Jun 21

“GE, an industrial company, but also a digital company”. Some people may have watched this commercial on American’s main media, like CNN or NBC and we may wonder what does that mean? The answer is it represents the future trend-digital and automation.

As we all know, GE is the conglomerate in many industries, such as energy, electric appliances, aerospace and so on. So its action and strategy will represent the future of the industry. Recently GE just opened its new main office nearly San Jose and recruited a lot of engineers from Google, Apple, Microsoft with background of electrical engineer to develop its own system  called “Predix”, which is the world’s first and only cloud-based operating system for industry. GE plans to make “Preix” as the industry standard similar to the position of Microsoft Windows system in the PC industry. It will realize the digitalization and automation of the industry, including the oil and gas industry. One example for this trend is on June 14,2016, GE and Technip signed memorandum of understanding to explore digital solutions for new LNG projects. LNG will have great potential for growth as the world’s demand rises. So this prosperous area will be co-developed by the combination of strength of GE and Technip. GE will provide it reliable equipment solutions for the global LNG facilities, through sensors, advanced analytics and diagnostic expertise. Technip will provide unique expertise in EPC for LNG projects.


The future of the oil and gas industry will be more efficient and powerful, which will be realized by digital and automation and will optimize the equipment and operation to improve the productivity and cost-efficiencies.

As the crucial part of the mud cleaning system of the oil and gas industry, solid control system will also inevitably follow the trend of automation and digital, including its shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, cuttings dryer  and some other equipment and parts. GN solids control can manufacture the most advanced solid control equipment in the industry, such as the VFD controlled equipment which can realize the automation and digital. Welcome to log in to our website www.gnsolidsamerica.comto check more about the product info and send your inquiries to usa@gnsolidscontrol.com.


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Mar 23

Hebei GN Solids control company LLC is actually China leading manufacturer with regard to drilling mud solids control equipment and drilling waste management gear. Its brand name is GN Solids Control.
GN Solids control offers one quit solution for drilling device fluids, from mud solids control until the drilling waste management treatment system.
Since the first API certified solids control manufacturer from China, GN Solids Control aims upon China top market and also the international market. 70% associated with GN Solids Sales is actually from international market. GN Solids Control keep enhancing to cater for the higher as well as higher request of the worldwide market clients. With its quick development, GN Solids Control is among the leading solids control mafanucturers from all over the world as well as establish a famous brand: GN Solids Control.

new website
In order to offer a much more efficiency services to customers, GN Solids Control upgraded the company website, to offer a much better visual effect website. It can match for the mobile reading gear.
The new website of GN Solids Control is much more legible. And the new menus may hopes the visitors to discover the suitable equipment and information much more fast.
Further more, GN Solids Control upgrade its logo. All equipment documents as well as new equipment will start to make use of the new logos from now on.
Beneath is some of the advantages of GN Solids Control
1) GN is the First API licensed solids control equipment producer coming from China.
2) GN Solids America LLC is the first UNITED STATES based solids control organization from China.
3) No . one in China for immediate exporting of mud solids control and drilling waste materials management equipment. GN Services happen to be exported to over 60 nations and regions, with spouses and branches in UNITED STATES, Australia, Latin America, Center East, Africa etc .
4) GN Owns over ten patents for solids control and drilling waste management equipment.
GN offers one-stop and turn-key solution with regard to solids control and going waste management.
GN maintains research and develop the very best technology to manufacture high quality Shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser , mud mixing system ,mud tank system, mud agitator, bottom mud gun, shear pump , decanter centrifuge, vertical G cuttings dryer for our clients.

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Jan 12

GN Solids Control is one of the top Solids Control Equipments manufacturer in the world. We manufacture a complete line of Solids Control Equipments, Such as  Shale Shaker, Mud Cleaner, Degasser,Centrifugal Pump, Decanter Centrifuge,Agitator,etc.  As the development of GN in the past 5 years, Now GN also can provides customized drilling fluid dewatering systems designed to reduce volumes of waste and reducing long term liabilities.dewatering is the process of injecting coagulants or flocculating chemicals into the mud entering a large clarifying centrifuge.

In a minimal discharge, environmentally sensitive area, this mud cannot simply be dumped in a sump and forgotten about.This is where mud dewatering becomes necessary. Also during cement displacements and at the end of the well, dewatering is used when the mud needs to be disposed of.

