Mar 31

Recycle the drilling mud that lubricate the drilling bits.

The drilling mud solids control system is for filter away danger solids phase that contain in the drilling mud and reuse the needed solid phase.  The task is to keep drilling fluids in stable performance status.  There are several machinery that will need to perform the tasks.

The result of consist performance of drilling mud is avoid the blocking and damage of the oil and gas channel. It reduce the well drilling torque and friction drag and reduce the pressure oscillation of the annular air suction.  It also increase the velocity of the well drilling, extend life of the drill bit, reduce wear of the equipment.

drilling mud system

There are  five steps of filtering process that require five solids control machinery that will do  filter screening, degassing the mud, desanding the mud, desilting the mud, centrifuge force separation and demand of weighting up mud. The consist work flow between every solids control equipment use in the whole system is very important.   Level one to five level of output of the mud should be matched each other and the interval of separation size should be appropriate and have a certain overlap.  The result of the smaller solids which are not filter by the upper can be filter in the next controlled level.

With the development of well drilling technology, mud mixing system plays an important role in drilling operation. The various kinds of solids control systems function at the same time. Regardless the different kind of the solids control system, it’s basic function will not changed. It is depend on organic combination of mechanical removal equipments, drilling fluid mud tanks and other auxiliary equipments to accomplish the basic function:  Recycle the drilling mud that lubricate the drilling bits

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Mar 01

Yesterday, GN’s manufacturing department done the fabrication of a mud mixing tank with increase hoppers. Mud mixing tank is widely used in the drilling mud system regarding mixing and re-configuration the actual drilling fluids. Also this will be used for storage the particular active drilling fluids.

mud mixing system
The mud mixing system is actually consisting of mixing tank, mud agitators, mud guns, mixing pump and mud hoppers. Usually, the mixing pump as well as the mud hopper will be situated at one end with the mud tank to make the mixing tank system a compact and also single unit, while in a few projects, the mixing pump and hopper are installed on another skid so that the mixing tank and the jet mud mixer could be used much unhampered. The picture in this article shows that the particular jet mud mixer skid was located at 1 side of the mixing mud tank. There are one mixing pump and 2 mud hoppers on the skid. The mixing pump is connected with the two hoppers, one of the hoppers is needed for mixing barite to create weighted drilling fluids, plus the other one is used for including bentonite into the drilling liquids.
There is a steel frame about second hopper with iron bars over the hopper. This specific horizontal steel bar is needed to hang the bentonite handbag which will be hooked at several corners of the steel structure to make it easier for adding typically the bentonite powder into the hopper. It is worthy to mention the fact that steel bar is with forklift lifting slot so that the club with bentonite bags may be lift and put on the shape by a forklift to save man power.
This mud mixing system is with a control panel to control mixing pump which could transfer mud to both hoppers. Around the mixing tank, there is one more charge pump which is used to help transfer the active mud back to the rig with regard to reuse.

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Jan 26

The negative affect from the oil crash has spread to many industries related including the HDD projects. But as the leading and well known HDD mud system manufacturer, GN Solids Control still have orders and repeated orders from the old clients.
By end of last year, GN Solids Control has just delivered a high configuration of mud systems for a HDD project. Now the end user is laying a repeated order for the same mud system, and it is scheduled to be ready early after Chinese New Year.
Not only for the oversea market, but in domestic China, 500GPM mud recycling system is still the most popular option for HDD projects. CPP, the largest HDD contract in China, purchase around 10 sets of mud recycling systems from GN Solids Control each year, and most of those are of 500GPM capacity.

500GPM Mud System

Main Equipments for Standard Configuration GNMS 500 Mud System:
Shale shaker: GNZS703E-DZ, 1 set
Mud Cleaner: GNZJ703E-D1S8N, 1 set
Mud Cleaner Feeding Pump: GNSB6*5A-37KW, 2 sets, used respectively for desander cones and desilter cones
Mixing Hopper: GNSLS35A, 1 set
Mixing Pump: GNSB6*5A-37KW, 1 set, same specification as mud cleaner feeding pump.
Mud Agitator: GNJBQ 075D, single layer impeller with 7.5KW motor, 1 set
Mud Gun: GNNJQ50A, 2 inch mud gun, 1 set

Besides this standard configuration of mud recycling system, GN also has GNMS-500GL mud recycling system, the main equipment for treating are exactly same, but the storage capacity of GNMS-500GL is larger.
And for HDD mud recycling systems, GN has other treating capacity solutions for option, like 200GPM and 1000 GPM.
In case of piling or so called TBM projects, there are simpler solutions for option. Because for piling projects, the drilling media is mostly water, there is no need to add more chemicals into it, and the treating result is not so strict.
If you have more questions, contact us freely.

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Jan 14

Decanter centrifuge operate in RPM speed and proper operation temperature is essential for smooth operation.  Unusual operation temperature raising and the temperature can’t be reduce is major issue in machinery operating.


