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Solutions to the gyro and friction phenomena of the decanter centrifuge
Aug 20

When the decanter centrifuge is working, it is inevitable that there will be gyro and friction phenomena with the limit, which will lead to work efficiency. So how to prevent similar phenomena from happening, analyze the solutions for you as follows:

Some decanter centrifuges are designed with friction reducing parts and stabilizer sleeves in the transmission system, and electric fast brakes, so that the centrifuge can greatly increase the acceleration when the speed is raised and lowered, and smoothly pass the critical speed of the rotor to make the rotor critical System resonance caused by rotating speed is minimized. The motor buffer base or suspension frame, elastic coupling, and sound suppression system are used to reduce noise and make the working environment more quiet and comfortable.

   Decanter centrifuge vibration isolation measures: Although the design, manufacture, assembly, operation, maintenance, and repair of the rotor of a centrifuge consider the elimination of unbalance problems, it cannot completely eliminate the unbalanced force and torque. This is because the original balance of the centrifuge is destroyed by the partial wear of the ten rotors during operation. At the same time, due to the operation of the centrifuge, such as continuous feeding of materials, uneven cloth, and material leakage, it often causes problems. The unbalance of the rotating drum causes the vibration of the decanter centrifuge. For this reason, in addition to minimizing vibration in design and manufacturing, effective measures are often taken to isolate vibration. This type of vibration isolation is called vibration isolation. Vibration isolation is the use of damping elements (such as springs, rubber pads, etc.) to isolate the source of vibration from the foundation ground or other instruments and equipment to avoid expansion of the impact of vibration; or to isolate the instruments, equipment and vibration ground that need to be protected to avoid damage . In engineering, the former method is often used to isolate the centrifuge, that is, to install vibration isolation elements at or under the bearing seat of the centrifuge to prevent the vibration of the centrifuge from being transmitted to the foundation and surrounding buildings to achieve The purpose of vibration isolation.

(1) The machining interference of the original planetary gear is small. Now use the wheel tile material, process it into bad parts, and process and install it by yourself to ensure the installation interference.

(2) The original bearing inner ring, outer ring, and the cage are bearing steel of the same material. Now it is changed to imported bearings, and the cage is made of copper alloy, which improves the wear resistance of the bearing and does not damage the bearing due to cage wear.

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