Dewatering Process:

Drilling Fluid Dewatering System

Drilling Fluid Dewatering System

1) Mud from the active system is pumped into either a separate mud tank or directly into an injection manifold. This mud is tested by the Solids Control engineer immediately prior to processing. Through a series of standard tests, the operator determines the approximate amount and type of chemicals to give an optimum flocculation/ stabilization of the mud.

2)The injection manifold has a series of injection ports and internal static mixers. The calculated amounts of chemicals are metered into the ports with chemical injection pumps. These pumps have variable controls to continuously adjust the amount of chemical injected.
3)The mud which added coagulant and flocculant then goes to a high-speed, high G-force Decanter centrifuge. The Decanter centrifuge separates the flocculated solids from the fluid.

4)The quality control tank allows the unit operator to monitor the effluent from the centrifuge returned to the active mud or storage system. The operator can then make further adjustments to the chemicals and equipment to ensure optimum dewatering. A bypass allows the operator to recirculate the centrifuge effluent if necessary.

Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge

5)The neutralizing tank may be used to store dewatered fluid and to make final treatments to the processed fluid, such as pH adjustments, before the fluid is recycled as makeup or dilution water. This tank is partitioned and can be used for prehydrating bentonite, for mixing chemicals, or for storing excess mud.

The heart of GN’s dewatering systems are the polymer conditioning manifolds and high-speed decanter centrifuge. Each manifold is carefully engineered to provide optimum polymer hydration. For more information of GN’s Dewatering System, Please feel free to consult with GN’s engineer



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Oct 25

GN Desanding plant used to separate sand , soil in the drilling mud that from the pile pit or pit wall for reuse Palet solution Bentnite.The cleaning capacity of a desanding plant is determined by the plant′s intake capacity of contaminated suspension. GN offer 3 different capacity 50m3/h, 120m3/h,240m3/h standard desanding plant.

The main components of GN desanding plants are:

desanding system

desanding plant

(1) Double Deck shale shaker (model GNZS703D), The bottom shaker screen for solids larger than 0.5mm , Up screen for abstracting further water from the solids dis-charged by the cyclone.

Shaker Model:GNZS703D
Bottom Deck Screen Area: 2.6㎡ Recommended screen:0.30-0.50mm
Top Deck Screen Area:2.0 ㎡ Recommended screen 100-120 mesh

(2) storage mud tank

(3) 10 inch Desander cyclone with cyclone feeding pump for removing fine particles from the drilling mud. Cut point 50 microns.

GN desanding plant guarantees continuous and fast advance rates, reducing downtimes to a minimum. The innovative screening technology combined with hydrocyclones constitutes a complete recycling concept, providing optimal removal of critical fine particles down to 45 microns and guaranteeing constant slurry properties. If you need more information for our desanding plant, Please feel free to contact GN Solids Control.

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Aug 11

GN solids control Co.,ltd is the first API certified solids control system equipment manufacture in China .Our vision is to focus on manufacture the top quality Solids Control Equipments while support our partners or customers to achieve better market share. Decanter centrifuge is one of our main products.By now, around 100 units GN decanter centrifuge are operating around the world.

Many clients purchased our decanter centrifuge and at the same time also purchased our screw pump for feeding decanter centrifuge.screw pump is a positive displacement pump that use one or several screws to move fluids or solids along the screw axis. It is a ideal pump for feeding decanter centrifuge.The major benefit to use a positive displacement pump is it will not break the fine solids to smaller, so the centrifuge can separate the solids easily. Centrifugal force of centrifugal pump will cut the solids to smaller, it is not good for centrifuge’s operation.

Screw Pump

Screw Pump

For the screw pump,GN purchase it from China NEMO. NEMO owned 5 factories on 4 continents ,in Germany,North America,China,India and Japan.
Their screw pump are widely used for the oil and gas industry. Material according to NACE standards,mechanical seal shaft ,316L high corrosion resistant rotor and stator .With above configurations ,the screw pump can handle high content of solids ,lower operating and maintenance cost.It’s an ideal pump for feeding drilling mud to decanter centrifuge. GN can offer screw pump which the capacity range from 20m3 to 90m3/h.

Typical Componets for Standard NEMO Pump

Nemo Pump

Nemo Pump

1 DEEP-GROVE BALL BEARINGS have a calculated B-10 life of greater than 100,000 hours.

2 SHAFT SEALING  including packed stuffing box complete with lantern ring and grease zerk, mechanical seal, or special seals are located on a solid drive shaft with a short overhang which minimizes shaft runout. The window area of the pump is increased to allow easy access to the stuffing box. Cast iron pumps are supplied with a packed stuffing box. Stainless steel pumps come standard with a hard faced single mechanical seal. Other options are available.

