tank, container, etc., oily sludge contains a large amount of oily benzene, phenols, strontium, barium and other odorous toxic substances. GN Solids Control uses centrifugal separation to transport oily sludge through a centrifuge. The solid-liquid two-phase separation is carried out, and the separated liquid phase is an oil-water mixture. The oil-water mixture is then transferred to a three-phase disc machine for oil-water separation. European customers have defined the relevant parameters in the previous process of dewatering of oily sludge, the temperature of oily sludge, the amount of breaker and flocculant used, which is more conducive to the technical system of containerized oily sludge treatment system. Process design.

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