Apr 18

The decanter centrifuge operators often encounters problems like material blocking material during their daily use. Here are some normal solutions about the blocking issue to share with our users:

When the decanter centrifuge cannot be turned on normally and the auxiliary inverter alarms overload, we can remove the protective cover of the auxiliary motor and move the input shaft pulley of the differential with the hand wheel. The phenomenon proved to be that too much material between the spiral and the drum caused the spiral to jam. The solution is as follows:

1. Catch the differential pulley with something, and manually rotate the steering wheel to rotate the drum, until the resistance obviously disappears. Then adjust the main and auxiliary machines to a lower frequency, start at low speed, and rinse with water.

2. Some decanter centrifuges use foreign frequency converters, such as ABB, Siemens, etc. Some frequency converters have a special low-speed protection starting method.

If the low-speed and high-torque starting function can be realized, just adjust the main and auxiliary machines to the low-speed section and rinse with water.

  • Another method is to hold the drum in place, remove the end water blocking adjustment plate of the drum, adjust the auxiliary machine to reverse, turn on, and let the material be discharged from the drain outlet of the drum. Then adjust the auxiliary machine to forward rotation and discharge. Repeat the operation. This method is suitable for large length-diameter ratio decanter centrifuges where the material blocking is particularly serious and the artificial rotation cannot move at all.

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