Sep 08

In recent years, the as the demand for environment protection is becoming more and more important, in some countries, there were even conflicts between the local residents and the oil companies or drilling companies. Companies would like to pay money on the disposal of the drilling cuttings, or, they have to face penalty even larger than the cost paid on the drilling waste management solutions.

The drilling waste management solutions for the oil and gas drilling could be divided into 2 groups: the treatment for the drilling cuttings and the treatment for the drilling fluids, the old mud.


The solution suppliers are bringing out several solutions for each group of drilling waste management, for example, in order to treat the old mud, there are several different ways, and among those, the decanter centrifuge and filter press are most prominent 2.

What they have in common?

Both of decanter centrifuge and the filter press need some chemicals to do the job, to separate out the extra fine particles from the drilling fluid.

What are the differences?

The decanter centrifuge uses the high G force generated by high speed rotating of the bowl to separate the solids from the liquid, while the filter press’ working principal is to squeeze the liquid from the solids through some filter with small holes and make the solids phase into a cake.

How are their performances?

Per their treating result, both solutions could treat out 90% solids from the liquid, especially the decanter centrifuge, the percentage is up to 95%. But when take the total cost into consideration the decanter centrifuge clearly wins out because: 1. The centrifuge uses less water than filter press. 2. Less electricity consumption. 3. Less manpower requested. That’s why 8 of ten end users are using decanter centrifuge.


For more equipment such as shale shaker, mud gas separator, shear pump, mud mixing system etc. and solution advise, welcome to contact GN Solids Control freely.

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Aug 19

As is well known in the oil and gas drillingindustry, GN Solids Control has become a more and more famous brand among the solids control manufacturers. And along with the development of the industry and the higher standard for the discharged waste, this industry is more and more depending on the drilling waste management solutions. In order to have are more efficient solution, every manufacturer is trying to provide some ideas. GN Solids Control is the one who has brought its idea into reality and such solutions are proved to be useful.

Solidification Unit

GN products range covers following fields:

  1. Oil and gas drilling solids control equipment including shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud guns, pumps and vacuum degasser and etc, and GN is professional for the complete system including the mud tanks.
  2. Mud recycling system for other drillings like HDD, CBM, TBM and water well drilling, for such systems, GN has both the economic configuration option with necessary treating phases an high configuration option with complete treating systems.
  3. Drilling fluids drilling waste management systems, which is used to treat the old mud, to make the old mud from the system to be suitable for further drilling again. Here GN employs some chemicals together with physical separation as dewatering unit and dewatering centrifuge.
  4. Drilling cuttings waste management systems, for water based mud, the high-G dryer and decanter centrifuge, for oil based mud ,the vertical cuttings dryer and the high speed decanter centrifuge.
  5. Final treatment for the high request treating result. In order to fulfill the higher request of treating result before discharge, GN has designed GNGH series solidification unit and TDU for final treatment of drilling cuttings.

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Jan 26

The negative affect from the oil crash has spread to many industries related including the HDD projects. But as the leading and well known HDD mud system manufacturer, GN Solids Control still have orders and repeated orders from the old clients.
By end of last year, GN Solids Control has just delivered a high configuration of mud systems for a HDD project. Now the end user is laying a repeated order for the same mud system, and it is scheduled to be ready early after Chinese New Year.
Not only for the oversea market, but in domestic China, 500GPM mud recycling system is still the most popular option for HDD projects. CPP, the largest HDD contract in China, purchase around 10 sets of mud recycling systems from GN Solids Control each year, and most of those are of 500GPM capacity.

500GPM Mud System

Main Equipments for Standard Configuration GNMS 500 Mud System:
Shale shaker: GNZS703E-DZ, 1 set
Mud Cleaner: GNZJ703E-D1S8N, 1 set
Mud Cleaner Feeding Pump: GNSB6*5A-37KW, 2 sets, used respectively for desander cones and desilter cones
Mixing Hopper: GNSLS35A, 1 set
Mixing Pump: GNSB6*5A-37KW, 1 set, same specification as mud cleaner feeding pump.
Mud Agitator: GNJBQ 075D, single layer impeller with 7.5KW motor, 1 set
Mud Gun: GNNJQ50A, 2 inch mud gun, 1 set

Besides this standard configuration of mud recycling system, GN also has GNMS-500GL mud recycling system, the main equipment for treating are exactly same, but the storage capacity of GNMS-500GL is larger.
And for HDD mud recycling systems, GN has other treating capacity solutions for option, like 200GPM and 1000 GPM.
In case of piling or so called TBM projects, there are simpler solutions for option. Because for piling projects, the drilling media is mostly water, there is no need to add more chemicals into it, and the treating result is not so strict.
If you have more questions, contact us freely.