3 SOLID DRIVE SHAFT eliminates any possibility of solids build-up. Unlike hollow shafts, material cannot accumulate or cause clogging.

4 DRIVE SHAFT joint head is removable. By taking off the universal joint head, the shaft seal can be removed and re-assembled without drive shaft removal.

5 SUCTION HOUSING FLANGE can be rotated to any of four positions in 90o increments.

6 CONNECTING ROD is extra long for extremely low angularity, resulting in less loading on the universal joint which provides longer joint life. (Back to Illustration)

7 TWO CLEAN OUT PORTS come standard on larger pumps with a cast iron housing. Clean out ports are available on pumps with other metallurgy as an option.

8 DRAIN PLUG is located at the lowest point on the suction housing. This allows for the housing to be completely drained.

9 UNIVERSAL JOINTS are SM pin-type or double sealed joints on certain sizes. Sealed pivot-type joints available on larger pumps.

10 ENLARGED SUCTION HOUSING at the rotor end for non-restricted flow of heavy materials.

11 THRU-BOLT CONSTRUCTION for easier maintenance, stator removal/installation.

12 STATORS are available in a wide range of materials including natural or synthetic rubbers, cast iron, stainless steel, a wide variety of rigid plastics, and others. The inlet side of the stator is chamfered to allow for unobstructed uniform feeding to the rotor and stator elements. Gaskets are an integral part of the stator on non-rigid materials.

13 ROTORS are available in a broad range of materials including hardened tool steel, chrome plated hardened tool steel, stainless steel and others with optional chrome plating. NEMO CERATEC? is also available in various sizes.

14 ACCESSORY CONNECTION is threaded to allow the attachment of measuring instruments or can be used for draining. The connection can also be rotated in 90o increments and can be used for gauges or other instrumentation. Accessories can be added in any position.

15 DISCHARGE FLANGE is a standard connection matched to the individual pump discharge pressures. Flanges are sized to ensure self-cleaning velocities essential when pumping sludges and slurries. Flange can be rotated in 90o increments.

If you need a positive displacement pump for feeding decanter centrifuge or you have any technical problem with a screw pump when used it for feeding decanter centrifuge, please feel free to contact GN solids control looking for solution.

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May 21

Progressive cavity pump also called single screw pump, helical rotary pump and mono pump.

G series progressive cavity pump (single screw pump) has been R&D by GN Solids Control after many years’ hard working. GN now can provide progressive cavity pump (single screw pump) with pressure 0.3~1.2MPa, can meet different requirement of different applications. And also, GN H series progressive cavity pump (single screw pump) can be exchangeable with Seepex pumps, they can meet the same application.

G series progressive cavity pump (single screw pump) is a kind of rotary positive displacement pumps, the main parts be include of stator and rotor. Rotor is drived universal coupling to rotation to form a confined space in the pump. The liquids is sucking up & pumping in the pump continuously & constantly. Due to the liquid be through the confined space, so this kind of pump could pumping liquid with high viscosity & mixed solid. It is widely used for feeding the drilling fluids decanter centrifuge.

General speaking, progressive cavity pump (single screw pump) can be act as a Universal pump. The rotating speed is adjustable, the rated pressure of pump outlet is increasing with the class of the motor, the pressure will increase 0.6Mpa when the motor increase one class, so it is widely used in many industries.

1、Environment protection:Waste water of Industry and live, mud and sewage, etc

2、shipbuilding industry:Transfer residue oil, sewage or seawater…

3、Petroleum Industry:Handing oil, grease…

4、medical Industry: Transfer mucus sticky, emulsified liquid, etc

5、Food Industry:Transfer liquor or wine, waste liquid or additive liquid…

6、Brewing Industry: Transfer fermented viscous fluid, extra heavy pot ale, crumb, etc

7、Construction Industry:Transfer slurry, mortar…

8、Mining Industry:Transfer oxide or waste water, drain off water, liquid explosive…

9、Chemical Industry:Transfer suspended liquid, emulsion liquid, soda liquid and salt liquid..

10、Printing, paper manufacturing industry:transfer black liquor…

Parameters of G series progressive cavity pump (single screw pump) made by GN Solids Control:

Flow:   0~ 150 m3/h

Lift :    60~ 120m

Power:  0.75~37kw

Caliber: 20~135mm

Temperature: -15~ 200℃


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