Apr 18

Solids Control skid is a rectangle tubular steel member. On the skid  the bowl pillow block bearing, rotating assembly, main motor, main motor seat, main motor guard, small motor, small motor seat, small motor guard, the vessel, feed tube bracket and control box are mounted.

Over-current precaution components of the motor are incorporated in the control box. The safety components are called hot relay. When the motor current exceed the limit, contactors of hot relay shut off to shut down motor electrical power..

On the end of the gear box opposite the bowl, is a small import shaft, on the shaft there is a jaw clutch. The jaw clutch consists of a cam, a jaw, jaw seat and six disc springs. There is three steel ball on the cam Which presses the cam seat by means of spring force to transmit torque. When Solids Control equipment is overloaded with work, the cam breaks away from cam seat, thanks to thrust of the spring, cam seat thrusts travel switch and shut-down electrical power.

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