Centrifuge operation temperature during normal operating should be around 40 degree C.  It is common when flush and change new oil and lubricants and turn the centrifuge on, the temperature will be raising them the normal operation temperature but eventually will comes down.  If the temperature do not come down, there are few points need to check with.


First need to check the level of oil and lubricants in the gearbox and bearing while centrifuge is not operating.  Too little oil and lubricants will not proper lubricant the moving parts and gears in RPM operation causing grinding in the long time  and lead to permanent damage.  In opposite situation too much oil and lubricants will cause oil and lubricant not flow properly between gear and parts.  The air and oil mixing ratio is not balanced will cause temperature raise and not coming down as well.


Properly flush the oil in gearbox by turning it upside down and wait until all the oil draining down.  Once draining is complete, turn the filler hole to 10 o clock position and fill the gearbox oil.  Once shows the sign of overflow the oil while filling, it shows enough oil is filled and stop.  Close the draining plug and do not topping the gear box oil.


After filling up the gear box oil, turn the machine on and take initial temperature check.  Every 15 minutes, it needs check the gearbox and bearing temperature and get the uprising temperature curve.  After turn the drilling mud decanter centrifuge on for 2 hours, it should reach to maximum temperature and starts to reduce the temperature to 40 degree C.  If temperature do not come down after 2 hours, stop the machine and open up the drain plug.  Take the compressor connect with hose and trigger and blow the air into the drain plug.  During the filling of the new gearbox oil, it might mixed with air to create air bubble in the gear box.  Eliminate the air bubbles and turn the decanter centrifuge back on will result the temperature comes down to normal operation temperature.

363 Decanter Centrifuge 2



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Aug 21

Hi-G dryer shaker screen may be the 1st gear for drilling cuttings management. The operator normally use 1 or two set Hi-G dryer shaker with higher mesh screen to separate the significant particles and use following equipment decanter centrifuge to separate the fine solids, finally get clean drilling mud which can flow back to mud technique or be taken back to liquid mud plant for storage.

GN Solids America with technology mature equipment have occupy huge waste management marketplace. Some buyer obtain GN gear straight for small quantity waste management project; we also have agent like Scomi Oiltools in Iran or EMEC in Egypt, which get big qty of waste management gear for their substantial projects.

GN Solids waste management equipment have been exported over 60 countries and places. The big customer for waste management spread in Argentina, brazil, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya. The majority of them are from middle east or North Africa or South Amerca. But recently, we acquire PO from Romania, Europe countries. The customer right after much less than one month discussion, they get 4 sets Hi-G dryer and five sets of screw conveyor. They may be professional waste management that have Swaco 518 centrifuge and also other associated gear in their yard.

The Hi-G dryer is prepared for delivery now. We’ll ship it to Iraq, branch office on the Romania corporation. GN Solids America have awarded CE certificate from DNV society. This could also help GN to offer additional gear to European solids control & waste management service compies.

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Aug 14

1. Immediately after years and year meticulous design and style and analysis, GN screen form centrifuge is successfully in a position to dry the drilled solids within the oil base mud, synthetic based mud even water primarily based mud
Solids are transferred to the feed chute of Cuttings Dryer by auger. The strong is promptly accelerated to machine speed by the cone cap and flites and is directed towards the screen surface. Liquid-solid separation begins immediately upon make contact with together with the screen surface. Then solids are discharged in the screen bottom and fall by gravity in to the discharge area from the machine. Particles is collected by the operator’s auger and hopper suggests straight underneath the machine. Fluids are discharged by way of the screen, and discharged by means of effluent openings. Fluids from effluent openings are going to be processed by the GNLW decanter centrifuge for further operation.
2.Advantages Comparing to Other Brand

1. GN Vertical cuttings dryer treating capacity is in a position to reaches to 30~50 Ton/Hour. Drying efficiency OOC 5%
2. Air knife is supplied for cleaning the screen to stop sticky mud clog on the screen. Flushing pump is flushing cleaning water to prevent solids accumulation
3. Balancing testing for all major rotary elements to lessen vibration & noisy assure long time service
4. High chrome alloy material flights to be anti-abrasive from solids and ensure long operation life.
GN understands the importance in the best service possible not only quickly supply all kinds of spare parts, but also qualified factory-trained person available all over the world. GN service staff can ascertain first hand if you are getting positive performance, if not, make corrective recommendations.

