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GN Solids Control equipment are widely utilized in many areas and countries such as US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, EU, Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Niger and Russia etc. In the past few years, we just exported solids control units including shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge. Recently, we have started to sell the drilling cuttings waste management system combining decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer. After the treatment of our drilling cuttings waste management system, we could reuse dehydrate of solids and reclaimed drilling fluids.

Configuration of GN Cuttings Waste Management System

1. Cuttings dryer is the primary units to reclaim the drilling cuttings. GN vertical cutting dryer is able to reach the 30~50 tons per Hour capacity. Oil retention on the cuttings are between 3% and 5%. Flights and air knife system prevent the screen from blocking. Follow the maintenance regulations, ancillary flushing pump will keep vertical cuttings dryer long time clean. Flushing screw pump apply stainless steel material to convey the fluids. Instead of normal pump, we use the stainless screw pump as the vertical cutting dryer mainly recycle the oil based mud. Normal pump will be quickly rusted by oil based mud. But stainless screw pump is anti-rust.30

2. Decanter centrifuge is the second step of drilling cuttings waste management system, which is able to remove fine solids and reclaim the drilling fluids. The rotating speed normally reaches to 3200 RPM to separate fine solids. GN tungsten carbide tiles and stainless steel keep the unit durability and working performance

3. We also offer auger and submersible pump to transfer the discharged solids and drilling fluids. Small footprint skid only take a little operating space. We are also able to customize a variety of mud tank to meet with customer’s expectation.

GN has been the leading designer of shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer for solid-liquid separation. We are taking a professional attitude to cope with every solids control issues

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