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Dec 19

GN Solids Control is famous for the top manufacturer on solids control and drill cuttings management equipments. As more and more countries are having strict environment protect rules, GN solids control and drill cuttings management equipments are more widely used in the global world. Now clients from more than sixty countries are using GN equipments for various mud control or slurry separation.
For the water base mud, GN has two main equipments or systems can be used:
1. GN Cuttings Dryer
GN vertical cuttings dryer is especially designed for WBM, OBM or SBM treating. It’s especially useful on oil base cuttings separation. For the water base mud, GN has also provided many sets cuttings dryer. In the first half year, GN provided one whole drill cuttings management systems to Cyprus for water base mud treating.
According to the feedback from this client, they are very satisfied with the working performance. For the slurry discharged from Cuttings Dryer, it can be also feed into the decanter centrifuge for further separation.
2. GN Hi-G Drying Shaker and GN Decanter Centrifuge
GN Hi-G shaker has a large G force will can reach 8.0 G. With this large vibrating force, solids and water can be separated effectively. GN also manufactures various shaker screens, such as replacement Mongoose screens, replacement Derrick screens. GN shaker screens are also widely used by many large drilling companies. Now GN Houston warehouse has many shaker screens in stock, welcome to visit us and place a trial order.

2015.11.16 GN mud system with shaker and centrifuge
GN decanter centrifuge are used to separate all the fluids come out from Hi-G shaker. Particles larger than 2~5 microns can be separated out by GN decanter centrifuge. This year, GN also provides some sets GN Hi-G Shaker and GN Decanter Centrifuge for world clients, such as CNPC and European client. For details, please check the following links.

Drilling waste centrifuge system

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Dec 07

Not long ago we shipped a complete range of customized mud mixing tank system to South America, as a small part of a new liquid mud plant.
The primary configuration of the mud mixing tank system is as down below:
1 4 sets regarding 40 feet container dimensions mud tanks with important handrails, stairs, walkways, interconnection pipelines, valves, flexible internet connections, flanges, man hole, clear gate, etc . 3 are mud mixing tanks, a single of them is mud running tank.
2 Each tank with 2 units involving GNJBQ15DD ( double blades) mud agitators, 2 products of 2 inch mud firearms, 1 fluids level ingerir
3 Each tank having 6×5 with 75HP centrifugal pump as transfer pump, 75HP shear pump intended for cutting the mixed chemical substances, 60HP mixing pump dealing with venture hopper. All of the pushes are designed to multi functions, such as:
The transfer pump can function as feeding pump connected with shale shaker and OBM processing tank; the mixing tank can work as exchange pump when stop mixing. The shear pump perform as transfer pump around july available or when the exchange pump is under routine maintenance. The transfer pump can certainly transfer the clean liquids from the liquid mud vegetable to mud mixing tank system, also it can transfer typically the mixed fluids into mud storage tanks.

4 One of many tank is as oil based mud processing tank, with the solids control equipments as: 2-panel shale shaker GNZS852-HB, two units of high speed decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG, mud agitators, mud guns, centrifuge giving pumps.
5 Operation family table for each mud mixing aquariums, the chemicals will be put on the particular operation table by forklift for convenient operation.
a few Customized painting color, custom made mud tank storage capacity, personalized treating capacity
If you need a new proposal for liquid mud plant or mud mixing tank system, pls experience of GN solids control with Beijing or GN solids America in Houston, TEXAS.

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Dec 04

In recent years, decanter centrifuges with brand GN Solids Control is more and more popular and accepted by end users all over the world. From the extremely low temperature in countries like Russia, to the extremely high temperature countries like Kuwait, you can easily find GN centrifuges working on the jobsite. GNLW series decanter centrifuge models cover nearly all necessary applications in the oil and gas industry, and in some slurry treating industries and also for mining.

