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In order to get a clear point on the API number and mesh number regarding the shaker screen, here let’s see more professional point. Actually, shaker screen is something to filter drilling fluid or drilling mud. It is one sieve device or tool. Then the necessary information or specification is the mesh number or aperture.

mongoose shaker screen

1. Shaker screen part number

Different screen manufacture will have different part numbers on screens. But, usually all the shaker screen part number will indicate mesh size or the API mesh number.

For example, shaker screen from NOV Brandt. The part number may be 6BHX75ATRHD. The API designation is API 45, while D100 cut point range is 327.5~390 microns. The part number means different API designation, cut point and conductance, etc.

We can find, part number will point or mean certain mesh but the number may not be same as API designation like people supposed.

2. Screen mesh size

We know, shaker screen are made of S.S wire mesh. The different mesh size or API number is decided by wire mesh numbers.

For shaker screens, we usually adopt 20-400 meshes screen cloth. While the shaker screen will be from API 20-API 325 commonly used by different users. Of course, different mesh size will have different other parameters. Such as the cut point, non-blanked area, etc.

3. How to confirm mesh via screen part number

Since different shaker screen producers will have different way to mark or standard on part numbers.  To confirm shaker screen mesh size we need to make clear about conversion between part number and API designation

Above is just brief information or simple way to identify and learn the part numbers on shaker screen. If you do need details or you have any questions on confirming screen mesh size under part number just contact us freely.

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