Jan 25

GN mud plant system can be separated as per the application field. Name sounds similar, but the system maybe very different.

For piling, mining, diamond drilling, etc. smaller mud plant system is fit. Eg. We have one client from South Africa who need one set 500gpm mud plant system for diamond drilling, and we offer one set GNMS-500D system. It including:

One set mud tank platform with one shaker and one pump. Finish.

The client has its own mud hopper mixing system and other auxiliary equipment.

We also have GNMS-200D, GNMS-500D, and GNMS-1000 D for option. This is economic equipment for buyers.


For oil gas drilling, mud plant system generally refers to big mud tank system for drilling mud preparation. Eg. We have one liquid mud plant system for Africa drilling client, the equipment including:

7 sets 40ft container sized mud tank for mud storage/ mixing

1 sets mud mixing skid with 2 sets 75kw centrifugal pumps & 1 set 55kw shear pump to give power for the mud tank system.

Each mud tank is designed with mud agitator and mud guns.

2 sets diesel tank to prepare oil based mud. Size same as 40ft container

GN Solids Control also sold one set 4 mud tank mud plant system for South America client. The end user is Halliburton locally.

WBM waste management total solution

GN Solids Control mud solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment is widely used in different field.

1) oil and gas drilling field. Mud tank system, mud solids control equipment, drilling waste management equipment etc.

2) HDD & CBM & Water well drilling.  Compact mud system like 500gpm mud system is mostly used in this field.

3) Shale gas/ shale oil drilling. The configuration of mud system and drilling rigs for shale gas drilling, is similar to oil drilling.

4) Mining, diamond drilling — economic small and simple mud system is used for the field.

5) River dredging— Some client need to use solids control 4th system to treat the dredging project waste water.


If you have some requirement, pls contact GN Solids Control freely.

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May 31

GN Solids America is a branch company of GN Solids Control who is working on solids control and drilling waste management systems. It’s located at 6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040. With a large warehouse, all the solids control equipments such as shale shaker, desaner, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge and cuttings dryer are storage in Houston.
GN solids control equipments can be arranged for delivery in a short period. GN keeps all the spare parts in Houston storage too. When some parts broken, GN can arrange a fast delivery to customer’s work site. GN experienced engineers in Houston can also be sent out for after sales service.
In order to serve the America clients well, GN Solids America has hired some local employees to connect with our clients in oil and gas industries as well as some other industries. GN Solids America is a new company in Houston, but GN Solids Control has been working on this area for many years, our chief engineer has been working on solids control and drilling waste management systems for over 20 years.
GN also have many experienced engineers can provide technical support to our clients based on their demands. Most of the knowledge is gained in thousands of work sites.

GN Centrifuge and Shaker
GN Solids America has some decanter centrifuges storage in Houston warehouse. For hurry demands, please feel free to contact us for more info. GN decanter centrifuges are carefully detected and tested before leave GN Solids Control factory to make sure all the centrifuges are working well in customers’ worksites.
GN decanter centrifuges have two types so customers choose variable speed and fix speed based on the working conditions. By using the variable speed type, the rotating speed of the bowl and differential speed can be changed easily on the VFD control panel; this model is especially used for various materials separating. While for the fix speed type, the rotating speed can be changed by using another pulley and belt.
Welcome to see our decanter centrifuges in Houston warehouse, other equipments such as shale shakers, mud cleaners decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers are also storage in Houston warehouse. BTW, if you purchase centrifuge from us, we can provide a telescopic skid to hold the centrifuge in a high working position.

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Sep 13

GN Solids America is a branch of GN Solids Control in Houston, and distributes a plenty of solids control units to America market. GN Solids America is just launched in this year with warhouse30,000 SF.

 What Does GN Solids America Stock Right now?GN Solids America

1.GNLW553-VFD big bowl decanter centrifuge is specific design for the North America Market, which is 22 inch bowl diameter and 400GPM effective treating capacity dealing with heavy solids fluids

2.GNLW363-VFD and GNLW 363 fixed speed decanter centrifuge. There are two type models of 363 series decanter centrifuge in Houston right now. Comparing to the big bowl decanter centrifuge, 363 series is with small treating capacity and competitive price. Different working principle offers you more options to select our decanter centrifuge

3.Except the decanter centrifuge, we also stocks 4 panels shale shaker-GNZS594E and 4 panels mud cleaner with 2 10 inch desander cones and 12 4inch desilter-GNZJE-2S12N. Both shale shaker and mud cleaner is high treating capacity meeting with most of American jobsite. US Martin brand vibration motor assure the shale shaker and mud cleaner long time service.

4.Also, we regularly stock different API number shaker screen for our shale shaker and mud cleaner. Fortunately, our shale shaker is interchangeable with Swaco Mongoose shaker screen.

5.Mud agitator, centrifugal pump and mud gun are also available in GN Solids America warehouse. GN centrifugal pump is mechanical seal and interchangeable with NOV mission pump. Therefore, the spare part of centrifugal pump you could get from local supplier or from GN Solids America

Since we launch in the 2014, GN Solids Ameirca has already sold out 15 units shale shaker ,4 units mud cleaner and a plenty of shaker screen to our clients. GN Solids America sales team and engineer stall are dedicated to make inventory and service to Ameri

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Jun 19

Desilter could be the third step within the complete drilling fluids purification flow line, which may be inside a position to have rid of particles involving 20-40μm within the drilling mud, creating the fluid purer and ready for the next stage gear and decreasing its workload.


Desilter is made up of polyurethane hydroclones and fine mesh vibrating screen. It largely made use of to clean out damaging solids whose diameter are amongst 15-44μm inside the drilling fluids. It can be shown that the equipment has cost-effective style, trustworthy operate and well desilting effect, and is definitely the finest drilling fluids solids handle equipment.

Also, Mud Desilter, desander and screen might be combined to turn out to be a mud cleaner. A mud is fed for the inlet in the hydrocyclone ( desander and/or desilter ) to separate particles along with the underflow passes for the fine screen mesh exactly where particles larger than barite are discarded and thrown away. In most drilling operations, a Mud Desilter is installed in its mud systems. It is actually normally positioned within a mud tank in the comparable place as making use of the desilters.

GN Solids America is famous at desilter and shaker screen field,they are located at HeBei Langfang,China.more infomation as below:

HQ Address: No.3 Industry Road,Dachang Chaobai River Development Area,Langfang,China 065300·

6710 Windfern Road,Houston,TX 77040,USA

Location: 40KM to Beijing International Airport

Tel: +86-316-5276989     +86-316-5276989  / 5276988 / 5276990

7 Days : +86-186-32518256 (China· Time)

+1-713-8780880     +1-713-8780880 (USA Time)

Fax: +86-316-5276997 / 5276990

Email: sales@gnsolidscontrol.co

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