Now for oil and gas solids control and drilling waste management industry, we all use Horizontal sedimentation centrifuge, and we call all of them decanter centrifuges or centrifuges for short.

GN has a full series of horizontal sedimentation centrifuges, ranging from 9 inch diameter bowl to 22 inch diameter bowl, and all those centrifuges could be divided into two catalogs, the economic configuration, GN standard models, and the highest configuration, the internationally highest standard and materials.

Take GNLW363 Decanter centrifuge for example, which is also the most popular model, there are totally 5 options, see the detailed compassion as below:

Grouped in configurations and material used for centrifuges:

  1. high configuration, GNLW363CG/GNLW363CG-VFD, we use best material and parts, like SS2205 by centrifugal casting for bowl material, SKF bearings. and tungsten carbide tiles for impeller protection. We compete with other top manufacturers from USA and Europe.

Main applications : waste management centrifuge, dewatering centrifuge, and slurry industries for extra fine particles.

  1. economic configuration: GNLW363CD/CD-VFD, ss304 by centrifugal casting for bowl material, NSK bearing and ceramic tiles for protecting impeller.

This model is mostly used inside China, comparing with other China suppliers, this model has better quality, but price nearly same.

Main applications: solids control centrifuges mostly for barite recovery and fine particles, as the forth step of solids control system.

For the optional electric control panels, GN totally has 3 options, Positive pressurized control panel, flame proof VFD control panel, and flame proof fixed speed control panel. For the economic configuration GNLW363CD, all three options for electric control panel available, while for the high configuration, there are positive pressurized control panel available.

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Nov 28

GN Solids Control has been manufacturing vertical cuttings dryer for many years. As the leading solids control and drill cuttings equipments manufacturer, GN is the first manufacturer who can provide cuttings dryer that deal with OBM and WBM at the same time.
Now GN manufactures about 250 to 300 sets decanter centrifuge every year, as well as 50 sets cuttings dryers. GN Solids Control has won many large projects due to the excellent working performance and long time usage. GN experienced engineers are always ready to provide professional support to global clients.
This African client has purchased 5 sets vertical cuttings dryers from us. They have 7 land drilling rigs in various areas. Before they purchased these equipments from us, they were renting solids control and drill cuttings equipments from other companies. As they have many years on site experiences, they are pretty well known for what equipments can meet their demands well. After they sourced many large manufactures in the world, and they compared many US or Europe brands with Chinese brands, they finally chose us. All those equipment they purchased are including the following:
1. GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer with a skid: 5 sets
All these 5 sets dryers are located on the skid, which are equipped with flushing pumps. They can be moved conveniently due to the compact structure. There are 3 types screen baskets can be chose to separate solids in different size particles. The smallest solids can be separated out is 250 microns.

Verti-G dryer
2. GN Decanter Centrifuges: 14 sets
These 14 sets centrifuges including variable speed centrifuge controlled by pressurized VFD control box as well as fix speed. GN also provides 14 sets positive displacement feeding pumps to feed these centrifuges.
Now there are some large clients such as Shell, Baker Hughes are using GN centrifuges and cuttings dryers to treat the OBM and WBM.

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Jun 27

GN Cuttings Dryers for Algeria Project
GN Solids Control Co. Ltd has provided over hundreds of cuttings dryers for drilling waste management area. Due to the satisfied performance on oil base mud, water base mud, many regular clients place repeat orders for GN cuttings dryers. Now there are global clients from more than 60 countries are using GN equipments.
As we have mentioned before, GN Solids Control provided to one whole drilling waste management systems to Shell in Sichuan for their shale gas project last year. Now this drilling waste management system is working perfectly well. One of the largest oil service companies in China, CNPC are coming to GN to purchase another 5 sets of cuttings dryers for their overseas market, and they will use these 5 sets in Algeria.