GN cutting dryer is sold to all over the world to reduce the solids waste and maximum recovery the drilling fluids. For more information, you could contact with GN head office or relative region branch and agent.
The most popular Vertical Cuttings Dryer model for Nigeria Customer


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Jul 31

GN now has one unit Cuttings Dryer management program would be shipped to Africa client. The Cuttings Dryer program is consisting of numerous GN major goods. As a major Cuttings Dryer equipment manufacturer, GN’s items have already been proved with fantastic efficiency in a lot of oilfields.
GN solids control not just supplies the single equipment like cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge, but additionally could design the system with total processing procedures. Like this unit Cuttings Dryer method to Africa, the gear involved inside the program are as under:
1 unit GNCD930 vertical cutting dryer may be utilised for treating each OBM and WBM.
1 unit screw pump with all the function of flushing the cutting dryer screen to stop the stock with the screen.
1 unit vertical installed submersible slurry pump would transfer the mud to decanter for fine solids separation.
The Cuttings Dryer style is perfectly with consideration on how you can locate the decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer. At both finish on the oilfield three runner skid, there are actually higher support frame flat. The centrifuge and cuttings dryer will be situated around the frame flat. The treated drilling fluis would be flow out in the machine beneath the function of Gravity.
This skid mounted Cuttings Dryer could also be style as trailer mounted for uncomplicated transportation. That would greatly enhance the operating efficiency and lower the cost of moving.
Now, GN is creating a different two units Cuttings Dryer program for the consumer from Middle East and Europe.

click below to know more about cuttings dryer news.

Cuttings dryer is a widely used machines and equipment

GNSOLIDSAMERICA Can Manufacture Premium Vertical cuttings dryer

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Jul 24

GN 150GPM mud agitator is a small mud agitator system for the small drilling project such as mining drilling and HDD drilling. Mini size and excellent working condition are ultimate advantages


Major Equipment

1 .Shale shaker will handle with 150 gallon per minute

2. There are two decks in the shale shaker.

3. GN high performance centrifugal pump transport the fluid to the 4 inch cones

4. 4 inch de silter hydrocyclone cones are second step to process the drilling fluid or mud agitator.

Mixing hopper for mud mixing and add chemical into the fluid.

5. Compact tank design is for mud recycle and storage.


Working Function


Firstly, drilling fluids will be pump into the bottom deck of shale shaker by the submersible pump and subsequently the solids are separated by shaker screen. Fluid goes into the tank, and centrifugal pump transfer the fluids to the hydrocyclones and have the further process. Consequently, the cleaning fluids will be stored in the tank and disposal will be separated by the top shaker screen.


Our mini mud agitator system is widely used for the HDD and mining industry.

If you want to know more,pls click the links as below:

How to match mud agitator in mud tank

The structure and working principle of the mud agitator

The mud agitator knowledge



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Jun 19

Desilter could be the third step within the complete drilling fluids purification flow line, which may be inside a position to have rid of particles involving 20-40μm within the drilling mud, creating the fluid purer and ready for the next stage gear and decreasing its workload.


Desilter is made up of polyurethane hydroclones and fine mesh vibrating screen. It largely made use of to clean out damaging solids whose diameter are amongst 15-44μm inside the drilling fluids. It can be shown that the equipment has cost-effective style, trustworthy operate and well desilting effect, and is definitely the finest drilling fluids solids handle equipment.

Also, Mud Desilter, desander and screen might be combined to turn out to be a mud cleaner. A mud is fed for the inlet in the hydrocyclone ( desander and/or desilter ) to separate particles along with the underflow passes for the fine screen mesh exactly where particles larger than barite are discarded and thrown away. In most drilling operations, a Mud Desilter is installed in its mud systems. It is actually normally positioned within a mud tank in the comparable place as making use of the desilters.

GN Solids America is famous at desilter and shaker screen field,they are located at HeBei Langfang,China.more infomation as below:

HQ Address: No.3 Industry Road,Dachang Chaobai River Development Area,Langfang,China 065300·

6710 Windfern Road,Houston,TX 77040,USA

Location: 40KM to Beijing International Airport

Tel: +86-316-5276989     +86-316-5276989  / 5276988 / 5276990

7 Days : +86-186-32518256 (China· Time)

+1-713-8780880     +1-713-8780880 (USA Time)

Fax: +86-316-5276997 / 5276990


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May 28

Gn solidsamerica have been trying to explore new technologies ,Their Production Technologies has only one mission:  create the very best and economical solution for every situation.  Our Chemical Management Items and Services are made to accomplish exactly that. Although other providers can claim chemical experience and personnel expertise, what really helps make the difference is when everything know-how’s targeted at addressing specific customer needs.  That’s just what sets us aside from our competition.

Our highly trained and motivated staff is centered on our clients, hearing them and engineering fully recorded and effectively applied solutions. Our smartly situated engineering and tech support team network is without comparison, and our wide-varying infrastructure provides for us the versatility to discover that expertise not far from our customers’ procedures.

Our universal use of “best practices” further maximizes our capability to develop solutions for the customers’ most demanding programs. Including: performance testing that utilizes specialized equipment such as the desander to make sure product quality, on-time delivery and optimum application. Additionally, our far-reaching and efficient logistics guarantees lower product cost, top quality and prepared availability.

Integrated Production Chemical Engineering

All-inclusive method of keeping the production flowing unrestricted.Gn Software

Integrated project management software software that can help cut operational costs

Facility accountable for a variety of analytical services to safeguard the atmosphere. Click this links you can find more information.

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