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Because the top solids control gadgets manufacturer in China, GN solids control also generate drilling waste management machines, like high speed decanter centrifuge, high G force usable cuttings dryer and shaker screens. We have our own shaker screen factory to produce alternative shaker screens for popular brand oil & fuel drilling shale shaker.
Typically the shaker screens used for acrylic drilling is very different from typically the screens for mining they are really produced by orders, we can develop various mesh and API No . for different mud therapy requirement. We usually have only wire mesh and screen frames etc . raw materials inside stock, we do not have a lot shale shaker screens in investment, because the market’s requirement will be changing everyday.

GN replacement Derrick/Brandt shaker screen

GN replacement Derrick/Brandt shaker screen

The projection screens types and dimensions we could produce are as down below, it is only part of our displays, we can also produce based on special required dimensions from your sample or measured dimension.
(1) Pre-tentioned screens (45. 75″ x 23″) 585x1165mm iron frame screens and amalgamated material frame screens
(2) 49. 25″ x 25″ (1250mm x 635mm) steel body shaker screen and grp composite material shaker screens
(3) 42″ x 29″ (1067mm back button 737mm) replacement screens
(4) Hook screen 41. 25″ a 27. 5″ (1048mm by 700mm), flat type in addition to pyramid type screens
(5) Steel Frame screen 35″ a 27″ (890mm x 685mm), primary screen
(6) Steel Structure screen 27″ x 37″ (685mm x 940mm) with regard to scalping deck
(7) Steel Shape screen 8″ X 27″ (203mm x 685mm) regarding dryer panel
The cord mesh screen material with regard to option including SS304, SS316, and the screen layers could be customized. If no exclusive requirement, we will make it in accordance with our own technology and API standard.
GNZS594E-HB shale shaker use the same size screen 585x1165mm, with 4 screen panels. If you need a 4-panel shale shaker with huge treating capacity, pls speak to GN solids control.

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