CNPC Vertical Cuttings Dryer
GN Solids Control has been providing the top quality equipments since the establishment. Now more and more large companies are coming to GN for their OBM, WBM or SBM treating. Last year, GN Solids Control provided 4 sets of cuttings dryers and decanter centrifuges to Baker Hughes. And we’ll provide more solids control and drilling waste management systems to them in the near future.
As one of the first companies that can provide cuttings dryers in China, GN has upgrade cuttings dryers and decanter centrifuges for better performance based on the precious working experience that gained in customers’ worksites.

Vertical Cuttings Dryer
CNPC pays great attention to these 5 sets cuttings dryers, all of these dryers must perform well to meet the Algerian government demands of the environment protection standard. Based on hundreds of successful projects, CNPC chose us from many suppliers. Usually, the oil in the final cuttings should be no higher than 5%. According to the former survey that made be Shell in their Sichuan project, the oil in the cuttings is around 3.75% after treated by GN cuttings dryers.
Welcome to connect with GN Solids America in Houston if you have cuttings treating demands.

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Jun 20

GN Solids Control is a famous lead company working on solids control and drilling waste management systems for some years. GN chief engineer has nearly 30 years working experience on oil and gas solids control area.
GN Solids Control has two branch companies: one is located in Houston, TX; the other one is located in Moscow, Russia. This year GN Solids Control will attend the MIOGE 2015 in Moscow. As the largest oil & gas show in Russia, MIOGE is the 13th international show, which will be a great ceremony for Russian area. It will held from June 23rd to June 26th.
GN Solids Control booth no. is H227, Pavilion 8. Welcome to contact us in advance if you will present in this show.

gn solids control MIOGE 2015
GN Solids Control will exhibit one decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG in this show. With the rotating bowl diameter upto 14 inch, GNLW363 centrifuges are widely used in solids control and drilling waste management area. The treating capacity of this centrifuge is 30 m³/h by using water test. Treating capacity can be varied based on drilling muds with different densities and viscosities. GN decanter centrifuge has two types: fix speed and variable speed can be chose on customers’ demands.
Another important equipments GN will go to exhibit is vertical cuttings dryer GNCD730D, which is a upgrade model with compact design and better separating performance. The fix speed type can be mounted with 900 RPM, 1200RPM, 1500 RPM belt and pulley, GN also has variable speed type which speed can be adjusting among 0 to 1500 RPM. The treating capacity can reach to 30 T/H to 50 T/H with two screen basket size optional: 350 microns and 500 microns.
Last year, GN Solids Control provided 4 complete decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers for Baker Hughes in Russia. Now they’re working pretty well. GN Solids Control is welcoming all clients come to this show and see our equipments over vertical cuttings dryer MIOGE 2015

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Aug 14

1. Immediately after years and year meticulous design and style and analysis, GN screen form centrifuge is successfully in a position to dry the drilled solids within the oil base mud, synthetic based mud even water primarily based mud
Solids are transferred to the feed chute of Cuttings Dryer by auger. The strong is promptly accelerated to machine speed by the cone cap and flites and is directed towards the screen surface. Liquid-solid separation begins immediately upon make contact with together with the screen surface. Then solids are discharged in the screen bottom and fall by gravity in to the discharge area from the machine. Particles is collected by the operator’s auger and hopper suggests straight underneath the machine. Fluids are discharged by way of the screen, and discharged by means of effluent openings. Fluids from effluent openings are going to be processed by the GNLW decanter centrifuge for further operation.
2.Advantages Comparing to Other Brand

1. GN Vertical cuttings dryer treating capacity is in a position to reaches to 30~50 Ton/Hour. Drying efficiency OOC 5%
2. Air knife is supplied for cleaning the screen to stop sticky mud clog on the screen. Flushing pump is flushing cleaning water to prevent solids accumulation
3. Balancing testing for all major rotary elements to lessen vibration & noisy assure long time service
4. High chrome alloy material flights to be anti-abrasive from solids and ensure long operation life.
GN understands the importance in the best service possible not only quickly supply all kinds of spare parts, but also qualified factory-trained person available all over the world. GN service staff can ascertain first hand if you are getting positive performance, if not, make corrective recommendations.

GN cutting dryer is sold to all over the world to reduce the solids waste and maximum recovery the drilling fluids. For more information, you could contact with GN head office or relative region branch and agent.
The most popular Vertical Cuttings Dryer model for Nigeria Customer


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